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Egg Hunt Results!

And finally, we have the Egg Hunt results!

With much fanfare and ceremony at the Big Red Egg on the Boardwalk Sho was presented the GRAND PRIZE TROPHY for having collected the most Eggs during the Hunt. There was a short speech and a large novelty cheque for $500 handed over by none other than our grand lady of the island Carmell herself as well as a large hamper prize awarded. 

At the same ceremony Jolty was awarded a smaller Runner Up Prize Trophy as well as a large hamper almost bigger than himself of chocolate eggs and other sweets. 

Annd the OOC Prize Winner was.. Shaw! Who wins Prizes too!

Prizes and info is listed in more detail here on the LJ!

Main prizes:

Sho for taking first place gets the prizes listed above plus these listed below.
The hamper includes.. A Bike. A jar of Pinkan berries. A choice of Fire/Leaf/Thunder/Water/Moon Stones.A Flash TM. A fake PIA  badge and hat. A Hydra themed Hat, Flag, Scarf, Mittens, Shirt. A coupon book. A Pokedoll. A meal with Carmell at the Governor's mansion. A Free meal for two at Amuse Bouche. A Red Scarf, a Blue Scarf, a Macho Brace. A year long membership for Muscle's Gym. Two guest passes to behind the scenes of this years Contest as well as FREE Entry. Also random selection of various gifts (to the value of $200).
OOCly they also receive 10 RP Points and arts from moi.

Jolty as a runner up gets the prizes listed above and 5 RP  Points and a small image from Phineus.

Shaw as our OOC Winner receives 10 RP Points and a picture by Phineus.

IC Prizes for those who participated.

Kevin and Alekhine both got a cheap plastic pearl coloured Egg as well as an actual Pearl (Donated by Emily)

Bubblegum got a bunch of chocolate eggs, a box of chocolate and cheap tacky toys inside more chocolate eggs.

Jolty got a plastic tribal designed Egg with accessories, a free Tattoo from Aera's Tattoo Parlour.
Katie (Jolty NPC) was supposed to recieve a Free Consultation with FoN and a Coupon Book. Instead the morph handing out prizes switches the Consultation for a cute not so little Clefairy pokedoll half the size of the girl and the Coupon Book. The Egg was plastic but probably wont lose it's bad smell from being put in the trash, it's likely best to be thrown out again.
Jolty also got himself an amusingly painted Hydra Egg that gets him a flag and baseball cap with the Hydra logos on them.
Jolty also got a pretty coloured Speckled Egg that was exchanged for a Pokedoll of his choice.

Lulu got a chocolate Egg and a first person shooter game for the latest gaming console.
Lulu's Geodude (Lulu NPC) a dapper looking plastic Egg dressed up in a suit and a free outfit to be made by Nobody. (Contact Phin about this please)

got a very shiny gaudy Egg and two tickets to this year's Contest!

Delrin got a lovely coloured chocolate egg and a small plastic vial of Potion labelled "GOOD ONE" (Donated by Emily)

Kyuushu got himself a rather plain plastic Egg and a small bit of paper that will be exchanged for a Headache Potion (A paper bag of large-grained sugary powder labelled "HEADACHE MEDISIN". Surprisingly effective. Also contains Everstone grindings, user can't evolve for a week after taking it) (donated by Emily)

Hinote (Eis NPC) got a small plastic Egg with a sports motif painted on it and a Sports Game for the latest console. Also because Tayken's a sap and feels sorry for the boy she tosses in a large food hamper plus a 5 night stay at Amber Horizons, all expenses paid in one of the cheaper rooms for Hinote's prize.

Farina got herself a badly designed plastic Egg with wonderfully tacky decorations that was traded in for a Fire Stone.
Farina also got herself a nicely styled plastic Egg with a Spades card design that when traded in at the BIG RED EGG got her a Coupon for Schrödinger’s Box.

Spykes got a very pretty plastic Egg decorated with all the kinds of flowers you can think of, unsurprisingly he got himself a Bouquet of flowers when he traded it in.
Spykes also gots himself a gamerific out of date plastic Egg that contained a RPG Game for the latest console.

Anubis got himself a comically designed plastic Hydra Egg which could be exchanged for a Hydra themed baseball cap and flag plus a Coupon Book.

Neku got himself a garish green Egg of the tacky variety as well as a much nicer small blue sea life themed egg on a small chain as well as a Leaf Stone and a Dress designed by Azure which can be collected via trading in the coupon he recieves for the dress to Azure.

Sho gets a Spades themed plastic Egg which has been rather artfully done up as well as a plainer pink Egg with a heart theme. He also receives a Coupon for Schrödinger’s Box and a pink crayon drawing of Pink Emily (Bubblegum morphed as a paras-morph) and in green crayon a baby Scyther. Which is only marginally better than a stick figure, on manilla construction paper. It has the text "Pink Emily is a dito and a mommy." on the bottom.
Sho also got himself a fancy circuitboard styled Egg that glows in the dark that contained a 50GB USB Drive.
Sho also got himself a Hydra Egg which had a boobyprize as it containsed a fountain of Confetti exploded out of the Egg when opened only to reveal sour candy.

Taygeta (Suishou NPC) receives a shiny plastic Egg covered in glitter with a coupon for a Two FREE pizzas at Sky-High Pizzeria, a $20 voucher for Cool Kicks Icecream and a half price meal at The Golden Turtle with any meal over $25.

Subbi got a novely dressed plastic Egg with a PIA theme that earned them a crudely made dressup PIA uniform. Subbi also got 2 RP Points.

Lavlana got themselves a novely dressed plastic Egg with a Rocket theme that got them a crudely made TR dressup uniform. Lavlana also got 2 RP Points.

Obsidian got himself a pretty designed plastic egg that earnt him a coupon for a meal at Deli Rettile.

Emily got a computerised plastic Egg that glows in the dark that contained a 50gb USB Drive inside of it. She also got a much smaller powdered Egg that when taken to the BIG RED EGG got her An airtight ziplock baggie of SPORE. Single-use item replicating the move. ..which she actually donated

Tallos got a brown hard boiled Egg with a number painted on the bottom. Another booby prize in the Rocket Base. They also got 2 RP Points.

Atkuse-Sie got 2 RP Points for sceneing with the hard boiled Egg.

Rai got a Lucky Dip Prize from a tacky looking Egg which resulted in  2 RP Points and a 5 night stay at Amber Horizons all expenses paid.

Malchior got a Lucky Dip Prize from a rather tacky looking Egg which netted him a Box of Chocolates and a Coupon Book.

Layline got a Lucky Dip Prize from rather tacky looking Egg which got her a Box of Chocolates, a Coupon Book, a Berry Box and $150 to spend at the Pokemorph Mall.

The Coupon Book that many people collected during the Egg Hunt includes:

1 Night stay for 2 people at Amber Horizons all expenses paid.
1 Half price meal for two at Amuse-Bouche.
2 Free Pizzas with any large Pizza at Sky-High Pizzeria
1 Hour FREE Gaming at Ditto Arcade
2x 1 Complimentary dessert with any full priced meal at Lucci Nourriture
1 Six month membership to Muscle’s Gym
1 Buy two get one FREE for Puffin Poffin Bakery
1 FREE tasting at Liberty’s Chocolate Shop
1 FREE Consultation at the Friends of Nature Facility
3 Free Drinks at The Armageddon Club (9pm-3am Friday, Saturday nights excluded.)
1 Hour of Half price drinks at Prism Roulette Casino. (Mon, Tues, Wed. 2pm-5pm Only.)
1 Free Consultation at Aera’s Tattoo Parlour.
1 Buy one Get one FREE at Kanto Fried Combusken (Pokemorph Mall only)
1 FREE gift bag with any purchase over $50 at Spookymorphs.
1 Hour FREE rides at Boardwalk Amusement Park.

The Lucky Dip that was a prize on All of the Lucky Eggs had these options as prizes with dice rolls:

1. 2 RP Points
2. Box of Chocolates
3. Coupon Book
4. Hydra Hat, Scarf, Flag, Mittens.
5. Free meal at Amuse-Bouche
. Berry Box
7. Poffin Box
8. Radio interview
9. $150 voucher for Pokemorph Mall.
10. $500
11. Five night stay Amber Horizons all expenses paid.
12. 2 Contest tickets.

Point list for all the submitted RPs here on the LJ.

OOC Points:
BW - 1
Obsidian - 2 + 1
Tayken - 2
Bahamut - 1
Arin - 1
Honorine  - 1
Shaw - 1 + 1 + 1 + 1
Alekhine - 1
Mystral - 1
Jolty - 1
Balthazar - 1
Mjolnir -1
Nehru, + 1
Shakespeare + 1
Atkuse-Sie + 1
Tallos + 1
Spencer + 1
Garuda - 1

IC Points:
Bubblegum - 1
Kevin - 1
Alekhine - 1
Jolty - 2 (found two eggs, gave one to Katie (NPC)) + 1 + 1
Lulu - 2  (found two eggs, gave one to Geodude (NPC))
Sera - 1
Delrin - 1
Farina - 1 + 1
Kyuushu - 1 (kid with character got it (NPC))
Eis - 1
Spykes - 1 + 1
Anubis - 1
Neku - 2
Sho - 2 + 1 + 1
Suishou -1  (kid with character got it (NPC))
Lavlana - 1
Subbi - 1
Obsidian - 1
Emily - 2
Layline - 1
Rai - 1
Malchior - 1

People who visited the Big Red Egg ICly
Obsidian 1
Bubblegum 1
Jolty 1 + 1
Lulu 1
Neku 1
Sho 1 + 1
Arin 1
Farina 1
Neku - 1

If anyone thinks something is missing or has questions about anything to do with this year's Egg Hunt free feel to comment here or to page/@mail me on the MUSH.

A Very big THANK YOU to Regi and Obsidian for helping me set up and run this. Without Regi's lil Egg maker it would of taken even longer to set up, so yay to him and his coding stuff! So don't forget to thank both of them for this TP!

And then thanks everyone who joined in and hopefully had fun!

See you all next year!
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