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Pokemorph MUSH IC Journal
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An IC journal community for the LJ users of Pokémorph MUSH. If you're interested in joining our facet of the widespread Pokémorph community, check out our website at www.pokemorph.com.

This is an IC journal. That means posts will be made as if our MUSH characters were writing in their journals. To do this, we get directly into the mind of our characters. You're most certainly allowed to post for more than one character of your own; just make them separate posts for clarity, and put the name of the character you're posting for somewhere in the subject line.

Of course, OOC comments to entries are more than welcome if you want to express appreciation for something insightful, or laugh at a humorous post, or something of the sort. We just ask that entries stay IC, for the most part.

Keep in mind that this is an IC journal. Entries are not to be taken seriously; for example, suicide threats posted would only be of the character, not the person behind it!

Please keep language PG-13, in keeping with the rating of the MUSH. As community maintainer, I reserve the right to delete entries I deem inappropriate, or ban users who abuse the community. Not that I want to ever exercise that power, but it's best to have all the rules stated, right?

Joining Information

Memberships to this community must be approved. To join, first click the "to join this community, click here" link, and submit a request. Then, email maintainer Gab(gab@monsterinkstudios.com) or MUSH-mail (@mail) Phineus on PokemorphMUSH with your character's name on the MUSH -AND- the livejournal username you wish to be approved. You MUST be an active member of the MUSH to post. You are free to friend this journal to read and comment, but again, only players can post.

For information about Pokemorphs in general (at least, our interpretation), again, go to www.pokemorph.com

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