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TP Log: Team Plasma rescuing the HMNS Valor

The log of a recent TinyPlot. One of Plasma's cutters, the HMNS Valor, went missing in transit to Prism Island and was found adrift at sea. A small team was dispatched to determine the cause and retrieve any personnel and equipment stranded on the ship.

Images linked during RP:

Participants: Aiden, Blitz, Blue, Damian, Jan, Mikhail, Sandalphon, and Shinokero.

Special thanks to Obsidian for help with log cleaning.

HMNS Valor
The HMNS Valor, a modern cutter, floats adrift at sea here.
Obvious exits:
(Flee) leads to Further out to sea.
The wind is gusting and a light rain fills the sky -- the weather is enough to put Jan's feathers on edge as she navigates the Mi-8 chopper across the ocean. The HMNS Valor is barely visible through the misty haze as she drops altitude and circles in a low pass, judging her approach.
"Hold on to your tails, I'm bringing her in." Jan calls back to her passengers as she brings the helicopter in to the landing pad at the back of the drifting cutter; the chopper sways before she finally alights. It's not exactly a smooth landing, but given the weather, it could have been much rougher.
"Remember our briefing," She reminds her fellow Plasma operatives before anyone can so much as unclasp their safety harnesses. She runs through her post-flight checks, the rotors of the vehicle winding down.

[Mikhail:] The vessel is quiet as the intrepid away team disembarks; No lights, and no one to greet them on the helipad save for the wind and the waves. Oddly, the two doors leading belowdecks are wide open...

[Aiden:] Aiden would admit to feeling kind of giddy. He's never been around so many fellow Plasma members like this before. On a full mission even! Delivering mail is one thing, but going out to one of their ships to get it working again is awesome! He could have done without the weather as he steps out of the chopper, wings tight to his back and his hood up.

[Blitz:] The smell of the sea is actually kinda nice. Or it would be if folks weren't bombarded with it constantly. Still, the prospect of good work has Blitz smiling. He's got a book with him, just in case - in fact, he looks pretty near unarmed. Is that really wise? Even if he's not a VIP here, he might as well be considering he's kind of the mechanic and stuff, and therefore the one getting this barge moving again.
That said, he is kind of feeling a little out of place. Blitz doesn't really know many people here. He's met Jan, and Mikhail too, but beyond them, he feels pretty clueless. Sure, he knows Shinokero. Sort of. She was kind of quiet when they met though. But that does give him a unique perspective. "Technically I'm not Plasma yet. I reserve the right to go off script." A bit of a bold statement, but it's... sort of true? Ish?

[Damian:] Damian disembarks from the helicopter, and does a slow 360 lookaround and then seems to nearly lose balance, but he manages to keep it together. Nope, he knew nobody here, and he's pretty sure nobody knows him either! That's fine though. He starts wandering the ship, checking it out and looking overboard.

[Mikhail:] As the party members continue to disembark from the vehicle, there's the sound of something being dropped on the metal deckplate... Followed by footsteps inside one of the two doors leading off of the helipad.

   Shinokero removes herself from her restraint, surveying the empty ship through the wide cockpit. "It's too quiet." She mutters into her headset. "Eyes open, no surprises." The Kalosian accent remains even yet, and the Greninja attached to it twitches her ears at a noise. "We're not alone."

[Blue:] Just for a bit of wordplay, Blue reaches behind herself and holds her tail in a Smeargle-esque fashion.  She peeks out of the air vehicle last, eager to stay behind and perform the duties she's truly best at.  Y'know, everything except the combat that her dog senses tell her is coming, even unhoned.  She's also the newest Plasma member here, and while she ranks high... she isn't built for this.  And she doesn't know the others.
That said, she's pretty sure it's all going to be okay.  Her ears lift when she hears something.  Ergh, she'd rather be back in the lab.  Blue reaches up and fidgets with her the bandana around her head, tempted to remove it.

[Aiden:] Aiden isn't ranked high at all and knows nobody here! It'll be a fun day, really. He did his best to memorize everyone's face during the helicopter ride, so that he would know who's who on the team. He looks over to the doorways and hmms, "Well we didn't expect to be alone here. There's supposed to be a whole ship crew out there. It's mostly a matter of finding them."

[Sandalphon:] Sandalphon was with Aiden, too; not really knowing anyone else within the place. He thinks he remembered seeing the Jolteon - but who knows. He sticks by Aiden, the bird, and Sand himself seems to be a little excited, yet really nervous to be here. He leans a bit into Aiden, saying "I've never did something like this before! I'm new. Are you new here too?"

"Oh, no," Jan mutters under her breath at Shinokero's warning. She knows well enough to trust the Greninja's instincts. Freed from her restraint, she steps out of the cockpit to retrieve her saber.
"Sounds like we've got a welcoming committee," She warns her passengers with a grimace. "Yeah," Jan nods to Aiden, "Hopefully they're friendlies... Stay alert. We'll split into two groups." She points a claw at the right hatch, "Right side will go with Blue. Head to the bridge." And then motions to the left hatch, "Left side with me, we'll be going belowdecks to the cabins and engine room."
Her feathers standing on end, she glances around before unlatching the left hatch. "Let's go," She states as the final warning before wrenching open the door.

   As Blue's group enters the right-side hatch, loud voices can be heard from down the hallway leading forward towards the bridge; 'We're out of time! Haven't they been able to fix it yet?!'
   Jan's group heads down the stairs to the lower level- The corridor they find themselves in is dark and silent, with crew quarters flanking them on either side...

[Blitz:] "I'm on your back, Jan. Just lead the way, and get me to the engines. Buuuut..." Blitz grins, reaching into the inside pocket of his vest. Well, at least he's not totally unarmed. That's a neat little handgun. And odds are he can let out a jolt or two. Being a Jolteon and all. "Just don't think I'm a defenseless gearhead." He grins, showing off his teeth. He's more than happy to get up to point position, too, but he'll be content covering Shinokero or Jan, if one of them goes to lead instead.

[Damian:] Damian really hoped the glasses won't need to come off for this one today. By this point an orb of darkness of his has already formed and will be following the team he's with closely.

[Aiden:] Aiden is entirely unarmed except for what nature (and a certain other group) gives a Swellow. Which isn't terribly much, honestly. He keeps quiet as they enter through the door, tilting his head at the sound of the voices."

[Blue:] Funny, though.  Even like this, Blue finds herself tearing away the fur and flesh off of other creatures, analyzing their behavior and matching them known psychological disorders.  It's pleasantly reassuring to have familiar activities going on in her own brain, her own behavior of which she also recognizes using the same activity.  The recursion makes a grin flash briefly on her face, and she puts a hand over her muzzle.  It flicks out of existance just as fast when she's suddenly the leader of a team.  That's not the position she wanted.
...No matter.  Her visible eye narrows in a squint, darting off to the right as she thinks.  It's just like ordering Pokemon around.  Easy.   The one-red-eyed dog wih a bandana around half her face looks at her two allies.  Damian, a Mightyena, Aiden, a Swellow, Sandalphon, a Sylveon.  ...Hrn, she really would have preferred trading the first two for either of the other two...  Oh well.  "Go ahead.  Since you're so eager." she says to Damian.

[Mikhail:] As Blue and Damian's team creeps closer to the bridge, the voices become more distinct; There's at least four speakers! And if the noses of the 'morphs are good enough, they might realize that all four are definitely human...

[Sandalphon:] Sandalphon follows down with Damian, Blue, and Aiden. Right near them

[Damian:] "Oh, I see," the Mightyena replies, probably to Blue. He slowly makes his way closer to the bridge.

[Aiden:] Aiden does not happen to have a terribly good nose for such things. All he knows is someone is being a chatterbox up ahead as they head towards the bridge. He flexes his hands some and hopes that they're fellow Plasmites.
[Sandalphon:] Sandalphon seemed to try to be as quiet as he can! He's a bit confused, having missed an important detail along the way. His ear picks up a bit to the sound of the chatter ahead, trying to listen to it. Who?

"Mind that," Jan warns Blitz as he flashes the pistol. It could be useful, but belowdecks, a bullet could turn just turn into a richocheting slug of death. Drawing her saber, the avian stalks acround the back of the helicopter. She peers over the railing to the open stern-end of the second deck before she heads for the steps leading down, motioning with her tail-fan for Blitz and Shinokero to follow. No signs of life so far... not a good sign.

[Mikhail:] Jan's party hears a loud THUNK from inside one of the crew cabins! It's a dull sound, almost like someone is kicking at the wall...

   Shino follows Jan across the deck, staying low, long legs able to reach further than another's might, and much less awkwardly with the specialized muscles in her legs. When they reach the stairs, the Ninja Pokémon disappears in a puff of smoke, reappearing behind the door bulkhead, attached to the ceiling. Her earfins swivel again at another clank, and she advances along the ceiling, quiet as death, earfins adjusting to locate the door it came from. A pause.. and she points to a door, adjusting herself to maintain a low profile above the walkway.

[Blitz:] "Only as a last resort, then." He pockets his gun again, but leaves his vest open just in case he needs a quick draw. He keeps close behind Jan and Shino, putting a hand instead to his wrench. Strange how big that thing is. His own ears flick around, trying to get an ear of what's going on around. The loud thud gets his attention, bunny ears swivelling immediately in that direction. At least he's not the only one who heard that. He mutters something under his breath, mostly about that hopefully being the crew.

[Blue:] Go, Mightyena!  Use Dark Pulse!  Err...  "Don't be shy.  Aren't you a trained fighter?  If you jump out and get the first strike, you're all the better for it.  Play scout and figure out who's there.  Tell us what's going on.  If it's an enemy, we'll let you go first.  I'll back you up from here.  I have Heal Pulse, Wide Guard, and Quick Guard.  You'll be fine."  It's hard to tell when Blue's lying.

[Damian:] Somehow the voices seemed familiar to Damian...but he shook his head and brushed the thought off. He listens to Blue for a moment but after "scout" it kinda turns grey to him. He goes ahead and opens the door slowly and sneaks right on in...

   "HEY!" He finds himself face to face with a group of four human men in black suits with a very familiar looking red R on the front. He's not given much time to observe or think about this, though! The darkened room is lit up by flashing lights as they activate their Pokeballs... And the cabin is filled with the ear-piercing sound of Supersonic.

[Aiden:] Aiden chirps at the sounds going on inside the cabin suddenly. Funny how Damian's attempt to be all sneaky turned into nothing at all. He suspects that they're not terribly friendly in there. With a deep breath, Aiden goes in after the canine, ready to help! Though the uniforms he sees. The R. That makes him freeze for a moment and stare.

[Sandalphon:] Has head tilted, trying to peer into the crack of the slowly opening door as much he can... And then he sneaks in! He gets closer to the door, trying to possily hear more of what's going on... Who is it? Of course, he hears something going on, and rushes in himself to try and help Damian - with a bit more eagerness then Aiden. Although when he comes in, he sees two Rockets! he lets out a sharp scream, although this was also a disarmed voice. He panics a bit, but he gets himself in some sort of mock combat stance, despite him clearly not having any combat experience. "I'll get you! I'll get you! Rawr!"

Jan's head snaps around as she advances into the narrow hallway leading to the crew cabins. Shino's already on it, and she carefully steps closer to the door indicated. A brief shimmer of energy flashes from her wrists and darts to either of her allies as she casts <Quick Guard> over her team.
She glances to Blitz and then Shino, the short feathers on her head and neck standing on end. Jan mouths 'ready?' to them both. She steps back and to the side of the door with her saber raised, making a hand gesture to Shinokero to go ahead and crack it open.

   The Greninja's glance drifts to her Centurion, nods to the mouthed word. She shifts and stretches, reaching out to work the hatch on the door with a foot, then to nudge it open, peeking in as she does, prepared to disappear instantly in any direction.

   Shinokero finds the room a wreck; The cot in the corner is overturned, a small chest in the corner upended with the personal belongings previously stored within scattered around the quarters... Oh, and some kid in a Plasma tunic tied up and gagged in the corner. He kicks at the wall a little more. Mrrrf!

[Blitz:] Oh, no, Blitz can totally read all that's going on. Actually he seems pretty comfortable with this. Once the door is open, he falls in basically at the same time as Jan, whipping out his wrench, eager to see what's going on. ...Only to see that there's just a guy in a plasma shirt. Man, and he was so ready to get into a brawl, too. His stance slackens all the same. But not entirely; who knows who - or what - else is in here or about to jump the squad. "Well... found one person, at least." He's trying to sound as relaxed as possible, more for the sake of a potential ambush that he's actually kind of expecting than everyone else.

[Blue:] Go forth, Golbat minions!  The grunts don't have much as far as personality though, it seems.  Really, everyone's got a Golbat?  C'mon, that's not even original.  Makes sense given how many Zubat there are in the world though, doesn't it?  "Golbat, use Leech Life!"  "Golbat, use Wing Attack!"  CREATIVE.  Sandalphon gets a bat swooping in from the ceiling coming at him with wings, while Damian has a blood-sucking Golbat coming right at him, attempting to sink in its fangs.

[Mikhail:] The fourth Rocket, apparently slightly less-Grunty than the other three, uses his compatriots as a shield so he can dash over to a bridge control console. Lots of knobs and switches and lights on there... But what he's doing is anyone's guess! Might be a good idea to deal with the grunts quickly so you can stop him!

[Blue:] Oh look, dogmeat.  Blue decides that this is one of those 'now or never' situations, and her left hand reaches up to yank the bandana free of her head.  Her other eye has a red sclera and yellow iris, mismatched with the white and red of her other.  The canine isn't exactly quick to come to Damian's aid, but she does have a bit of protection for him: A shimmering shield of hexagons block out any attempts at using Supersonic on Damian!  Twinkle twinkle, it's Crafty Shield!  "Stragglers from a broken order.  Even I know when loyalty is worth giving up on.  A dead hypothesis..."  Oh well.  She mentally wishes them the best all the same.

[Damian:] The Golbat receives a swift boot from dense wood as it nears Damian, a different form of the move, Crunch. "Oh, a paper cut," he says in a weird mock semi-british accent and to no one in particular. He attempts to follow it up with another Crunch, this time as a punch!

[Aiden:] Aiden at least snaps out of his frozen state quickly enough. He'll deal with the memories later. He has a team to help! Damian and Sandal seem to be in good shape fighting Golbats. With a little Agility, this burd will try to quickly make his way past the Pokemon battle to try and get to the Rockets themselves.
[Sandalphon:] Good shape? Sand's fairy type! "Ahhh!" he cries, as he starts to run away from the bat! He's actually not a fighter, usually a lover, but he's especially bad at fighting poisonous bat things! So, he runs himself into a corner, where he must turn around, and throw a punch towards the bat! It actually has quite some swing to it! hit or miss, though, he starts to summon misty terrain in his panic. Very useful, for now none of the plasma-members can get poisoned by them!

Jan peeks around the doorway over Blitz's shoulder, her eyes widening as she catches sight of the chaos in the crew berthing -- and the poor kid tied up in the corner. "Shino, is it clear?"
Upon confirmation from the shadowfrog, the Archeops advances into the room, glancing about her surroundings before she drops to one knee in front of the kid. Well at least her shirt identifies her as from the same team -- supposedly. She reaches out to free him from the gag first. "Are you injured? Who did this?" She fires off the two questions rapidly, pulling out a utility knife to quickly cut through the kid's bonds and free his limbs.

   The kid is probably about 12 or 13 years old. He coughs a little as the gag and ropes are cut loose- "I knew mister Novogorod would send someone! Thank goodness you're here!" He's got a few bruises, and the torn part of his tunic would seem to indicate a scuffle was had. There's a note of cautious optimism in his voice. "Is Rocket gone? Where's my dad?"

   "Clear, ma'am," Shino confirms, peeking further into the room before returning her attention to the hallway. No surprises while she's around, not a one. She even takes a few long, cautious, upside-down steps forward down the hall again...

[Blitz:] It's a start. So far though, they really need to get to the engine room. Hopefully there won't be resistance there. But if there is, Blitz is ready. In fact, he's out in the hallway, stretching. And he's looking like he'd be okay with a spat, too. He looks around, ears swivelling to try and seek out any sort of opposition. "Still quiet so far..."

[Blue:] BOF.  The Golbat doesn't take a hit terribly well the first time, and the second time makes it flail its wings and flop to the ground with a thud.  Uhhh...  The Rocket stares blankly for a moment, having expected to be slightly more effective than 'deliver papercut to dog-man-thing'.  This mission is spiralling the drain at an alarming rate.
Now, the other one is having more luck!  A moderately strong punch is not enough to put out a Pokemon's lights, as anyone here could attest.  "Golbat, use Wing Attack again!"  Sandalphon is getting buffetted by a bat!  It flies around his head, being the world's largest annoyance and doing its best impression of a dog-sized mosquito.
The other Golbat is dragged back into a PokeBall by a beam of red light.  Another burst of red light spills out a Raticate onto the floor.  "Go!  Use Super Fang!"  The rat leaps into action as the Rocket Grunt points at Damian, mouth wide open.  Time to get your arm gnawed off, dog-thing!

   "Just a little longer, mates!" The head grunt at the console turns and calls to his comrades, trying his best to focus on the screen and not the impending threat of 'morph fist in his face. He's sure putting a lot of faith in those Golbats and a rat!

[Blue:] Actually, Blue stayed behind.  Going into dangerous rooms is for expendable meatbags, not glorious treasures like her.  What, does anyone actually think she would walk into a room where she knows a fight is happening?  The support abilities are coming from the door, where she can hide behind a metal barrier or flee at a moment's notice.  Schadenfreude fills her grin this time as the fairy runs away.  Boy though, fighting sure looks easy when they do it...  She looks glances down the hall, keeping an eye out for herself so she doesn't get stabbed in the back, then peeks into the room again.  They seem to be doing okay...

[Damian:] "Too bad." Damian disappears briefly and reappears just before and to the left of the Raticate, using Sucker Punch to hit it in the gut with his right fist, and then attempts to follow it up with yet another Crunch, this time coming from the left fist. For this one, the dark orb disappears.

[Aiden:] Aiden is evidently being not attacked by the Rocket's pokemon. This works fine for him. He has no grudge against the 'mon. Only the guys in uniform. He runs straight for the trio with a scowl on his beak. Suddenly! there's three of him as well! It's <Double Team>! Of course, only one of those avian scaled fists heading for a human face is real. But which is it?

[Sandalphon:] Sandalphon isn't quite sure if any of his fairy moves would do much! Again, he's not the most powerful, so even if he does hit the pokemon, it may not faint. So, using this logic, he runs out of this corner! "Oh no no no!" he cries, and he runs towards Damian, pleasing "Help me dog thiiiinnnnggg!" he cies, but he tries his best to fire a moonblast behind him!

"That he did," Jan flashes a small and hopefully reassuring smile to the preteen, rising to her feet and offering a scaled hand to the kid to help him up. "What's your name?"
The smile disappears quickly, though, and her pupils contract to slits. "Rocket?" Her feather-ruff bristles at the word, repeating it loudly enough for Blitz and Shino to hear out in the hallway. "I don't know where your dad is, but we'll find him. How long were you locked up down here?"
She steps closer to the door, poking her head out to check on her teammates. "Are the other cabins clear?"

   "I'm Timmy! My dad's the chief engineer." His chest puffs out proudly a little at that last part... Before he realizes that the morph lady wasn't aware of Rocket's presence. "I've been down here for a long time! I'm not sure exactly how long. After the engines broke down, these guys from Rocket came out of nowhere! It was almost like they expected it..."
   Searches of the nearby cabins would reveal most of the crew, deep asleep from an apparently high dose of sleep powder... But otherwise unharmed. The captain, first mate, and Timmy's dad are notably absent.

   Rockets. Shino is familiar with those, somewhat. She recognizes that they are not good, and not Plasma, and thusly do not belong on this ship. The Greninja disappears, then reappears next to Blitz, after having examined each room. "Le couloir est clair. It is empty of all but sleeping crew. We may proceed safely to the engine room." She peeks in on Jan and the young human and relays the information again.

[Blitz:] "Sleeping huh? Guessing it wasn't by choice, either." Blitz shifts his ears. Oh goody, Team Rocket is back. But that could end up being okay for him. He heads in to Jan and Shino. "We're going to probably want to wake the crew up. Even if they aren't armed, they can probably handle themselves in a fight. If they're just asleep, I'm guessing the new Team Rocket has an idea for them. Doubt they'll kill them outright."

[Blue:] As it turns out, human-Pokemon hybrids with multiple years of combat training are more effective than most Raticate.  Or, in the known case, better than this Raticate.  The Rat Pokemon looks bewildered as its target is... not there at all.  The fist in its side registers next, teeth clicking uselessly together as it completes it attack on thin air and then tumbles across the floor in a daze.  The Rocket Grunt feels that spiral around the drain get tighter and tighter.  A red beam drags the Normal-type back into a Ball, and he backs up a step, trying to merge with the shadows.  This is a lousy day.
Meanwhile, the other Rocket is having a marvelous time beating the stuffing out of a fairy!  Up until that Moonblast hits the Golbat, and the Golbat hits the floor.  A punch and a Moonblast alone probably wouldn't pull it off, but one after the other apparently did the trick.  "Hey, hurry it up!  These monsters are gaining on us crazy fast!"

[Mikhail:] "Got it!" A victorious cry comes from the Rocket member in front of the computer screen, who pulls a small thumb drive out of the console. ...Yeah, looks like his friends are doing okay. They -probably- don't need his help with this... He makes a beeline for the nearest access to the outside, pocketing the device.

[Blue:] Hmm.  Maybe it would have been useful to have other abilities.  In her head, this all played out differently.  Reflect may have been helpful.  She was expecting... more devistation.  Blue glances behind herself again, refusing to be snuck up on.  Back to the fight, she lifts a brow.  If he doesn't know how to fight... he should have stayed behind.  He's clearly a support, not a front-line.  Ugh, is he some sort of child?  Maybe an immaturity issue or a hero complex...  Her mismatched eyes jump between combatants, tracking.  Being in a fight she's not used to.  Watching them to do analysis, however, is nothing new.  A Heal Pulse blasts from Blue's palm out towards Sandalphon.  That should fix all those wing-beatings he's been receiving.  "Hop to it!  We've got a runner!"

[Damian:] Like a...wolf? chasing it's prey, Damian heads for the Rocket running! Bad idea dude, you should never run!

[Aiden:] Aiden 's fists arrives! Woosh goes one. Woosh goes two. Those were the fakes! The third one.. is redirected elsewhere. The evidently lead Rocket was foolish enough to announce that whatever he has is important. This spurs Aiden to pull off a to pounce at the runner, "You're not going anywhere!"

[Sandalphon:] Sandalphon has took down the bat! He soon celebrates by giving small jumps up and down! Although the commotion soon snaps his attention back to the fight. "Oh? Oh!" he exclaims. He looks to see what he can do next. Well, he's too far to try an attack the runner! So, he casts on Aiden, hopefully this will help bring him down!

Oh boy. "Do you know where your dad went, Timmy?" Jan assumes if the kid hasn't mentioned that his father was grabbed by Team Rocket, the chief engineer must've gone to investigate the engine room and left his son alone in their cabin? "Do you remember how many Rockets there were?" Well, at least the kid's mostly okay, and he's doing well with all these questions so far.
"Thank you," Jan responds to Shino's report, and she nods in agreement with Blitz. "Try and wake them up, then. If it's too hard to rouse them, leave them be, and we'll move onto the engine room." No point in hauling around a crew of groggy humans with them, after all; and Blitz has a point -- if they were just put to sleep, they're unlikely to be harmed.
Speaking of? the Archeops glances back to Timmy, her tail flicking as she considers what to do with the boy. Risk leaving him here alone, risk bringing him with them, or break up the team to have someone stand guard over him (and the rest of the crew)? Hmm. She'll stall on that decision until she sees if the crew can be awoken in any useful capacity.

   "My dad was down in the engine room when it happened! The engines stopped working." He nods, looking up at the somewhat-intimidating Archeops before continuing. "I'm not sure how many... There were at least two though! They had a Pokemon with big colorful wings that made everyone else fall asleep!"
   Attempts to wake the sleeping crew are likely to prove useless- For their own safety, someone should really get them to a hospital soon...

   Colorful wings. Vivillon, possibly. Rockets, more likely to be Butterfree, as they're of Kanto. Shino tucks this knowledge away and returns to each room, shaking each occupant and giving a splash of water to the face of any that don't rouse readily. She does this to each of the few individuals in the quarters, steadying those that do stir before moving to the next, suggesting they move aft to join Jan.

[Blitz:] "Some kind of flying thing. Bird or bug. But flying I can handle." Okay, so he really should get a more powerful electric move than Thundershock, but oh well. Blitz looks down the hall. "Well, if that's the case, all we really need to do is fix the engine and head to port. PIA join us and take care of the Rockets, we get the sleepers to the hospital. Simple as that, right?" You know, if you ignore the whole fighting Rockets that can put them to sleep at will, apparently. He starts to walk towards the engine room regardless. "If they're asleep, I say lock 'em in the cabins. Don't want them getting hurt if it does come to a fight, right?"

[Blue:] Time to split!  Rockets number one and two both turn tail and bolt once the word is given, playing follow the leader!  There's not much more to it than that, to be honest.  They definitely make every attempt to stay out of Damian and Aiden's way, though.  It's cool to be a team player, but it's not as cool when being a team player means potentially having your jaw imploded by elemental powers.  They're going to need a few more pay raises before that idea becomes kosher.

[Mikhail:] Aiden's attempt at the leader is oh so close... But not quite close enough! Seems he had a Pokemon partner afterall- As the Abra hiding in the shadows whisks him away with a Teleport the moment his owner is outside the bridge! Where'd they go? Who knows! Rocket must have a ship somewhere nearby. ...Not that it'll do the other grunts any good. Rocket really doesn't care about them too much, huh?

[Damian:] "Of course..." Damian says, and he turns his attention to the remaining Rockets. "See what you did? You got in our way and now he's gone! Why did you get in the way?" he asks. He could just be doing this rhetorically, though, he looks ready to attack them, so it might be serious!

[Aiden:] Aiden could swear that he was just about to touch the fabric of the Rocket's clothing! But then all of a sudden he faded from existance with the aid of an Abra. He pounces his fist on the wall and glares into the wet darkness, "You coward!"

Hmm. Colourful wings, putting everyone to sleep? Noted. Likely something that can be handled between the three of them, at least. "I hope it's that easy," Jan remarks to Blitz, glancing both ways down the hallway again.
Seems nothing doing with the sleeping folks, so Jan's forced to make a decision. Well, the kid was left here alone and unguarded? "Timmy, I need you to stay here." She motions to one of the cabins full of slumbering crew; at least he won't be alone, and maybe someone will wake up soon and can keep an eye on the poor kid. "We're going to check out the engine room and find your dad, and then I'll come back, okay? I'll knock like this to let you know it's us," and she raps on the door hard in a quadruple-beat pattern with the knuckles of one foot.
Hopefully the boy will agree, and Red Team can move on down to the engine room with all due haste and caution.

   "Y-yes ma'am!" Making a quick mental note of the sound, the boy obediently gets to his feet and makes his way into the next cabin. The door is tightly reshut behind him, leaving Red Team with nothing but silence as they continue the mission.
   There's a faint hint of light further down the hallway, towards the access to the engineering level...

[Blitz:] For the time being, Blitz decides to make a bit of progress. Small progress, though; all he's doing is moving to the top of the steps down to engineering. So close to the mechanical guts of the ship he can practically taste it. He looks over his shoulder at Jan and Shino, waiting for them to be ready. He takes a knee, trying to spy on whatever goings-on there are down there. At least the crew will be safe in their cabins. Hopefully.

Her saber held at the ready, Jan allows Blitz to take the lead down the stairs; he's the one that knows the most about the mechanical heart of the ship, after all. She creeps closer behind Blitz, stepping carefully and quietly, her tail raised as she's in full alert mode. There's another brief, silent crackle of energy that rolls down her forearms and off her hands as she casts another <Quick Guard> upon her team.

   The sounds of machinery and voices can be heard- Angry voices. Unfortunately, the words cannot be made out over all the noise. There doesn't seem to be anyone at the bottom of the ladder...

   Shino falls in along with Jan, attaching herself to the ladder upside-down, descending head first to assess the situation, identify the voices and any targets that might appear. The Greninja prepares herself to pop up further down into the engineering level, likely behind any of the invaders. A quick, unexpected chop to the neck would be sufficient to subdue...

[Blitz:] Blitz ends up needing to go next. Whereas Shino has sticky hands and feet to keep her mostly unnoticed, Blitz just has raw speed. As such, he darts his way into the machine area, fast enough to hopefully be unseen. A bit of Agility should improve that as well. He pulls out his wrench, ready to club some folks. Yay multipurpose stuff. And on top of that, it's reflective enough to serve as a pretty crappy mirror. Let's just hope he hasn't alerted them too badly. If so, a psycho with a gun might end up being useful after all. He's not psycho, but the Rockets don't know that.

   Most of the machinery is dead and motionless- But a little further down from the ladder is the source of the light! Working under the glow of a work lamp, a single figure appears to be on his back beneath one of the prop engines.
   Once again proving the incompetency of Team Rocket... Both of the two guards have their backs to the approaching away team. One of them is holding a rather nasty looking shotgun, and the other a Pokeball presumably containing the colorful-winged 'mon that Timmy saw.

Jan sheathes her saber before slipping down the ladder, taking a quick second to assess the situation. Must be Timmy's dad working away down there; likely not Rocket, if they're pointing a firearm at him. She glances to Blitz and makes a small hand gesture towards the one with the Pokeball; then flicks her tail towards Shinokero and then over her shoulder. Cover her back while she takes care of the one with the shotgun.
The Archeops takes two long strides forward, coming down heavy on that last step; hoping to catch the Rocket's attention off the mechanic for a second. That's all she needs to plant a strong kick in his groin; at the same time, grabbing hold of the end of the shotgun's barrel and deflecting it up and away, her other hand reaching for the stock, shoving forward hard before yanking back, hopefully tearing it out of his hands.

   The targets are made, threats are assessed. The shotgun is identified as a higher threat, and Shino has just the tool to take it out of play. (un?)Fortunately for him, Jan has other plans, and Shinokero hangs back as bid, still prepared to appear where she was needed. She gives a wince at the kick, and reconsiders her assessment of that individual as a threat. Threat level dropped, threat severely injured.

   The first Rocket releases his grasp on the weapon and doubles over in pain. DEFINITELY some damage there. Shocked by the sudden violence, it takes his partner a moment to react- The Pokeball is raised, as he prepares to release its contents.

[Blitz:] The one with the Pokeball seems to be on Blitz's radar instead. No problem with that. he's sure got a couple of tricks up his sleeve. For this one, though, he's kind of got something that's threefold. First, the Rocket is getting a hug from behind. This'll keep his arm pinned to his side, but also stick him with thousands of yellow needles coming from his arms and legs. The second step is a pretty rough bite to the shoulder. And just like that, he has at least a thousand and one access points. Electricity, being lazy, wants an easy route to its target. Considering it's now being fed in directly, it doesn't get much more direct than that.

Well, that takes care of that. Jan quickly spins the shotgun around, and the crumpled fellow that'd been holding it only seconds before finds it pointed at him, held by a very large dinobird. "How many more of you are there?" She hisses, aiming the barrel at the man's center mass. She keeps her focus on this man; looks like Blitz has the other fellow under control. Another gesture with her tail, the feather-fan unfolding and slicking back. Shinokero, please check on our intreprid hostage-mechanic?

   Sizzle. The Pokeball hits the floor lazily, and fails to activate. Looks like Team Rocket's... blasting off again? Or at least paralyzed. And bleeding. And kicked hard in the crotch with a bird foot.
   "Hey now! Careful!" The figure on his back beneath the engine slowly inches his way out, holding his hands up to make it clear he's not one of the bad guys. If the oil-stained Plasma tunic didn't make that excessively clear already. He's a slightly heavyset man, replete with beard and moustache. "Volts and I've spent all day fixin' these! I'd be grateful if you lot didn't bash 'em up!" The head of a much smaller type of Jolteon than the one in Jan's team peeks out from beneath the equipment. Volts? Ugh. Blitz is probably cringing at the uncreative nickname.

   The Greninja does see and recognize the signal, though it appears to be unnecessary. She tucks and releases from the wall, executing a tight backflip before plopping lightly to the ground, looking around the compartment for any other entrances or intruders as she approaches her teammates.

[Blitz:] "Hey, I was being careful with that. No chance of a bad spark." Blitz crouches down by the other Jolteon and its master, looking down at it. Well... his nickname wasn't so great, either, but whatever. "Well guess what, guy. You're gonna have a bit of help." He stands up and twirls his wrench. "between the three of us, we should be able to get this thing running again soon." He reaches down and rubs behind the Jolteon's ears, applying just a bit of electricity. He knows just how much to apply, since he kind of is one and all. Hopefully. <"Don't worry. We'll get you home soon.">

Hm. Well, looks like she won't be getting any answers out of this fellow just yet... "Shino, will you kindly keep an eye on these two?" Jan gestures to the two disabled Rocket agents with the barrel of the shotgun, then cracks the gun open and pops out the shells, pocketing them before snapping the firearm shut again. Firing something like that in here would be a Bad Idea, for sure, and after that experience, she probably only needs to lift a foot to threaten one of those Rockets.
"Sorry, man," She apologises to the mechanic, scooping up the dropped Pokeball with the toes of her left foot and flicking it into the air, catching it deftly and pocketing that, too. "Were these the only two agents down here? Do you know where Gihren is?" And one more important question: "Are you Timmy's father?"

"Timmy's okay, right?" The man sits up a bit, eyes narrowed. "Those were the only two down here. I counted at least 7 of the bastards during the initial fighting..." He wipes a bit of engine oil from his face. "...One of which the doc promptly kicked overboard. He and the captain should be tied up somewhere- I doubt that Rocket would off hostages that valuable."
The Jolteon, who has also extricated himself from beneath the engine at this point, accepts the earrubs gratefully. It's been a not-fun week for the 'eon, who is more used to helping repair machinery than he is battle.

"Yes," Jan replies, quick to reassure the father of his child's safety. She's also quick to amend herself: "He's okay, though Rocket was rough with him." She shoots a glare at the subdued agents and lifts her foot briefly, flexing her toes. On second thought, she should've kicked him harder. "I told him to lock himself in a crew cabin and wait for me to return."
"We should find the captain and Doc Gihren?" And there's also at least four Rocket agents unaccounted for by Red Team; and several people that ought to get medical attention, at least. "What's the outlook on getting the engines running on this boat?"

"Timmy's just fine. We locked him in his cabin to make sure he wouldn't get hurt if there was a fight." Blitz smirks, continiuing to rub the Jolteon's ears a little longer before standing up. "I thought you guys didn't have much in the way of mechanics. This is great; I'll get help. ..Or I guess I'll end up being the help since he was here first." He stretches a little bit, producing his wrench and starting to look at the machines. "Just tell me where you want me to start and we'll get this thing back to sailing shape in no time."

The man crosses his arms, and looks pensively back over his shoulder. "Well. Now that you've brought me some help... Probably no more than a couple of hours, assuming he's any good." He gestures off towards the other side of the room. "There's some minor concussive damage around the port side drive shaft. If you can get that repaired, Volts and I can probably finish up here."

Not the answer Jan was hoping for, but she knows that's probably the best she's going to get. "He is," She flashes the engineer a beaky grin. "Great." She kneels briefly to pat down the incapacitated Rockets. No other weapons or Pokémon on them; great. "Blitz, can you keep an eye on these two?" She nudges one of them roughly with her foot; if only she had some rope or something on hand to secure them. Ah well, Jolteon shocks will have to do, if any of them get any funny ideas. "Shinokero and I will go look for the doctor and the captain."

"I can try." Blitz shrugs, reaching to his arms and pulling out some of his needle like furs. A bit of work, and the Rockets are pinned by their clothing to the floor. THose things are more useful than they probably should be. He looks to the mechanic. "Yeah, I'm good. One of the best on the island and certainly the fastest. I'll get started on the driveshaft. Consider it done." He starts heading to the port side engine bay, kicking away the Pokeball and possibly even securing the shotgun, if Jan will allow. After all, he can kind of shoot decently. Hydra did a lot for that.

With Rocket subdued, and the engines repaired, Plasma concluded the mission a success. Gihren and the ship's officers were located with severe injuries in a forward cabin- Jan's Helicopter took them and the other injured back to the hospital for treatment. Most of the away team remained behind to make sure the ship could return to port safely. Unfortunately, due to the weather, radio contact with the island could not be established...
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