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PMM Halloween Party Log 2011 - Part 2

[Nephthys:] Nephthys giggles at Crag, drinking some punch in a non-goofy manner. "Hee, thanks. Nice to meet you, Crag." She takes two cupcakes, handing one ot him. "Bars may be warm, nice, and friendly, but they're not as fun as a party. Also no free food!"

[Dee:] Behold! All morphs witness the spectacularly weird spectacle of Dr Eggman and a Pumpkin breakdancing! Dee had to follow suit of course, and he manages quite well; his puffy costume seems to provide him with a challenge he's willing to master; breakdancing without putting belly or back to ground. Considering the large flower bulb on his back he usually has to deal with, this isn't that bad. He doesn't have to worry about tearing his leaves for a change. Everybody get down! "Whoo hoo!"

[Suishou:] Suishou smiles, still blushing a little at the unexpected compliments. "Thanks. And sure, I'll try a piece." She looks around for a plate, preferably a small one.

[Jolty:] Jolty gets lucky. He hasn't missed the party completely by the time he arrived. And he gets even luckier when he recognizes two familiar faces in the crowd! He's quickly over to the human and the Vaporeon-morph. "Paula! Suishou! Hello there!"

[Crag:] Crag can't help but grin, and finds himself nodding to Nephthys' wisdom. As well as taking a cupcake from her! "Ooh, thank ye! Hm. Free food's always a good reason to show up for a party. That, and there's almost always some good lookin' fellas and ladies to talk to, to hang out with." He peels back the wrapping of the cupcake and bites into it, dragging his tongue over his lips to pull in the errant frosting. "Mm, not bad. Bit sweet, but not bad.."

[Paula:] Paula cuts the first piece slowly, and the orange color beneath the frosting gives the flavor away... Pumpkin, of course, how surprising! The human giggles and places the cut piece on Suishou's given plate, taking care not to let the frosting fall. The second piece goes to her own plate, and once she's done, she licks the remaining bits of chocolate-sugary sauce off her fingers. "There ya go... Bon appetit!" she offers. Taking a bite off her portion, she hums in approval, before she notices a familar face approaching. She gives out a wave to the Shinx, "Jolty! Nice to see you here!"

[Trixy:] Cue up a great big grin and a giggle from Trixy, along with a clapping of hands. "You've been waiting for someone to come up and ask, huh?" she enthustiastically questions, keeping that same big grin when she's done talking. "I'm having a great time. I always like big socials. Big socials plus cookies makes for an extra-good time. Hey there! Looks like we've got two ponies, huh?" Another little giggle, and Cleo has a hand being offered to her!

[Bahamut:] A while later, Bahamut has his second beer in hand. Again, Oktoberfest. It was growing on him. He'll have to remember this for next autumn. He looked thoughtfully among the throng, in the middle of it all, yet curiously absent somehow. And then there was the dancing plant in a plant costume that was dancing with Doctor Robotnik.
It made him think of that one viral music video on Youtube called 'Robot Bar Fight' (Look it up, it's hilarious). He raised an eyeridge at the thought, but seemed otherwise unaffected, and continued to sip his beer. Not that Sephiroth would be caught drinking anything but the blood of the innocent, but it's just a costume... Right?

[Diantha:] Diantha had to finish her homework before she could start getting ready for the party, so she hopes she hasn't really missed too much by arriving a little late. She is dressed in a stunning white dress with a long ruffled sheer skirt, and a plain white silk top decorated with two patches of sky blue feathers across the chest. The truly standout part of the outfit however, was the stuffed Swanna neck extending up from the front of the dress at the waistline, and looping around the back of Diantha's neck so that the head rests against her chest, sporting all the detail of it's crest feathers black eyes, and yellow and black beak. As she makes her way into the party proper, she begins to look around for anyone she may already know.

[ZeroCool:] "And I'm Cool!" Yes, ZeroCool is still over here, hanging out by Hope and Cleo. He sticks his own hand out to Trixy, injecting himself into the conversation. "And that's my name, too! ...The party's mostly Hope's thing, really, but she let me help set it up this year. Glad you like it! Nice costume, but how'd you do the halo?"

[Suishou:] One of Suishou's ears twitches as she hears her name being called. She turns her head and recognizes her daughter's young friend. "Oh, Jolty! Hi!" She sets down her plate with the piece of cake Paula had just handed her.

[Cleo:] Cleo tilts her head, then shakes hands with Trixy. "Sure do, ma'am," she says. "... Hope certainly isn't a help when it comes to the matter," she adds, with a 'why do you keep linking me to those sites' look thrown Hope's way.

[Helix:] "Very nice to meet you," replies Helix to Cleo before his nose his drawn away and he tastes the air. He's suddenly not by Cleo's side anymore and instead looming in a rather tall fashion over one of the few humans at a party. "I don't think I've ever tried Pumpkin in a cake before, would you mind?" he asks Paula with a rather wide grin, ignoring it seems the poor decoration job and focusing on the rather please scent coming from the sponge.

[Damasu:] Damasu begins to laugh as he continues to breakdance! His funk is uncontrollable! His lust for the groove is unsatisfiable! Even his Rattata are getting into the groove. True, 'mon aren't much dancers. But they look content to simply jump around and make noises in time to the music. Of course, there is only so much dancing a 'yena can take. Beginning to pant and cough, the 'yena stops and stands up. "Oh god.." His heart hammers in his chest. He crans his head back. "Whoo~!" He howls. He then flops down on his butt. "That was quite a work out. Haven't danced like that in ages."

[Nephthys:] Nephthys eats her cupcake in about two bites and licks the frosting off around her mouth. "Well yeah, meeting people is the best part!" She peers over at the breakdancing pumpkin and nudges Crag with her elbow. "Hey, wanna go dance after we're done eating?"

[Eros:] Eros surely doesn't know the young Deerling-morph coming in, but the outfit she's wearing is instantly recognizable to him, for a similar version of it was worn by his all-time favorite singer! The Lopunny, grinning wide, picks up yet another small candy and proceeds to hop towards the deer-morph, offering a short bow that makes his ears dangle forth and saying, his tone of voice quite excited, "Hey there! Your outfit's awesome! Did you know that the brilliant singer Bj?rk has worn it too?"

[Hope:] Hope twirls her wand around in the air a few idle times, in a casually embarrassed manner, if such an emotional term can even exist. "... maybe a little." ... cough. "Anyway! I'm glad to hear it! Always happy to know people enjoy the spirit of Halloween!" ... and then ZeroCool and Cleo pipe in, of course, and Hope has to comment on -that-.
"Cool helped me out a lot this year. He put up all the posters, for one! And it was... a little more methodical than usual, but it got the message out. I'm glad. ... The... pinatas... were also his idea." And here Hope pauses to look at one of the pinatas dotted about the lot, hanging from the trees as they are. In a slightly confused way, no less. ...
"You like it." Is the only reply Cleo gets. That and a grin.

[Cleo:] "I never said I didn't," Cleo answers with a grin.

[Dee:] Dee eventually has to stop too, and sits on the ground next to Damasu. He's a professional dancer, in great shape so he's barely broken a sweat. "Wow, that was fun," he says with a giggle. All the tension from the previous misunderstanding is gone and he's much more relaxed now. "I think more people are starting to dance so I'm going to get back on my feet. But I kinda want to try some of this pumpkin cake people have been talking about. Before its all gone!" And he gets up to go over to the food area. Caaake.

[Crag:] Crag finishes off his own cupcake and licks off his fingertips. He disposes of the wrapper.. well, wherever, bin or floor, whichever is handiest. With a bit of an 'oof', he bends away from the elbow nudging, grinning down at Nephthys. "Mmn. A dance would be amazing. Just please forgive me if I'm terrible at it, mm?"

[Jolty:] Jolty grins, then notices the cake. "Ooh! Cake! Do you think you could cut me a piece too?"

[Trixy:] And Trixy ends up shaking two hands! ZeroCool and Cleo both! The latter getting a grin thanks to the accent. "Ah, I can see you're best of friends!" A wink and another clap of her hands together once ZeroCool's done shaking. He gets the otter's attention next! "Thanks for helping, Cool! I always do like seeing the posters." Mention of pinatas makes the Water-type look about more carefully. Well... Candy. Hey, it sorta works! "Oh, and the halo..." Her grin turns a little more sly. "That's actually me doing that." Sure, but that doesn't say how. Wait, did she kill herself just to complete the costume? Oh nooo...! "If we bump into each other later, maybe I'll spill?" Tis a secret for now!

[Reginald:] "HEY HEY EVERYBODY how's it goin?" It's... -DEATH-. Black dressed in black, with only a goofy-looking white skull mask covering his face. It's quite clearly Reginald underneath the costume if you've met him before, otherwise it's just a big spiky black costume and spiky fur. Said reaper is carrying, in his large white-gloved hands, two large baskets full of pumpkins seeds. "Treats for everybody! Roasted pumpkin seeds, one of my own favorites!" Death makes his way toward the food tables, trailing his tattered black coat over the ground. Food! Fun! Halloween!

[Diantha:] Diantha doesn't see anyone she knows, and starts to feel a little nervous, shown by her ears turning this way and that often, and her tail twitching a little, along with the expression on her face. She tries to take some deep breaths to calm down, just about the time she notices a Lopunny-morph coming toward her. She turns her ears toward him and forces a smile as he greets her and compliments her costume. "Thank you, and yes, I do know. Being a dancer, I also love music. Bj?rk is certainly different, but in a good way." She says as she starts to relax a little, finding it easier to cope with the crowd now that she has one person to focus on.

[Paula:] Not having quite set the knife down yet, Paula nods and proceeds to cut a third piece, handing it to the spark-kitten-morph. "Eat up. It tastes great. Anyway..." she pauses for a while, pointing to both Jolty and Suishou in turns with her free hand, "... how do the two of you know each other?"

[Nephthys:] Nephthys tosses her wrapper as well and takes Crag's arm so he can lead her like a gentleman! A gentleman with no shirt on! "Just don't step on my toes and you can be as terrible as you want!"

[ZeroCool:] ZeroCool raises a finger. "Well, technically Zero did the posters. I didn't do the posters. I claim no responsibility for the posters. They are way more boring than any posters I would do, but he insisted he had to do SOMEthing, and he actually managed to make the words sound like something an actual person could have written, so I let him." He shrugs. "Now, if *I* were doing the posters, they would have had big red letters, you know, the kind where it looks like they're dripping blood? And there would have been way better decorations. And more colors. And, uh.. oh, and maybe a joke. People like jokes!" He turns back to Trixy. Oh yeah! He was talking to her too. "Ooh, that sounds tricky, Trixy. Wait, lemme guess. You're actually a Shedinja, and that's just a REALLY good costu.." The Pory-morph blinks, and then gives Hope a sidelong look of suspicion. "Wait, what's wrong with pinatas? Parties have pinatas. It's true. I checked."

[Jolty:] "Well," Jolty explains. "She's got a daughter who's a kid like me. We met her one day, and one thing led to another, and through her, we met."

[Crag:] A morph can be a gentleman with or without a shirt! Other clothing is also optioinal. Crag leads Nephthys towards where the Pumpkinsaur and Eggman were dancing, reassuring her that he'd do his best not to trod on her toes. "Oi oi oi.. need a new song to dance to. What's the next..?"

[Eros:] Eros finds himself nodding enthusiastically, his lopsided smile growing, large ears framing his happy face. "Yes, I agree with you. She's my favorite singer, you know..." he replies, looking a bit sheepish. But his attention then focuses on her mentioning dancing, and the Lopunny's eyes seem to widen from admiration at that. "Wow, a dancer, really? I was never good at that, to be honest... Well, but the outfit makes perfect sense then."

[Suishou:] Suishou nibbles on a bite of her cake, nodding at Jolty's explanation. At Reginald's entrance, she turns her head and glances over. She didn't think he'd be here, either, but the presence of people she knows does help her feel more comfortable.

[Paula:] "Oh!" Paula exclaims, stuffing another generous amount of cake into her mouth. "Well, small island, huh?" she laughs. So far, there hasn't been anyone else she recognizes in the crowd, even she does also recognize Bj?rk's influence in Diantha's costume, giggles with amusement at the adorable dancers and appreciates the general atmosphere in the party.

[Diantha:] Diantha nods to Eros and gives a more genuine smile. "I guess you have an eclectic taste in music then!" She says warmly about his statement of Bj?rk being his favorite singer. Then, deciding to continue the conversation about her being a dancer, as it was something she enjoyed talking about, she continues on that train of thought. "I have wanted to be a ballet dancer almost my whole life, since all the way back when I was only a year old unmorphed Deerling and I saw a girl dancing in a meadow. Of course back then I had no idea what it was, I just knew I wanted to be able to do the same thing."

[Nephthys:] Nephthys follows Crag out to the dance area when Thriller starts playing! She totally busts a move and breaks out the wicked combos. While trying not to trip over her rather long hood-tails. Or her actual tail. Or hit anyone with her wings. Hopefully people are giving her a fairly wide berth.

[Hope:] "Ah, that would explain it, then." Hope says, after listening to Cool's explaination. "They did seem a little dry. The posters, I mean. And it was weird the way they were all so carefully placed." No mention goes to the sheer quantity, however, because in years past Hope tended to throw them up in even greater numbers, generally in huge clumps at buildings. That's what happens when you're using psychic powers to apply paste and posters to everything while racing through the city in one night.
"He did a really good job, though. And you did, too. You helped a lot. So thanks, both of you." She says, looking directly at Cool as she says this. ... yeah, at this point, it's not even weird to her.

[Suishou:] Suishou nods. "I guess so. I would've brought Taygeta with me, but I thought a party like this might bore her, so she's staying home with one of the neighbors. Besides, she's still going trick-or-treating in a few days, anyway."

[Jolty:] "If she needs someone to go with, Katie and I can do it!" Jolty quickly chimes in. "Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with a less last-minute costume for Trick or Treating."

[Crag:] Crag has never NEVER never ever danced to this song. He's seen it, and is.. not entirely slow enough not to be able to mimic like.. everyone else that's dancing along. Slide.. slide.. shuffle stomp clap. It's close to miiiid~night. Is it? It shouldn't be. Errybuddy dancin', and Crag.. actually doesn't step on any toes! He bumps into a few people by misjudging something.. but that'll happen!

[Eros:] Eros tilts his head to the side, his face reddening a bit from the commment, "Yeah... Well, I really appreciate the way she deals with love in her songs, and relationships in general. She's so natural about it." But then he grins and nods at Diantha's story, saying, "That's just lovely! It must be nice to know what your dream is so early in life. And it seems to have turned out well! From what I hear, in Unova you had quite the freedom to choose what you wanted to do, right?" And there is no bitterness in his voice from not having that liberty himself, just plain curiosity.

[Suishou:] Suishou chuckles at Jolty's idea. "Actually, I was hoping you would! It's her first time this year, and I think she'll have a lot more fun with you and Katie coming with us. Although I probably won't be wearing this costume."

[Dee:] Dee nibbles his cake and wanders around the non-dance areas a bit. He's happy to take a breather, but doesn't notice that he's scattering crumbs everywhere. "Mmmf good cake," he says to any other cake eaters near the table.

[Sellers:] Sellers nods to Dee, nomming some of the cake too. "Very tasty!"

[Trixy:] The Floatzel-woman starts giggling all over again at ZeroCool. "A Shedinja? That would have been clever. Maybe I'm a Floatzel dressed up as a Shedinja dressed up as a Floatzel, hmm?" That would make everything work, right?! "Whatever the case with the posters, the important part is the turnout... so I'd say they worked!" One arm gestures around to the occupied party, and then..! She sticks a cookie in her mouth, though can't help but smile over the conversation while chewing. Maybe her good cheer just didn't come with an off switch. A wiggle of fingers is shown to the two party hosts, and she'll be bouncing off somewhere else unless they care to get words in.

[Bahamut:] Bahamut dropped his head into an open palm at some of the music selections. He wanted another beer, but they were #@$^#&$^*$^ expensive here. And he was hardly touched by the low-proof drink. Another table had something that looked nice on it. Cake of some sort. Pumpkin by the smell of it. That was new.
The dragon got up, pulling his Masamune from the ground beside him in one smooth movement, and meandered over to the table bearing the cake. On the way, he wiped the blade of his sword off, and then, from seven feet away, he reached in with the Masamune, and quickly made two quick cuts into the cake, and flicked the severed section up with the flat, sending it flying up, up, up, and back down into his free hand. The violet peacekeeper sniffed at the cake cautiously, pondering its ingredients as his sword found rest on his shoulder again... "hmm..."

[Paula:] Paula raises her fork at Dee, smiling wide as she nods in agreement. "Yes, indeed!" she exclaims. But then she turns back to the Vaporeon and the Shinx, pondering as she says, "Well, I'm not too big on those traditions, to be honest.. but I'm sure the loot is well worth it!" she grins wide. Even as a woman in her thirties, the thought of sweets, especially of a chocolate kind, still makes her eyes sparkle and her mouth water. "And also, a little Eevee-morph with him and Katie? Well, that's quite an adorable picture..."

[ZeroCool:] "Aw, thanks." For just a moment, ZeroCool looks embarassed, but this is quickly replaced by him puffing out his chest. "But, well, of course we did a good job." He points a thumb at himself. "I'm awesome. Even Zero's a little bit awesome these days, sometimes. I think he's learning from me, just really slowly." He doesn't manage to say anything else before Trixy bounds off, though, maybe because he's still trying to figure out how many layers of costume are possible.

[Nephthys:] Nephthys keeps groovin' to the ill beats. Those beats are so ill they require immediate emergency hospitalization. She giggles at Crag's attempts at dancing, and after the song ends she gives him a thumbs up. "That was pretty good, you didn't step on anyone!"

[Irvine:] It's a Halloween Party. And it seems to have drawn quite a crowd. Well, protect and serve and all that jazz. Irvine's here on duty, although you probably wouldn't guess it by his Klavier Gavin costume. Undercover Cop indeed.

[Diantha:] Diantha smiles as Eros explains why he likes Bj?rk so much. "I agree, her music and lyrics seem so personal, genuinely hers. It's true that the best music comes from the soul of the artist, and I think that she certainly falls into that category. As for getting to choose what I wanted to do in Unova, it was nice, true, but it was a lot of work training for a career while working on building Team Plasma's castle. Then again, each helped the other in my case. Dancing gave me more endurance, and the construction work made me stronger. Of course, after Team Plasma fell, I moved to Nimbasa City, and started dancing at the Theatre there. I was really sad when I learned I had to leave along with all the other Unovan morphs."

[Crag:] Crag comes out of the song and dance panting and grinning, but still upright and without any small creatures glued to his feet. "Heh, thanks. You did pretty great, yourself. You didn't step on any toes, did ya?" He gives Nephthys a wink and nudges her with an elbow of his own.

[Trixy:] Sephiroth sudden has an angel on his hands! Trixy rather literally springs up beside the sword-weilding character, apparently not minding the potentially life-threatening reactions that could occur. This is a PARTY. "Hi! How's the cake looking and smelling, huh? I was curious about that for a bit." She's already three cookies in. It might be too late to turn back on this night of sweets. The Floatzel's tails do a bit of a twirl over each other in a manner that would probably just leave ZeroCool with more questions if he was still nearby.

[Jolty:] Jolty is really looking forward to it now. Who knows? Maybe he can invite their other friend, Lyla, to come as well!

[Nephthys:] Nephthys almost gets knocked over when Crag elbows her! She's lightweight and delicate! "AWK! Hey! Watch it there, muscles." Nothing a bit of armflailing doesn't fix. "Of course I didn't step on any toes. They'd probably be screaming and bleeding if I did." She still has bare feet, with her sharp talons there to lacerate errant toes.

[Eros:] Wholly agreed, Eros would say. In fact, he could even admit that meeting the singer herself would be one of his dreams come true. But Diantha is speaking more of her life in Unova, and the Lopunny's curiosity is sated. He nods, "Oh, right! Building a castle, that is hard work alright... And I feel you there, about having to leave home... I think it was something quite bad for all of us, those who weren't born here, at least. And Unova sounds lovely. Isolated, interesting. And I don't think I've even caught your name or even your species! I'm Eros, by the way. A Lopunny-morph!"

[Bahamut:] Honestly, Sephiroth isn't reacting much to bang-scares today. A few too many people have already tried those pranks on him today, as it is. He merely focused his falsely-green eyes at Trixy, offering only a mild grin at the question. And then another idea popped into his head.
"Looks and smells safe enough," he replied, "Though I do find it curious that an angel would appear to someone whose other name is 'The One-Winged Angel' Want some?" Sephiroth-Bahamut offered the cake slice in-hand to Trixy. Mostly because getting another slice was simply a matter of repeating the four second sword trick he'd already performed...

[Crag:] Crag oopsies and reaches out to steady his dance partner, apologizing for almost flooring her. "Sorry 'bout that! Didn't know you were so light, Nephthys..! Hm.." He looks down at her bare feet, letting out a low whistle. "Niiice talons you've got there." Crag wiggles his own bare toes, his toeclaws looking sad and pathetic by comparison. "Hmm. Did you want to grab some more food, or get a drink?"

[Diantha:] Diantha blushes deeply as Eros points out that he never got her name or species. "Oh, forgive me for not intruducing myself, where are my manners? She says with a shy smile. "I'm Diantha, a Deerling-morph, grass/normal dual type. Pleased to meet you. I didn't see anyone here I knew, and wasn't sure what I was going to do for the rest of the party. I'm... not very good at approaching strangers." She admits before going back to the subject of moving to the island. "It was hard at first, but I'm settling in here and getting used to life on the island. I can't wait to finish school and really focus on making a career out of ballet here."
[Trixy:] Bahamut is shortly short one piece of cake, and Trixy has one added to her hand. Plus the plate to carry it on, of course. "Definitely! And hey, we're all in costume, right? And look, I don't have any wings at all!" She slowly spins in place on one sandal. "I decided it would be a bit much. Though with how much airtime I've been keeping, I probably should have." Another grin, and she plucks a fork away from the table. Cake, you've met your match! Sweets on the end of prongs disappear into the Floatzel's mouth, and she wags the handle in the air with her tongue.

[Paula:] Well, her piece of cake is all over now, and Paula searches for a napkin to wipe her mouth with. Pumpkin cake, now she can cross it off her to-eat list. The woman stretches in her place, idly observing her surroundings.

[Dee:] Dee can't help but overhear the word 'ballet' and not-so-subtly goes over to Diantha to introduce himself. "I, I couldn't help overhearing that you're also a dancer," he offers his hand, with a tiny bit of a blush. "My name is Dee. I'm take dance classes over at the university."

[Nephthys:] Nephthys wiggles her toes and grins proudly. "Thanks! I take extra care of them and sharpen them a lot." She thinks about it for a moment and nods. "Yeah, sure, I could use something to drink."

[Irvine:] Okay, staying at the edge of the party and watching everything is boring. Time to mingle a bit. Let's see who all's here.

[Eros:] "Hey, it's okay!" Eros laughs as he dismisses her apologies with a grin. "It's a party, and I kind of barged into you, now didn't I? And I'd feel sorry about that, but at least now you're in company, then, and I can tell you that approaching strangers, even if a bit scary, is often worth the risk." And then she replies to him, and the Lopunny offers yet another nod. "This is a place of promise! I wish you all the work, and if it's your dream and you feel so devoted to it, I'm sure you'll make it." In any case, an Ivysaur joins them too, and the bunny-morph waves and grins brightly as a greeting.

[Bahamut:] And Bahamut is left to cut out and flip another piece of cake into his hand, though this next piece doesn't come out so smoothly, and splits into two pieces in mid-air. A flash of exasperation poured across the draconid's face before he moved to fix the problem, which meant darting forward a step to catch one piece in his mouth, and the other-- well, he was supposed to catch it, but it was out of arm's reach.
"drat," he grumbled, chewing on the half-cake-slice in his jaws... "Oh, well... guess it's for the better. It's not as if I've been watching my figure. Not having to chase down your food leaves you kind of fat and lazy without hitting a gym."

[Crag:] Crag offers Nephthys a hand, then, and grins down at the dog-eared avian, still not quite able to tell her species. "There.. should be a bar nearby, if you don't mind leaving the free food?"

[Irvine:] Well, this is interesting. A fellow officer is here, and there's a girl in her arms. That makes him Irvine's first mingle target. "Looks like someone is taking this night seriously."

[Nephthys:] Nephthys is pretty much the only thing that has feathery wings and not a beak. "Nah, I don't mind, as long as you're buying, hee." She takes Crag's hand and makes sure not to claw him accidentally.

[Crag:] Crag then drags Nephthys off! Here's to hoping nobody else wanted to dance with her! "I'll buy, yeah. I'll keep 'em comin', too. You aren't as light when it comes to drinking..."

[Diantha:] Diantha grins back at Eros, then nods at his enccouragement. "Well yeah, your right, and I am getting better, but still, in really crowded places like this I still get a little overwelmed sometimes." She then nods to his reply about her plans. "It has been my dream, and I am nothing if not passoniate and devoted when it comes to my dancing." She says in a proud tone, and then hears another voice, seemingly speaking to her. She turns to the Ivysaur-morph and nods with a smile on her young face as she reaches out to take his hand, gripping it gently and giving a bit of a shake before letting go. "Nice to meet you Dee! My name is Diantha. University you say? Do you think I could join your classes? I'm still in tenth grade at Pok駑orph Island School, but I've been dancing pretty much my whole life."

[Trixy:] Flying cake! Trixy goes through the options in her head! Jump for it? No, too desperate-looking. Toss a plate for an awesome trick-save? No, too much effort for a party. Option three: Feed the ants. Plop does half of Bahamut's piece on the ground! The Floatzel just chews on her own piece, and brings up a facade of looking as sad as possible that another met an untimely fate. Up until Irvine shows up, anyway! "Hey there, looking snazzy! Aren't you cute, too." The Floatzel gets a grin from... the other Floatzel! Or the other way around, since Trixy was here first.

[Eros:] At this, and feeling that Diantha is in great company now, Eros grins, lopsided, and bows slightly to both Grass-types, his ears dangling about again. He says, "Well, I really must go now... I have a sickie magician to tend to, and you seem to have a very strong passion in common... It was great to meet you both and, Diantha, it was delightful to speak about Bj?rk with you... I hope to meet either of you again one day!" The bunny gives a final wave and walks off the party space, heading back the way his companion had gone and - with a pang of worry - hoping these silly moments haven't worsed his condition at all...

[Dee:] Dee flusters a bit in his reply. "Oh, I dunno. I mean, I'm only a student, you'd have to talk to my Professor about taking a younger student. And University is expensive," he blushes a bit, and rubs his face. "I wash dishes at a restaurant most nights. And then spend the day in class. And sleep all day Saturday," his eyes sort of cross. "But there's nothing like it! Oh, I take modern dance, contemporary, a bit of ballet. I want to be well rounded." His costume is certainly well rounded and he has to move very largely out of the way so people can get past him and reach the food.

[Bahamut:] The dragon seemed amused at Trixy's response to the loss of cake, and as he turned to address her, he spotted Irvine nearby. Ah, Two floatzels. At least it wasn't one of the creepy Unovans with unusual anatomy. There must have been a lot of nuclear power plant meltdowns over there, he thought, He'd never seen such a high percentage of WEIRD, or even that KIND of weird before.
"Officer Irvine," said Bahamut with a nod of acknowledgement, "Good to see you. I take it you know our wingless angel here, whose name I... haven't caught..." He then looked back to Trixy for a cue of some sort. A hint, maybe? Just say it out loud? A name...?

[Diantha:] Diantha nods as he begins to answer her, and is about to decide that she should ask Dee's professor about it, right up until the cost is mentioned. "Oops, forgot about cost. I really do need to find a steady job somewhere around here. But even then, I don't think I could juggle High School, a job, and university dance classes. Oh well, won't be that long before I'm done with school, I can wait. I love your costume by the way, though I'd imagine narrow doors would be a problem." She says with a giggle and smiles again.

[Dee:] Dee blushes lightly. "Well, it was meant for this party only. But it does squish," he demonstrates squeazing his costume, and another morph takes that opportunity to pass by him. "Well, it was nice meeting you, but I gotta go find the little Dee's room." He blushes very red now and trundles off in search of a bathroom, nearly bumping into every morph he passes as he travels. The place has gotten rather crowded since he arrived!

[Irvine:] "Actually, this may come as a shock to you," Irvine admits, "But this is the only girl on the island I have yet to be introduced to."

[Trixy:] "We haven't met, it's true! I'm Trixy, it's a pleasure to meet you both!" Bahamut's nonverbal quest for a hint ends with an answer instead! A hand is offered out to Irvine, most notably the one that hasn't been touching sweets all night. Somehow she's managed to keep it all in one hand this whole time! "Nice to meet you, Irvine! And now, who's the dragon friend, hmm? I didn't get an introduction either, hehe." Her blue eyes peek up at the Salamence.

[Bahamut:] "Peacekeeper Bahamut, of the Hana royal family," said the dragon, offering a bow typical of eastern tradition. "Always nice to put a name to a new face." He stood again, returning to a more relaxed posture and demeanor. Maybe those two pints of beer had an effect, after all. Even then, it didn't seem to slow him down in the slightest. Maybe it just tweaked his brain a bit. Maybe. He wasn't telling, and he didn't smell of anything, so it was impossible to tell...

[Irvine:] Irvine knows better. "Your bows seem to lack their flourish. Hitting the sauce a little too hard, Peacekeeper?"

[Paula:] The yawning and the stretching seem to occur more often as time goes by, showing that Paula is, indeed getting sleepy. Really, these social gatherings really aren't her thing, but at least she ended up meeting someone new! Shivering in her Chihiro outfit, the woman gets up and says her goodbyes to both the Vaporeon and the little Shinx, stealing one last chocolate treat before trailing her way back home, to the campground.

[Diantha:] Diantha starts to make her way over to where the food is. She takes note of the others that are hanging out by the food as she walks up to a table to check out what is available. Most of it is loaded with sugar and otherwise varying degrees of unhealthyness, but along with the candy, cookies, and pie, she also picks up some fruit which she starts eating from a bowl with a spoon. She finally takes a deep breath and begins walking toward Trixy, greeting her with a shy smile and a little wave. "Hi." She says softly as she looks up at the Floatzel-morph.

[Trixy:] "I didn't know we had any royal families on the island." Trixy notes, applying a fingertip to her mouth. Maybe for thought, maybe to get a bit of chocolate off the end. "Hee. You'll likely see me about a bit. I'm a pretty social character! If there's a party, I'm probably at it." Another grin shows up, stopping only for another bite of cake. The angel is a sweets-lover, it's true. Eyesbrows are lifted as Diantha shows up, and she gets a smile and a wiggle of fingers. "Yo! How's the party, huh? Enjoying yourself?" All said once her mouth is free again, of course.

[Bahamut:] Bahamut offers a wry smirk as he glanves back to Irvine with his fake-green eyes. "No, not yet," he said, "I'm still on the clock. Hard liquor is for -after- work. The Oktoberfest beer they've got at the other stand over there is quite good, though..." He looked off in the direction he'd just pointed, and there it was, an appropriately marked keg. He gave a little shrug and returned his attention to Trixy.
"No, the royal family didn't live here," he explained, "They were a Japanese family of feudal lords out in the Sevii Islands that trained as many samurai as they did dragon pok駑on..." he trailed off, eyeridges furrowed as if he were deep in thought...

[Suishou:] Suishou wanders about for a while, and then returns to the refreshment table for another drink.

[Diantha:] Diantha nods to Trixy, flashing a brighter smile. "Yes, I'm very glad I decided to come. I've already made a few new friends since I got here. This food also looks delicious, though I think I'll have enough sugar tonight to last me for all of next week." She says with a giggle before turning to glance at Suishou. "Hmm, looks like I'm not the only one who decided they were getting hungry."

[Suishou:] Suishou's head turns as Diantha addresses her, just as she helps herself to some punch. "Well, actually, I was more in the mood for something to drink." She pauses for a moment. "You're, uh... you're from Unova, right?"

[Trixy:] "Sounds like an interesting story! Though by the look on your face, it's longer than I'll sit still for when I'm spazzed out on cookies. Maybe another time, hm?" The Salamence gets a wink and a giggle, and then attention is on Diantha. Fingers at wiggled at the upcoming Vaporeon! "Coming to the party is what I was talking about! But I'm glad you're finding our island hospitable. As for the sugar..." She leans closer! Secret time! And it's for both Suishou and Diantha. "I'd take some home anyway. There's always leftovers, and you never know when you need cake." Maybe life would be more pleasant and tolerable if everyone had an emergency slice of cake. Highly likely.

[Irvine:] Irvine folds his arms at the whispering. I'm sure it's harmless, but it's that policeman aspect of him that keeps him wary of any mischief.

[Diantha:] Diantha nods to Suishou as she sets down her mostly finshed plate. "Hmm, that pie made me thirsty too." She says warmly as she walks over to get some punch for herself as well, taking a sip before answering Suishou. "Yes, I'm a Deerling-morph, my name is Diantha." She then turns to Trixy and nods. "Oh yes, the island is great. I still miss Nimbasa City, but this is starting to feel like home all the same. As for leftovers, if there is anything left when the party comes to a close, I think I'll take you up on that."

[Bahamut:] "Never said I was telling," Bahamut said absently. Yeah, beer was sounding like a real good idea, all of a sudden. If only it wasn't so expensive... But then that's what the harder distillates were for. That's it. The minute he's off the clock, it'll be a pint of Bacardi 151. Just to start.
Bahamut looked somewhat vacant as various thoughts ran through his head. Mainly what in the world it was he was supposed to do now. It would be hours before the shift was over...

[Suishou:] Suishou nods, finishing her glass. "I guess I should say welcome, then. I'm a Vaporeon, and my name's Suishou." She'd say where she's from, but she honestly doesn't know.

[Trixy:] "Pleasure to meet you, Diantha! I'm Trixy. Nimbasa, huh? The big city! Sounds like a blast, I wanna hear all about it later." Blink over at the Salamence. Yes, she's holding two conversations! Go ahead and blame a sugar-fueled brain. "Aww, that's no fun. You're a big tease, starting a story and then going nowhere with it." Trixy breaks into pouty mode, showing furrowed eyebrows and a stuck-out bottom lip, all fully exaggurated. She's right back to smiling in under four seconds, proving the whole thing fake. "I wanna hear it sometime." Her fork is wagged back and forth. Apparently a lover of stories too, not just cake.

[Diantha: "Thank you, very pleased to meet you Suishou. I recently read about Vaporeon, very pretty Pok駑on I must say, and I really like the contrast between your skin and your hair." She then turns to Trixy, also trying to carry on two conversations at once. "Well, I'd be happy to tell you anything I know about Nimbasa City, or even Unova as a whole. I was heading toward being a fairly regular ballet dancer at the Nimbasa City theatre when I was forced to leave along with the rest of the Unovan morphs.

[Bahamut:] "Hmmm... perhaps when I'm done with my shift, we can talk over drinks or dinner," Bahamut mused, "Either one is fine, since I'm almready married and have no intention of taking anything else farther than a few good-natured jokes." That would be true if Bahamut could only grasp the concept of assembling a joke. The dragon surveyed the crowd once more, then began to wander again,
"I'll be around if you need me." No surprise the first place he went was the beer vendor. He got himself another pint and began to make his rounds again, mug in hand...

[Suishou:] Suishou blushes, but smiles at Diantha's compliment. "Thanks. I, uh.. try to take good care of it." It's not dyed, by the way. The deep red of her hair, like rubies or garnets, is her natural color.

[Trixy:] Eehhh? What was all that extra information at the end? Trixy lifts her brows as the dragon rattles off personal information and leaves, then shrugs it off and smiles all over again. The other gals have her attention now! "Ah, I like it too! Keep taking care of it. Everything's a little blessing. Mm... hm. Aww. Well, I can't say we've got a big opening for theatre and dance around these parts, but there are the contests..." And now it's Trixy's turn to get lost in thought, her eyes going off into space somewhere. She stares at the night sky while doing so, which helps add credibility to the look. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine, and I'm think too much anyway." More cake to her mouth! Pumpkin comes once a year, and she'll drag it out as long as she likes!

[Diantha:] Diantha smiles to Suishou and nods. "It shows, and I agree, keep taking care of it just like that!" She then turns to Trixy again and frowns slightly. "So I've heard. I'm really hoping that by the time I'm out of high school, the Aurora Theater has reopened. I'd like to make a career out of ballet, but with no place for dance shows, I guess I'd have to keep it as just a hobby." She says this with a frown, but she soon forces a hopeful smile. Deciding that Trixy's pumpkin cake looks good, so she walks over to get herself a slice.

[Suishou:] Suishou blushes again, smiling to herself. She's never gotten so much praise about her hair before. Her finned ears twitch at someone mentioning the Contests. "I've, uh, been in the Contests," she volunteers to the conversation. In fact, those who follow the Contests may have recognized her on TV.

[Trixy:] "Same here! Ah, that's where I've seen ya, hehe. I was wondering... Totally recognized you from somewhere!" The fork is bobbed towards Suishou as Trixy smiles. "Mm... As for the Aurora Theatre, I think I heard at one point that it has a ghost problem! Might be just a rumor, but that's a fun thing to mention around Halloween, hehehe. Hm hm.. If you two don't mind, I'm gonna pop around the party and chat a bit more. We'll meet up again, okay?" A little bit of a bow and a lot of smiling. She'll stick around for any goodbyes, but after that the angel is hopping off!

[Diantha:] Talking about contests does get Diantha excited, as she certainly looks forward to compeating in them herself. "So you have both been in contests? I would love to hear more about that sometime. Seems I missed the contests this year, but there is no way I'm missing them next year." She then nods to Trixy as she says she is going to head off and make her way around the party. "Alright, hopefully we can see each other again soon. It was very nice meeting you." She says as she then turns back to Suishou, covering her mouth as she yawns a bit. "So, what were the contests like?"

[Suishou:] Suishou helps herself to another glass of punch. "Let me think... Well, they're an interesting way of seeing how creative you can be with your abilities. And it gives me an excuse to get out of the house more often." She chuckles to herself. "I'm told I have a knack for it. Probably because I may have done it before I became a morph."

[Diantha:] Diantha nods at Suishou while she eats some of her slice of pumpkin cake and listens to her speak about contests and speculate about why she is good at them. "Oh, you participated in the regular Pok駑on contests? They had those in Nimbasa City, I enjoyed watching them whenever they were going on. I guess that would make you more experienced than a morph who is new to contests. I do look forward to seeing how I do in the contests next year. I figure I can work on coming up with a dance that will allow me to use my abilities to really enhance the performance."

[Suishou:] Suishou nods. "Well, at least I think I am. It would explain why I kept getting feelings of deja vu during this year's Contest." She sighs. "It's a long story. But maybe we'll see each other in next year's."

[Diantha:] Diantha nods as she finishes off her cake, finding it rather delicious, enough that she decides to take some home with her when she leaves. "A long story that I wouldn't mind hearing, another time. Maybe we will see each other next year! At the very least I'll probably watch the other contest entrants, so I'll see you even if we don't directly compete against each other." She says with a smile, then yawns again. "Starting to get sleepy I guess." She says as she makes her way over to get another glass of punch while debating if she should just leave now and head to bed.

[Suishou:] Suishou nods again. "Maybe I will sometime." She doesn't have a watch, so she glances up at the sky. "Hmm. Well, it is getting late, isn't it?"

[Diantha:] Diantha doesn't have a watch either, but the fact that she is getting sleepy is enough of a sign of how late it is. "Yeah, it is, probably about time I headed home. It was nice meeting you though, and I hope we'll see each other around the island again soon!" She says warmly as she quickly drinks the rest of her punch and tosses the cup, and her now empty plate in the trash, before grabbing another plate and putting a couple slices of the pumpkin cake on it to take home.

[Suishou:] Suishou smiles, offering a handshake. "It was nice meeting you, too." Looks like she accomplished her goal- she actually made a new friend.

[Diantha:] Diantha smiles and takes Suishou's hand gently while carefully holding her plate with the other, and shakes it a little before letting go. "Well, have a good night then, see you soon I hope!" She says brightly before taking a moment to look around for which way the exit is. She would wait around for Suishou's goodbye, but then she would move to leave the party and head toward The Greenhouse.

[Suishou:] Suishou shakes Diantha's hand with a friendly grin. "Good night! Take care!" Once Diantha leaves, Suishou wanders around again, just in case she can find anyone else before she heads home, too.

[Hope:] Okay! So... the party is running down, finally. It seems everyone is leaving, off to do other things. We're way ahead of schedule! It's not even midnight yet! ... although it -nearly- is. Hope looks on from her seat by the tower doors, watching as the last few remaining people mill about. "... heh." Hope grins. "I know I complained about the party always tiring me out, but I didn't expect things to end so quickly! Well, not that it isn't late. It's kindof nice, though..!"
"... so, hey!" Hope calls across the lot. "If the people who're still here don't mind, could you help me pack up all these decorations and get this food stuck inside the tower? ... It's cooler inside, and that way the food won't get bugs and stuff on it for when I take it back. Anyone?" ... Anyone?

[Trixy:] Well, a party's no good without some sort of ending point. Otherwise you party forever and it becomes a chore. So when it comes time to closing things up, Trixy is spry and willing! "I'm on the case!" Always. The party otter sets down her cake on a table, and begins hopping around to get decorations. This is done in a very literal fashion; she's literally hopping around to get decorations, going double-time and making bouncy leaps to take down streamers and hanging plastic bats. "The cake on the plate is mine!" she yells at an informative volume level.. Not at anybody inparticular... just... it's hers. Don't touch that.

[Reginald:] Anyone? Anyone? DEATH!? Yes, it's death, who was conspicuously hard-to-find throughout the whole even but now seems to be here to help. Right here. In front of Hope. "Sure!" Reginald chimes in his goofiest voice, "I'll get the foods!" He starts with the pumpkin seeds in one hand and cake in the other, leaving a slice or two for those that call out for it.

[ZeroCool:] "I don't get it," comments ZeroCool, already starting to pack up some of the decorations. "Nobody even tried to hit the pinatas." He looks at one thoughtfully, while wrapping up a string of plastic bats. "...Do you think they're hanging too high? I had some issues calculating the average height of morphs on the island. Weird error bars."

[Hope:] "Yeah, it kindof... wobbles a bit. Lots of extremes." Hope says, rather lamely, as she steps out from the porch to the lot itself. "It's okay, ZeroCool. Universal Holidays don't usually have pinatas. Maybe you could make them more Halloween-themed, like bat-shaped or something? And then actually call people around to whack them. I don't think people got what you were going for. Maybe next time, though, okay?" There's nothing really -wrong- with pinatas during Halloween, in -theory-. It's just -weird-. "They were still nice for decorations!"
"Anyway, I'll get the lanterns, okay?"
Lanterns? Oh, right. The lanterns.
The lanterns on Pok駑on Tower, old, metallic lanterns, with actual candles inside, not the little lightbulbs the plastic pumpkins dotted around have. Lanterns hanging from each and every spike, casting the obeliskian form into a dotted, ethereal glow.
Hope collects them.
She does this by flying, picking up slowly off the ground to float into the air, because levitation is a trick that psychics do, and Hope has always been particularly good at it. Slowly drifting up into the air, she begins a slow, spiraling circuit around the tower, with each lantern silently sliding off its perch as she passes. Trailing behind her, floating behind her with no means of support or locomotion, slowly spiraling up and up, around and around, until they're high enough that the lanterns themselves can't be fully seen against the dark sky, just the glow.
As her flight reaches its peak, Hope makes one last pass overtop the tower, passing across the moonlight, the lanterns curving behind her like a hundred tiny ghost lights.
And then she comes back down.
Falling slowly, gently to the ground in a straight descent at the tower's side, until she comes to land beside the tower doors. Which open, and the lanterns silently float their way inside, each one snuffing its light just before it disappears.
The very last lantern is trailed by a star-tipped wand, the same prop that Hope's been holding all this night, which silently returns itself to her hand.
"... heh. Thankyou, everyone. I appreciate all your help. And in showing up tonight. Thanks for helping me celebrate my favorite time of the year!"
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