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PMM Halloween Party Log 2011 - Part 1

Outside Pok駑on Tower
The dark, towering structure here seems to radiate gloom and despair. Cryptic designs cover the tower, spikes and skulls decorating the dark violet bricks. This is Pok駑on Tower, a perfect reproduction of the tower in Lavender Town. Resting place for the dead, and home for the undead, only the bravest living souls visit this place, except to honor the deceased.
The entire area seems dark around the tower, even in the middle of the day, and an eerie chill accompanies the chilling sounds that occasionally emanate from the structure. Double doors lead inside if your soul is brave enough to enter, or if you are already dead.

[Hope:] Dark, towering structure. Gloom and despair. Cryptic designs, spikes and skulls. It's Pok駑on Tower, all right, in all of its horrible glory. Casting its shadow across the land like a terrible gnomin.
The lot is cracked and dead, filled with hard dirt and dotted by long dead trees, skeletal branches reaching out towards one another. An old and debilitated path winds up to the tower and its imposing double doors, and the whole lot is boxed in by intricate gothic metal fencing, complete with massive gates of overly pointy construction.
And for some reason, there's always a chill in the air.

But any sense of despondancy is soon shattered, as the whole place has been decked out in festive Halloween decor! It's like the spirits of Gothic and Halloween themselves arrived, and proceeded to vomit all over everything. All along the insides of the fence are little plastic jack-o-lanterns, giving off cheery orange light from tiny inner lightbulbs. Old lanterns have been hung across the tower's spikes, climbing all the way up to bathe the tower in ghostly light. The trees have been covered in fake spiderwebs, almost filling in for leaves, and plastic bats and spiders hang here and there from branches, and for some reason a few pinatas as well! Wait, pinatas..? There's a scarecrow of Jack Skellington sitting just in front of the tower itself, and a few genuine carved pumpkins sit on either side beside the front doors. Tiny speakers are even dotted strategically about the lot, filling the air with a constant stream of Halloween-style music.
... and then, of course, there's the food!
A great, long, segmented table has been set up in fron of the tower, filled with every kind of Halloween food imaginable, and several kinds that aren't. Punch and pie, cake and candy, and an excess of all the others, all sitting atop a white tablecloth, with piles of paper plates and plastic cutlery provided. There's even a particularly MASSIVE cake this year, taking up the table's center stage, all decked out in icing and appropriately Halloweeny decorations, some icing on the third layer reading 'HAPPY BiHALLOWEEN.
... huh. It looks like the cake might've been modified at the last minute. Anyway...
It's definately festive, and brings an odd sense of cheer and joviality to the normally dark and dour lot and its tower.

... but it's still oddly cold.

As is every year, the PIA are here! Because they'll never miss out a chance to goof off while pretending they've managed to accomplish something. All of them -- well, most of them -- are in costume, and dotted about the party in various stages of merriment. For instance, there's that one over by the refreshments table, continously trying to break the world record for most food eaten in a single mouthful. He is dressed as a policeman (loser). And over by the gates, there's a pair dressed up as what appears to be a pair of sentai -- Power Rangers -- except perfectly matching and a little more militaristic, like the generic mook version of japanese superheroes. They stand just outside the gates, dutifully taking note of all those people entering, and making sure nobody walks in with, like, guns or a bomb or anything. Because that would be bad.

"Oh, most wonderous of nights~!"
Hope stands outside the tower doors, as she always does, dressed up in this year's costume. She seems to go for something different every year, even if absolutely everything else is always the same. This year, she's dressed as a wizard! A very flashy wizard! Possibly even a Great and Powerful one. Decked out in a purple wizard's hat and cloak, bespeckled with dots and star designs. There's a light blue robe underneath, and she's carrying a little star-topped wand with a half-moon surrounding it.
As the hostess of the party, it's Hope's job to stand up there and wave at people, injecting a sense of cheer and enthusiasm into the whole event. She does this in spades. Thanks to her small frame of body, She almost manages to look like a child out on the best night of her life. And thanks to all the stars and bright pastels that make up her costume, she injects quite a bit of colour as well.
"Come one! Come all!"
She's really playing it up, tonight.

[Carmell:] Carmell is already here, of course! She's the head of the PIA, after all. Of course she'd have arrived with them. And this year, she's dressed as... a french maid! ... huh! Didn't she already use that idea once before? Well, we can't all be super original. Maybe she'll just cycle through the list every year. Anyway, even though she's dressed as a french maid on Halloween, it's not really as interesting as it sounds. It's an AUTHENTIC maid's outfit, thankyouverymuch, which means the dress falls down to her ankles and prettymuch hides any actual body shape. Less flirty, more uniformy. Yepyep!
Just like every year, Carmell has stationed herself beside the refreshments table, not far off from that guy who tries to eat everything every year and is probably fat. Maybe he's a Tepig-Morph. Who knows! Yay vagueness! Anyway! Carmell occupies herself with making sure her maid's uniform is neat and presentable, and waving cheerfully at any guests who come in. Hiiiii~

[Bahamut:] One of the island's more prominent faces decided to make an appearance tonight. Peacekeeper Bahamut, One of the bigger and more easily identifiable members of the PIA, hovered about the fringes of the mass of pok駑orphs, pale eyes wandering across the multitude of figures and faces.
Tonight he is dressed as Sephiroth, of Final Fantasy VII fame, which means the only change he is making to his appearance is popping in a set of slit-pupilled green contact lenses. His great Masamune is in-hand and propped over one shoulder, while his standard-issue sidearm and taser sit half-hidden in their holsters on opposite hips. His great, big, scary assault rifle is not here, as it would potentially do much more harm than good. His leather pants creaked quietly with each stride as he wandered through, his intimidating appearance making the dress-character's foreboding aura that much easier to impress upon onlookers. Somehow, the urge to spit out cheesy lines like 'For the Reunion' is NOT striking him. Yet.

[Eros:] Ridiculously large black bowtie - check! Large lapine ears - check! The general and utter appearance of a rabbit - check! Well, this isn't too hard, especially considering how the Lopunny has chosen to come dressed as an actual bunny today... Eros walks with a giddy spring to his step tonight, and the flashy, festive atmosphere of the tower as well as the fitting music stretch his boyish expression into a lopsided, pleasant grin. The enticing scent of food fills his nostrils, but he's leaving that for later... His eyes curiously scan the morphs already present there, his head turning left and right as his ears sway with the gentle movement, and he's offering a polite and excited wave to each and all of them. But the bunny-morph actually comes with company tonight... Alone, Eros' simple rabbit-costume seems a bit off-place, but the Pikachu-morph standing close by along with his own outfit might offer a clearer explanation to his choice...
[Jerid:] Jerid has arrived.

[Dee:] There's a whimsical round jack-o-lantern pumpkin coming down the road. Bouncing along as if it has just jumped free of its vine and absconded from the pumpkin patch for a night of frolic. Of course, its only a costume, a rather clever one, and the morph wearing this adorable attire is a teen ivysaur morph. Dee is very happy to be going to this party! He offers candy from his plastic pumpkin bucket to the people he passes and bounces along on leafy shoes. "This is gonna be fun!" says the Dee.

[Crag:] Crag is there as well, half nekkid, costume in his description.. whatever that means. The Marowak hovers around the food tables, nibbling on hors d'eouvres and scanning the crowd, looking for any familiar faces. So far.. no one familiar. He's the only one of his crew around, but maybe it'll change soon? He shifts out of a larger 'morph's way and reaches out for another pumpkin shaped cookie.

[ZeroCool:] Across from Hope, on the other side of the tower doors stands ZeroCool. His costume this year is... is a.. The Porygon-Morph is dressed in all black, including a hood that obscures everything but his eyes. Well, everything but one eye, since the other is obscured instead by an eyepatch. What little of his face is left unobscured has is a green, sickly pallor, and seems to be rotting in a few spots. His hands, the only other part of him not covered up, are painted a shiny silver, and one of his legs has been replaced with a wooden peg. Stuck in his belt are a number of... probably prop weapons - a few short blades and an old-fashioned blunderbuss. To top it all off, he's wearing a flashy tri-corner hat with a feather in it. If you want to know what that costume's supposed to be, you'll just have to ask him. He, too, is greeting the partygoers as the arrive, but is also trying to carry on a conversation with Hope.
"...so, after I got the new soundboard, the speakers started working again, but - Hello! Welcome! - but we still just have the 'halloween classics mix 23' CD, and the 'spooky sounds compendium' has that scratch on it that makes it stop playing after the third track, so I had to take that one out, since - Hi! Enjoy the party - the software doesn't support intelligent error-correction, and Zero wouldn't stop working on the lightboard controller to work on it, and none of the stores have a new copy. But at least the whole cake thing got - Greetings! Happy Halloween! - got fixed before people started showing up."

[Nevyn:] It's Nevyn's first halloween on Pok駑orph Island! The Audino-morph has been looking forward to this, he's got his costume all ready and everything. For this halloween he's decided to dress as a wizard, donning a comfy blue robe with a fancy-looking (but cheap plastic) medallion hung round his neck. His feet rest on wooden-soled sandals, almost like geta but without the typical 'teeth'. He's decided not to opt for a hat as his ears make it slightly awkward, and he remembers hearing a story back in Unova about bad things happening as soon as "I put on my robe and wizard hat" was uttered. He figured his glasses would make him look wizardly enough at any rate. He looks around at all the fancy-dressed morphs and gives a little wave, still a bit new to all this.

[Cleo:] Cleo's there, too! She looks... a bit different, since the last time she was in public. Her hair hangs down a few inches past her shoulders, and despite a lifelong aversion to makeup, she might be wearing a little bit of eyeliner now ... clearly an evil impostor come to ruin her good reputation. An evil impostor dressed as a cowboy of some kind, complete with a brown cowboy hat with some kind of apple pin on the front, a brown vest with an orange shirt underneath, a belt with an apple buckle, and boots. Wasn't she a cowgirl already? Whatever. She has a lasso on her belt, but no guns. After a cursory look from the sentai guards, she enters and makes a B line straight for Hope. "Hopie...!"

[Bahamut:] A soft sigh escapes the big dragon-type Peacekeeper as the some of the food smells hit his nostrils. He hesitated for a moment as new entries to the party wandered by, then gave in and headed for the cook fires, idly picking out bits of hors d'eourves from trays of servers walking past. He ended up leaning against the post of a gazebo-tent, where a morph stood grilling steaks and making festive sandwiches resembling entrails without actually being such.
Bahamut was far more interested in pilfering some raw slabs of meat to gnaw on while he observed the goings on with eyes made green by contact lenses. Now he REALLY looks like a draconid version of Sephiroth. He got no protest about taking and eating the raw meat, so for a while longer, he'd stand there with a slab of raw steak hanging out one side of his mouth as he slowly chewed away at it, and almost immediately replaced it with another once he'd finished one.

[Sellers:] A typhlosion-morph also appears, seemingly being carried along, grabbed round the waist by a strange shadowy figure! Oh no! Oh, wait. It's just a rather cleverly disguised costume, with a fake pair of legs in front of him and a zombie model hanging behind, to make it look like he's being lifted in the air and carried around.

[Hope:] Hope manages to at least nod and pay attention to ZeroCool, although the conversation is clearly going at least a little over her head. She's very polite about it, though! And it's Halloween related, sortof, so she doesn't have to -totally- fake interest. "Uhuh? Yeah. Well, that's good. I - Hello! Welcome to the party! - ..'m glad that worked out then!" ... ... ... "So what are you supposed to-" Oh, and there's Cleo, calling out to her, and interrupting whatever she was saying. "Cleo! .. Hahaha!" Hope, of course, can't help but break out into a gigglefit at the sight of Cleo's outfit. Particularly the eyeliner. "You look awesome!"

[Trixy:] Along comes someone who is made out of springs! Or perhaps rubber. Or maybe flubber is more apt, since she seems to gain energy with proximity to the party. The Pok駑orph equivalent of Pinkie Pie is literally jumping her way towards the festivities, springing a good three feet into the air with each step and proceeding to vomit in the face of physics as she does so. Eat it, potential ankle injury! Her frilly skirt whips around in the wind as she goes, revealing all the more frill and obscuring things underneath, so apparently the 'jumping her way here' was thought out enough to prevent disaster. Somebody's certainly excited about this whole deal. Trixy DOES stop at the gate with a twirl on one foot, showing off the costume with her suspiciously realistic halo. "Good evening!" And... she's going to bounce past the folks at the entryway once they're done looking and take a look at the people actually partying it up. Eenie meenie mynie... Somebody has an angel-otter bouncing up to them! This turns out to be Crag, who gets the Water-type landing next to him and a grin. Also a greeting wiggle of fingers. "Hi hi! Remember me?"

[Jerid:] While everybody else is off in the fray and the thick of things, off on the sidelines is someone else that doesn't quite belong. Standing alert over that way is a human, hair buzzed and wearing green-lensed sunglasses of a sort, following which is the trappings of a PIA uniform. Not just ANY uniform, but rather a tactical variation of it. The usual items are there: appropriate cargo pants, black boots and a black tee, as well as a pair of fingerless gloves and a digital wristwatch. Where things deviate, however, are the rest of his equipment.
The man wears a pair of knee-strapped pads, and what seems to be a heavier-than-usual black tactical vest, with all the pouches necessary and not one more. In a side-holster is a strangely-configured pistol and slug across his back is a bag. Hooked to his ear, almost attached to the sunglasses, is an earbud and small microphone. Either nobody spared an expense on security or the human is actually in an impeccable costume. Who knows!

[Dee:] Dee bobs along in the cloud, handing out candies from his bucket to everyone he passes. He's dancing along with the music, and goes over to where there are people in wizards costumes. Hope and Cleo. "Happy halloween!"

[Crag:] Crag finishes his pumpkin-themed cookie and is about to reach for something to drink when SUDDENLY! He yelps and hops to the side as Trixy comes bounding up next to him. The Marowak looks at the Floatzel-Morph, and a grin cracks his face. "I do remember you, yes. I.. can't seem to recall your name, though. Give me a hint..?"

[Cleo:] Cleo takes a place a little behind Hope. "Thanks!" ... she watches the guests for a while, and lets Hope get to her greeting. She takes a moment to watch the flow of partygoers and give the Abra a breather.

[Sellers:] Laughing a bit after running around screaming and pretending to be carried away by a zombie (It's not very convincing because he's still wearing flipflops on his real feet), Sellers walks around with a fake zombie clinging to his back, waving to various people.

[Trixy:] "A hint? Hmm... Ends in a 'y', something you take in Rummy and something I have a thousand of! It's okay, I can't remember your name either. Doesn't work if you just bump into somebody once, right Crag?" Yoink. A cookie goes missing from the table, and Trixy proceeds with giving it a taste-test using a technique also known as 'eating half of it in one bite'. And while her mouth is full, she bounces in place and waves across the party at... somebody. Most likely there's going to be quite a few people in the way who think they're being waved at! Height of awkwardness, go!

[Eros:] The Pikachu-morph standing beside the bunny-disguised-Lopunny throws a nasty fit of coughing as he walks in too, a flashy tuxedo with a huge black bowtie and an impressively large top hat composing his costume. A white-gloved hand tugs gently on Eros' ear as he points to the many people already gathered, a white-tipped wand grasped on his other hand. Yes, the double has come as a magician and his rabbit! Unfortunately, Amarki's time in the party is cut short due to his obvious cold, but the double manages to walk around for a while before the bunny insists for his friend to return home and get some rest - after all this is the chu's first social gathering, but it shouldn't be the reason for him to become sicker! Once the Pikachu is headed home, Eros scans the party again, now actually attacking the food table! Some of those chocolate-candy-sweets look quite appetizing, and the Lopunny starts by downing one...

[Crag:] Crag continues his drink grabbing as he watches the frilly skirt bounce around. He wracks his brainmeats, trying to figure out who this lovely lass was. "Oh wait.. We met at the docks last year, right? Um.. Trixy! That was it, wasn't it?" He thinks that's right, at least.

[Bahamut:] Taking a moment to check out all the various costumes-- or lack thereof-- Bahamut found himself appropraitely amused, intrigued, or in some cases, just plain disappointed. Once he'd had his fill of raw meat, he began to wander about the party grounds once again, intentionally leaving the trails of blood on his leathery lips and jaws. It added to his threatening look and he could just lick it off whenever he no longer favored it.
He paused as someone seemed to wave at him. Then again, people were waving across the venue at each other constantly, and if it wasn't another officer, it probably wasn't important. Either way, he kept on moving, pausing only to pick up coffee for the cops with fixed stations. Of course, it wasn't just coffee. That would be boring. It was spiked, but only just enough to offer a light buzz. They were still on the clock, after all. As for himself, he wasn't drinking. Yet.

[Nephthys:] A figure cloaked in black floes in from the sky, landing outside the gates and walking in past the guards. She is dressed in a black dress with a swirl pattern on the front, eight white lines curving out from the center. She is also wearing a hood, a very peculiar hood, with two long black tails trailing off the back of it. Poking up through two holes in the hood are white doggy ears. But it's not a doggy in the costume, it's a dinobird with her face painted white, her eyes bright green, and black hair that she doesn't usually have hanging out the front of the hood. Nephthys has arrived, dressed as Dog Tier Jade from Homestuck. She has glasses on too. Yeah.

[Carmell:] ... There's a giggle. "You look so serious." And Carmell appears behind Jerid, having somehow worked her way around him. She can be awfully quiet when she wants to be! And she's holding two little plastic cups, filled with punch. One of which she offers to him. "You do know it's a party, right? Or are you just in character?"

[Damasu:] What lovely night for a curse! Damasu has arrived! A fake gloriously long orange cartoonishly-styled mustached is placed on his muzzle. His eyes are hidden behind blue lensed glasses. A pair of googles rest lifted onto his forehead. Along with a pair of black trousers and white gloves, the 'yena-morph is wearing a red coat with several yellow brass buttons. Underneath the coat is padding fitted to give him somewhat of an...egg-shape. Sorry, no Rattata with him at this event. Which, depending on who you ask, may be a good thing or a bad thing. Damasu clasps his hands together, cranes his head back, and laughs manically for show. "OH HO HO HO HO!" At that moment, two Rattata decked in whatever pieces of small scrap metal and other matieral their master could find poke their heads out of his shirt. <"EGGROBOTNIK! EGGROBOTNIK! RAH RAH!"> Damasu looks at his minions. "NO!" The Rattata eeps and withdraw slightly. "The costume is from the Sega continuity. Doctor -Eggman-. Just -Eggman-. Not the DIC cartoons. Sega Continuity! What part of that is hard to grasp?" The purple rodents glance at one another and then at their master. <"...All...of...it?"> Damasu facepalms and sighs. No matter! There are far more things to attend than example video game continuity to regular 'mon. Time to party down!

[Helix:] Out of all the things to eat at the party so far, there was one thing missing, a critical ingredient to any Halloween party, Candy Apples! Thankfully, it is not the end of the world as rolling in a wooden barrel is a rather large snake morph of Unovan decent. Dressed in what looks like a classic mad scientist's lab coat, covered in surprisingly real looking blood and with various odd looking tools stuffed in to the pockets, the Serperior-Morph named Helix upends the barrel as he arrives by the hosts, unclasping and opening the lid to show the contained half filled with water and the rest filled with about a hundred homemade sweetened apples. "Terribly sorry I'm late, was waiting for the blood to dry, anyway. 50 Cinnamon, 50 Cane Sugar Syrup and a few black treacle surprises, where do you want them?" he hisses.

[Paula:] Paula isn't good with social gatherings, not at all... But dressing up as someone else is always a bit of fun, especially considering how the woman likes to use every chance she can to get into a fictional character's mind... Pink shorts and a long white t-shirt with a single green stripe over her chest make her shiver slightly from the cold of night, but she feels happy and comfortable in her costume. Yellow sneakers and her long hair pulled in a ponytail make her look quite a lot like an older version of Chihiro from Spirited Away, and as Paula steps closer to the food table, she crosses her fingers, hoping for the best tonight!

[Suishou:] Arriving only a little late this year, Suishou arrives at the annual Halloween party. This year, the Vaporoen woman has opted to dress as a Southern belle, clad in a somewhat fancy-looking aquamarine sundress splotched with white bubbles about the hem. Accesorizing this are a pair of long white gloves, and a large hat with a pink bow. She had considering going without it, but the outfit wasn't quite complete without it. She's also here by herself, and hoping maybe she'll actually be able to meet people, something she failed to accomplish at last year's party.

[Jerid:] Jerid, the man in the gear, turns around and gives a smile to Carmell. "And that's how I came to the party: an officer of the law on patrol in case somebody tries something!" He gives an appreciative nod as he takes the cup of (hopefully non-spiked) punch. "So you could say I'm always in-character, I suppose. Besides, Halloween isn't my special holiday. Happy to let others enjoy it, though!"

[Trixy:] "Wasn't last year, silly! Though I bet it feels like that long, huh?" The kind of grin Trixy puts on could light up a room. The imagery is helped along by the halo, which actually is glowing, though it probably would only double as a candle. "You got it right! And hey, we're here to socialize, so..." A twist on one of her roman-styled shoes faces her at Eros. "A rabbit who's a rabbit! Novel, but I must question 'why'... S'cute though! Hi, I'm Trixy." The hand that hasn't been touching cookies shoots out, along with a smile.

[Cleo:] Cowboy-Cleo looks around. "... you know, I'm surprised that Wesley doesn't come to these things," she says off-handedly to Hope. "It's almost like a con." She's been standing idly by, for the most part - it seems more like she's here to see the organizer than to party herself. "... so how've you been?"

[Dee:] Dee squeals in sudden delight and launches himself towards Damasu. Basically, a giant plush Pumpkin jumping towards a..."EGGMAN! What a great costume idea!" He holds his candy bucket out to the 'yena suddenly, sticking in in his face. "Have a treat, nice to eat!" he sing-songs!

[Eros:] A bit surprised for having been noticed, Eros chews on his chocolate treat, swallowing it in one go before taking the Floatzel-girl's hand in his and offering her a sheepish yet lopsided grin. "I am a rabbit indeed!" he replies, nodding, a chuckle in his voice. His pending ears seem to follow the movement with earnest. "Eros. And the costume would make more sense if my dearest Amarki were still here. He was the magician," he explains. "But, alas, he has been ill, and bringing him might not have been our smartest idea..."

[Crag:] Crag gives a slow nod, pondering for a moment. "It wasn't..? No, I guess it was only a few months ago. Wow, the time sure flies when.. well, it flies anyway, I suppose." The Marowak goes quiet when Trixy turns her attention to the Lopunny across from her. He turns his own attention to the food again, idly nibbling on something meaty before walking off into the swelling crowd.

[Nephthys:] Nephthys glances over all the food and looks disappointed! "Awwww, no radioactive steaks!" Is she serious? Is she being goofy? Is she acting in-character? Regardless, she giggles to herself and picks up a candy apple, which she starts munching on as she begins to wander around and look at all the costumes.

[Hope:] "Hiiii~" Hope waves at Dee as he waves, smiling in turn. "I'm glad to see you're enjoying the party!"
... and then Helix arrives! With APPLES! "Oh, good, you're here! Well, it's no big deal, there's a ton of food already, but a party isn't complete without apples!" ... and here Hope suddenly snickers, turning to look at Cleo for a moment before turning BACK to Helix. "Put them somewhere by the table, will you? But not too close, so people can't get the food wet." ... "You want any help from Cleo?" Hope turns to look at the apple enamored cowgirl standing next to her. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind~" ... and she's snickering again. What is this, is this some kind of injoke?
"I've been fine. I guess I've been retreating a bit again, but it's really not my fault this time! I've just got so much work to look over at Hydra and Seaview, you know?" ... there's a pause. "Wesley should really come to these things more often. He'd get to dress up and eat all kinds of food. I don't get it, really. So how about you? How've you been?"

[Trixy:] "Ahha, magician and rabbit, I see." The otter giggles. "Probably not, but it's a small island anyhow." However that logic makes sense. "Enjoying the festivitivities?" How many extra syllables? A light twist of her head and... "Oh, I lost the other one. Whoops! Well, that means you've got me to yourself for a minute. Lucky rabbit!" Something chocolate goes missing from the table and shows up in Trixy's fingers for her own magic trick of the night. Her head goes turning here and there, and Nephthys earns herself a giggle and a thumbs-up.

[Crag:] "Radioactive steaks?" Crag turns to look at.. well, whoever that is that's dressed all in black. He steps forward and dips in a bow to the dog-eared female. "Good evening, miss. Might I happen to know whom is hiding behind this costume?"

[Damasu:] Damasu is somewhat startled by the sudden appearence of giant pumpkin costume, but quickly recovers. And gladly accepts the candy! He takes a lollipop! The Eggyena smiles and wags his tail. "Thanks. Glad you like it. Took forever to come up with the idea. Yours is pretty keen as well." A Rattata tilts its head. <"What? It's just a veggiefruitthing."> The 'yena shoots his scrap-metal outfitted pet a glare and the 'mon hushes up. He extends a hand to shake Dee's! "Name's Damasu!"

[Sellers:] Sellers meanwhile wanders around, humming some music to himself while he looks at the decorations and food. To the casual viewer, it'd look like he was letting himself be carried around by a zombie while he hums videogame music. Which is quite an amusing image.

[Suishou:] Suishou wanders the scene, looking over the scenery, the crowd, and whatever refreshments are available. Quite a turnout, it looks like. Overcome with a bit of shyness, she decides to browse around, looking for a beverage.

[Carmell:] Of course it isn't spiked! What kind of leader do you take Carmell for?! She would never get her officers drunk! ... at least not while they're on duty, anyway~! "Well, just don't work /Too/ hard, okay? We don't want you to burn out. As long as you're prepared, that's all that matters." Carmell giggles a little to herself, in a good-natured way. "... but I do appreciate all your hard work." She adds, nodding appreciatively.

[Jerid:] Jerid gives a small smirk. "This isn't even work, but thank you for being concerned. Just hoping things go quietly, I'd like to not have to arrest someone tonight. Though you've been here enough times to probably know nobody gets in trouble...right?" He takes a sip of the punch. Hey, some leaders aren't as benign, you know!

[Cleo:] Cleo just smirks back at Hope and tilts her hat. She looks over in Helix's direction and starts talking in a bad southern accent. "I'd be darn proud to help with the apples. Just hold your horses for a minute there, buckaroo."
"Thing'sve been interesting," says Cleo quietly to Hope. "Just never thought I'd end up with a desk job. Ever since we've gone public though, it's just been papers, papers..." she gives a small sigh. "So yeah, not much for me either. Have to cram all my excitement into one-week escapades between my -adult- life. I think you know how that goes. Though I was thinking of hitting the hiking trails this weekend... hold on, lemme help with those apples first." Another smirk.
"Alright, let's see what we can do about them apples," says Cleo. She's... pretty tall and strong, actually. Looks like she hits the gym a lot, and not just the stairmaster. She's got a necklace with three obviously-used bullets on it. "Got a place you want this thing?" she asks Helix.

[Eros:] Eros giggles back, half nodding back at her. "Well, it's a shame that my company had to leave. But I see a lot of people here tonight. They surely look like they're having fun..." he notes, with a swift movement grasping a gummi pumpkin now, softly nibbling on it. "And it certainly is a delight to have some free time off college. A good chance to relax!"

[Bahamut:] The purple dragon dressed as Sephiroth looked over the crowd a few more times as he walked quietly and ominously about the edge of the party, making one full round before he began to grow bored and stopped at one of the local bars' vendor stands. Something caught his attention. A label on one of the kegs. Oktoberfest? What was this?
Bahamut stared hard at the keg in question when a voice caught his attention. He looked up to find the server, and ordered himself a pint. Not that a pint of beer was going to do a thing to him. It was just something new and interesting. The nearly six-hundred pound draconid jabbed the point of the Masamune into the dirt and sat himself down at a nearby table, keeping watch on the various goings-on as he sipped at his beer. Well, at least the beer was tasty and refreshing. Somehow, the flavor matched the spirit of the season. Odd that a season would have a malted flavor...

[Sellers:] Tiring a little of lugging the "I'm being carried away by a zombie" setup around the whole time, Sellers finds somewhere safe to place the fake legs and zombie torso so he can look around unhindered. He's sort of gone for a double outfit today, the first outfit was the aforementioned "I'm being carried away" setup, but his secondary outfit, i.e. the clothes he's currently wearing, can be summed up as a light blue hawaiian shirt and a pair of jeans. If it weren't for the flipflops (He can't really wear much other footwear) Sellers could pass pretty easily for one Tommy Vercetti.

[Dee:] Dee shakes the offered hand back enthusiasticially. "Dee!" he says. "Thanks, I made it myself. Took forever to learn how to use my sewing machine." He blushes profusely at this admission. "So um, do you, I dunno, wanna dance or something?" Oh. Oooooh. He's so taken aback that he asked at all that he covers his face with his pumkin bucket. Now he doesn't know what to do!

[Nephthys:] Nephthys waves back at the otter giving her a thumbs-up, and then almost bumps into Crag! "Oh! Hi!" She looks the Marowak over for a moment and giggles. "Aren't you a bit cold, dressed like that?" She takes another bite of apple and swallows it before answering, "I'm Nephthys, what's your name? And what's your, uh... costume?" Is it a costume or his underwear?

[Paula:] Timidly sipping on something that tastes like pumpkin juice, Paula leans on the refreshments' table, wide eyes looking at her surroundings. Seeing people having fun has always seemed like a good way to pass time to her, and the young woman couldn't hope for a better setting than this. Looking to the side, though, she does notice the Vaporeon-woman close by, and offers a tentative even if kind wave to her.

[Sellers:] "Say, that looks like pretty good food!" Sellers says to himself, nabbing a cookie and biting into it. He's not sure what to think of the flavour, but it's a nice cookie regardless.

[Crag:] Crag straightens, after backing off a few half steps to give Nephthys some more space. "It's.. getting to be kinda cold, but it's nothing I can't handle. If it gets too much colder, though.. might have to find somewhere warm to hide out. A bar, perhaps." He shrugs and tosses his head.. then pauses to readjust his hair and 'ears'. "This costume? It's supposed to be based off of a species of characters from a video game. It's called a Bangaa." He looks down over himself, his arms raised to appraise his outfit further. "I think it looks good. Y'know, for what I had on me."

[Carmell:] "Hmhm~" Carmell chuckles to herself while smiling. "No, it's pretty quiet most of the time. A few pranks here and there, but it's all in good fun. Still, it's nice to know we have officers who take their duties seriously... even if there's not a lot of call for it. You're probably the first one I've ever seen who's as dressed up for it as you are, though! So I thought I'd make sure."

[Suishou:] Suishou helps herself to a glass of what she hopes is an unspiked punch, and notices someone waving to her. With a slight blush of her face, she waves back and calls, "Hi," with a noticable lack of a Southern accent. She's not trying to be in-character at all. She tried, but the accent was too hard to keep up.

[Helix:] Helix appears not to get the reference to whatever the girls were giggling at. At least no one had seen fit to laugh at the odd nature of accepting a gift of apples from a snake. "Erm, let's just get them over to the spread," he replies in his own south-Unovan accent that didn't sound a million miles different from the one the electric dog was mimicking. With her assistance, he carried the barrel over where the younger morphs seemed to be attracted to it before they'd even got it set down, as if they had radar for the rather posh fruity treats. "You guys don't do this by halves do you? I thought most of these were gonna go spare!" he says in a pleasant, complimentary tone before giving a polite dip of his head and offering a hand to Cleo. "This is my first Halloween here, Helix by the way, you would be..?"

[Damasu:] Damasu wags his tail as his headshake is accepted! Yay! ...And the comes the question of dancing. He goes wide-eyed. "Hummnawha?" He looks quite sheepish. ...Well...its just dancing! Not every invitation to dance is somebody hitting on you! That's just stupid to think it is! How should he approach this?! He doesn't want to seem rude. What would Sera say and do if he did dance with this...recluctantly admittedly cute Bulba?! Probably something like 'FOO YOU BE TRIPPIN' AND GETTING TAKE FOR A QUCK SNIPSNIP IF YOU DO'. ...Wait...Sera doesn't talk like that. CRUDCRUDCRUD. ....One of the scrap-metal dressed Rattata on his shoulders takes notice of her master's BSOD expression and speaks for him and looks at Dee. <"The master is flattered that you may or may not find him cute enough to dance with, but he is quite taken with a female. Although, he has no problem fancying men either. However, since his mate vixen is quite possessive the odds of you being invited into their bedroom is slim. Therefore, he -could- dance with you, but don't expect him to call you."> ...Damasu's eye twitches and he stares at the rodent who spoke up for a few seconds. "Thank you, Samantha. Please refrain from speaking on my behalf for the rest of the evening." He looks back at Dee and rubs the back of his head sheepishly. "Sure. I suppose a little dance couldn't hurt."

[Cleo:] "Cleo," says Cleo in her normal voice. She shakes the snake's hand. "And yeah, Hope holds nothing back on these parties." ... she pauses and glances in the direction of that officer who's still porking out. "... but I think the extra food support's appreciated." She nods and tilts her hat.

[Dee:] Dee squeaks. Oh. Oooooh. Now that is unexpected. "Oh, I just want to dance, with someone, anyone, I didn't mean it THAT way...I just, I'm a dancer, I like to...oh. Oh um," he looks at the Ratata and back down. "Its a fast song, so not anysort of...not that we COULD slow dance, I mean, my costume is a bit big for that sort of..." Ooooh. Oh. Now he's really in trouble. Thought ought to teach him not to think before asking a question. "Okay. Dance. All right." He actually starts dancing, jumping and grooving to the music. He's actually really good, but his skills are lost beneath the big bouncy pumpkin thing he has on.

[Paula:] "Hello, good night!" Paula replies with a wide smile, slowly scooting over, closer to the other. The music and the other people's noises might not be too loud, but she finds it easier to listen if she is in closer proximity. "I have no idea what your costume is, but it looks lovely!" she adds. "The name's Paula, by the way. Nice to meet you here!"

[Nephthys:] Nephthys grins a toothy grin at Crag and pokes him in the chest. "Hiding out in a bar isn't any fun though. Eat some warm food. And, you never did tell me your name, Mr. Bangaa." She gets a cup of punch to drink, and raises it to her lips, sips it... and then makes a hilarious and poorly drawn BLUH face!

[Trixy:] "If you like, you can tag along! But I'm a rather flighty type. I like to flit about at parties usually. Speaking of that..." A finger twirls up into the air, and then points over at... HOPE! "I see a rivalry brewing, and I need to go do my part! Ta ta for now, we'll meet again!" But uh, one more cookie before she leaves the table because chocolate is an addictive substance. And then the otter bounces away... though slows down enough near her destination to not startle Cleo into electrocuting her. Or Hope into... wizarding her. "Hey there! You're the host of the party, right?" Speaking to the Abra, of course! A hand is offered out. The hand that isn't holding one and a half cookies! "I should introduce myself to make this work best; I'm Trixy." She giggles over the coincidence. Clearly the costume is recognized!

[Cleo:] Cleo was just returning as Trixy literally bounced into the fray. She smiles politely and remains a few steps back, watching the conversation.

[Suishou:] Suishou smiles at Paula's compliment, even if it does get her to blush. "Thanks. My name's Suishou. I'm supposed to be dressed as a, uh.. 'Southern belle', but I can't pull off the accent for it."

[Crag:] Crag clears his throat, smiling sheepishly. "Ah, thought I'd forgotten something. You can call me Crag, if you don't mind. And I just.. figured that a bar would be warm, nice and friendly environment." He snaps off the last word and sips at his drink again, his eyes roaming the crowd again. "Oh, cute face! Hehehe."

[Jolty:] How could Jolty have forgotten about this? The Halloween Party had snuck up on him! He was stuck with no choice but to throw together a quick costume, so he settled with tying a white towel over his shoulders, and placing a white bowl on his head after quickly painting a red cross on it. He then hastened so he wouldn't be too late for the party.

[Sellers:] Sellers Vercetti decides to avoid drinking any alcohol, and instead opts for a soda or something similar. He's enjoying the music and scenery, for sure!

[Damasu:] Damasu grins and wags his tail. That was relief! Now he really feels stupid. But oh well! What can a guy do? He smirks as Dee starts dancing...to the best of his ability in that costume. Cute~. GAH. Okay. Just dance, Damasu. And so he does! A bit of jumping, a bit of twirling, a bit of fancy footwork. Just letting the beat of the music guide him...then...he breakdances! A bit difficult with the padding in his costume, but he manages it. His Rattata simply sit on their fluffy butts and watch.

[Paula:] Paula chuckles, nodding to Suishou's words. "So... without the accent, just a belle it is! And you're playing the part well, I must add." After finishing her glass, the young woman scans the table again in search for something to nibble, and her stare lands on a marvellously looking cake. She takes hold of a knife and begins working to cut a slice, but before she looks back at the Vaporeon-woman, asking, "I'm hungry and this looks delicious... Can I offer you a piece too?"

[Hope:] "Oh.. hello!" Hope turns, accepting the offered hand by Trixy, and shakes it lightly. "Why yes I am! I'm Hope.. the GREAT AND POWERFUL!" ... and here Hope pauses long enough to spread her arms wide to the heavens, and there's a little flash of smoke behind her, and then a few firecrackers go off with a trumpet's fanfare! ... and it's all actually pretty dinky. The trumpet sounds particularly synthesized, and the whole thing is over in like four seconds. BUT HOPE CARES NOT. Because on Halloween everything is awesome. "Nice to meet you! Are you enjoying the party?"

[Jerid:] On a late note, Jerid gives a smile. "That's good. Haven't had to shoot someone in years," he says in a half-joking tone. "Enjoy the party, ma'am. I'm on call if anything is needed," he says to Carmell with a nod. He goes back to scanning the party through his sunglasses, sipping at the punch with an approving sigh.
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