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Egg hunt submission: Lucky Eggs.

Participants, Ray, Layline, Malchior, Garuda.

Lucky Egg - No, not that kind of Egg. True, it’s a pale pink in colour, but it’s also decorated with a bunch of charms that have been glued on randomly over it’s surface. It doesn’t blend in at all with the tree it’s sitting in.  - Lucky Dip - 225

  Rai walked along, smiling softly as he and Layline made their way towards where he saw that egg while out on his jog thismorning. She hadn't talked much since everything that had happened, but Rai was still trying to get her to cheer up none the less. The burn scars on his cheeks were quite obvious to anyone who could get close enough to see him. (And not yet been added to his description yet)
Layline held onto Rai's back, burying her face into Rai's shoulder blades. She whimpered just slgihtly, not use to being outside. Not after all that had happened. She was almost like a different child now.
What a glorious day for an egg hunt! Malchior had decided to search high while others searched low, and because of this, he was flying much lower than usual, on average only about ten feet above the tops of the tallest trees of the island's forest, making frequent loops and arcs as he scanned every branch and rock and bit of ground he could see from his arial position for any Easter eggs. Today, the fire dragon had something else in his clawed hand as he flew around: a guidebook to pokemon eggs, in order to make sure what he spotted was fake and not real, as he'd had a few unpleasant encounters with parents of real eggs the other day, and a few bandages to prove it. Still, he knew the forests slightly well, and was keeping track of which areas he'd already searched in his head.
The dragon took a moment to admire the beauty of the falls and the rainbows within mist of its plunge pool as he flew over it, about to give up on this area, until something unusually shiny caught his eyes, twinkling in one of the trees nearby the falls. The purple dragon loops around again in a tight ark and swoops over the tree to get a closer look, sighting a nest containing three pale pink eggs. Now, there were eggs of several species that were naturally pink, but there probably weren't any pokemon that laid eggs covered with reflective charms and tiny bobbles, or at least none that had been discovered yet. The purple dragon still thought it better to safe than sorry, and starts thumbing through the pages of his guidebook while circling around the tree like a vulture.
Meanwhile, another flier circles the skies above the woods, but unlike the fiery dragon at a lower altitude than herself, Garuda hasn't come here looking for Easter eggs. She'd never even heard of Easter! No, she's here for a daily flight around the island. Even wings need exercise, after all. But once she notices said Charizard flying lower than her, she decides to fan her wings out and glide lower. She recognizes him easily (thanks in part to those metal feet that he has), so that gives her all the more reason to match heights. She can say hello, if nothing else.
        Rai smiles, his hands underneath Layline, holding her up so she can hold onto his back. "It's allright little one, I'm here, and I won't let anything happen to you." he says with a small smile, walkfing forward, just into view of the falls, and in view of the pair of flyers above them.  Rai smiled back at the little one, as she finally fell asleep against his back. He can't help but grin to himself a bit.
Due to Malchior's low flying altitude, his metallic legs were glinting less in the sun than usual, but eventually the were still reflecting enough of it for him to be easily spotted above by another flier above him. As soon as he heard the Pidgeot-Morph's greeting, he turned his head to look around, and immediately spotted her out of the corner of his eye. The purple dragon did a barrel roll as she flew past him in order to wave at her, before reorienting himself to face the ground once more, in order to continue looking the eggs in the tree. He had just about gotten done skimming through the guidebook, and didn't spot any eggs similar to the ones in the tree, so he decided it was finally safe to come in for a landing, circling over the plunge pool of the waterfall, the mist a bit irritating but tolerable as he began his landing approach. Unfortunately, to the pokemorphs on the ground, it might seem as though the charizard-morph were heading right towards them.
Garuda smiles at Malchior's wave, but tilts her head curiously at his flight patterns. It looks as though he's looking for something. She follows behind. Maybe she can help him, with her sharp eyesight.
        Rai on the other hand, isn't entirely sure what to do. He could set Layline down and get ready for a fight, but then that'd probably wake Layline up. On the other hand, that one egg was around here, and this char-dude was probably just looking for that. So for now he simply waits, his eyes locked on the flyers, comfortable in his ability to run if anything went wrong.
The charizard-morph swoops down low over the tree, trying his hardest to get a good look at that nest of pale pink eggs, to make absolutely sure they weren't real eggs containing unhatched pokemon. Unfortunately, the draft from his flight causes several bird pokemon that had been resting in the tree to be stirred awake, squawking and fleeing from its branches, including a fearow that nearly he nearly collides with. Malchior gasps as he pulls upward and corrects his flight path. As the purple dragon flaps his wings to pull upward, the draft from his flight blows right through the mostly bare branches of the tree and onto the two morphs on the terrain. The charizard-morph swoops upward over the tree nearly straight up, giving those on the ground a good view of his prosthetics. He did a barrel roll as he pulled the vertical U-turn in order to face the ground again. He flies above Garuda, and turns his head, his eyes widening with fear as some of the birds he awakened begin to realize he's the culprit and begin coming towards him. He shouts out to Garuda as he passes her.
"Hey, Garuda, nice to see you again! I know you're the peaceful type, but could you lend me a hand here with these birds?!"
Having witnessed this little misunderstanding, Garuda promptly adjusts her flight path so that she can 'speak' to Malchior's pursuers. Who better to negotiate with a bird than a fellow bird, after all? Even when speaking in chirps and squawks, she still has that certain kind of gentleness in her voice, which likely helped convince her fellow avians to return to their homes.
         Rai looks up, blinking at the 'zard getting attacked by the fearow. Too bad is electric sacs had been fried. He could frie that bird like a chicken. But oh well. He looks up, considering options. Huh... he could chuck a rock, but he doesn't think that it would reach. Wow... looks like he honestly just can't help this time.
The young Zubat's eyes scrunched, waking up slightly to the screaming of the birds. She reached out, not sure what all was going on. After the explosion, her equilibrium had been a little off, so loud noises seemed to throw her off. "R..R..R.."
The half dozen or so birds that were pursuing Malchior stopped in midair as Garuda intercepted their chase path, the fearow in the lead breaking hard with a few strong flaps of his wings. They hover there, their annoyed expressions lightening as they listened to Garuda's kind hearted squawks and chirps. By the time she had finished, all but the fearow had an understanding expression and flew off into the horizon. The fearow that remained uttered a few annoyed squawks before scoffing and flying off himself.
While all this was happening, Malchior had also stopped in midair, flapping as he watched these 'negociations'. As soon as the birds had flown off, the purple dragon sighs in relief and resumes his flight, soaring around Garuda to face her in midair as he spoke to her in a relieved, but still slightly nervous tone.
"Thanks Garuda. You really have a way with birds. Since you know birds so well, could you tell me if those eggs down in that nest in that tree are real? Do they look like any eggs that you've seen before that belong to a certain kind of bird pokemon?"
The charizard-morph once again hovers, flapping his wings to stay aloft about 5 feet above the top of the tree as he points down at the nest full of the pale eggs with the charms glued to them in the nest.
Garuda tilts her head in confusion, but looks down at the surroundings below. With her sharp eyes, she can make them out much easier than most. She blinks as she notices a nest by a waterfall. "I see three eggs in a nest by the waterfall. But they look... strange. And the nest looks abandoned." She slowly makes a gentle descent towards the area so that she can look at them up close.
         Rai looks back at the zu-girl he's still holding, and givving a piggy back ride to the eggs he had seen earlier, which have apparently been spotted by the bird now flying down towards them. "It's allright young one. Just some birds." he says with a small smile, starting to walks towards the tree with the eggs in it, hoping neither of the flyers happens to take issue with the zap-mouse, or his young charge.
Layline opened her big blue eyes, clinging close as she nodded. "W..What kind?"
The fire dragon nods in response to Garuda's confirmation of the eggs in the nest, and a smirk spreads across his reptilian muzzle at her last two sentences. He speaks out to her again, but this time in a much more excited tone of voice. "If the nest looks abandoned and those eggs look strange to someone as in touch with nature as you, then they must be Easter eggs."
The purple charizard-morph then begins his own descent to the ground, landing just next to the tree containing the faux nest, his artificial legs once again taking most of the impact on the ground, the shocks in his fake shins compressing and relaxing as he draws a cane from a sheath on his back in a motion similar to drawing a sword, twirling it to get it to telescope out and lock in place before tapping it to the ground. His other hand, still holding the egg guidebook, flips open one of the pockets on his cargo pants and slips it into it. He then takes a few awkward steps forward to stand directly under the tree and its branch that held the prize he sought.
The charizard-morph stood there, staring up at the faux nest and comtemplating the best way to get the eggs down without breaking them, his wings once again spreading out and giving a few gentle test flaps.
Of course Garuda wouldn't take an issue with them- she's a gentle person. She lands shortly before Malchior does, and watches his interest in those strange eggs. Easter eggs, he called them? She's never heard of an easter before, but whatever it is, it must be quite a bird to lay eggs like that! "What are you doing? Shouldn't we look for their parents?"
         Rai inched closer, looking back at Layline. "Stupid ones aparently. They were chasing a dragon." he says with a big grin, walking closer, as he gets close enough to hear about the easter eggs. "Hi there... need help getting those Easter Eggs?" he says with a grin.
Layline held tight of Rai's shoulders, hiding her face in his shoulderblades. It wasn't like she was hiding so that she couldn't see the others. Although, they wouldn't know that unless they knew her. She bit her lip, stifiling back a yawn.
Malchior turned his head to face Garuda and raised a brow incredulously, before shaking his head in realization and giving her a smug smile before replying. "Oh no, these eggs are fake. They weren't laid by a bird. They're part of a holiday called Easter."
The purple charizard then turns his head at the sound of a greeting from one of the two morphs on the ground. His brightens at the offer made, and he eagerly replies in an excited tone, his sharp teeth showing in his lizard maw as he spoke.
"Sure do! That'd be great, thanks. I was thinking about trying to make a short flight up to grab them, since my legs can't exactly jump, but I might accidently knock them out of the tree and break them."
The purple dragon gestures at his prosthetics as he mentions them, and then he eyes the other morph clinging to the electric rodent's shoulders, and once again smiles smugly, knowing exactly what to tell Garuda with a child present, as he was trying to be as good with kids as possible (considering the orphanage was currently run by a super hot female charizard-morph).
"Garuda, legend says those eggs up there, along with many others scattered around the island, were left by the Easter Lopunny as gifts for others to find. Every year the Easter Lopunny goes around the island, scattering eggs about the island and leaving extra eggs nearby all well behaved children."
At the end of his sentence, he gave a quick wink to the Raichu-Morph, then looked up at the eggs again and then back to him, speaking in a bit more curious tone. "How exactly are you planning on getting them down, anyway? And would you like me to watch over your child while you get them down?"
Garuda tilts her head in confusion. She's never seen such a thing wandering the island before. "They're not real eggs?" Well, that makes a little more sense. They look much too elaborate to be natural.
         Rai shakes his head. "Nah, they're not real." he says with a grin. He takes a moment, looking back at Layline. "Mind if I put you down for just a moment, young one?" he asks with a small smile. He didn't think that anyone would be able to fly up, but he was agile, and pretty light, so he'd probably be able to scale the tree without many problems.
Layline nodded, biting her lip as she slipped off of his back. She sat on the ground, curled up a little, her hair covering the scars on her arms.
Rai set her down at the side of the tree. "Allright, give me just a moment." Rai says with a grin. He takes a few steps away from the tree, before dashing forward, jumping and bouncing up to one of the branches, muscling his way up, and making his way up the tree sticking to the sturdier looking branches, before grabbing the eggs, and quickly making his way back down the tree, landing softly, before looking over to Malchior, showing the eggs. "These what you were looking for? Mind if I take one for Layline?" he asked with a small grin.
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