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Egg Hunt Submission

Participants: Jolty, Obsidian, Spencer
Location: Articuno Ice Rink

Speckled Egg
A pale grey and blue egg thats oddly warm to the touch that is best held in two hands. Careful you dont break it. It sits on a shelf by the register.
Prize Number 41
Found by Jolty, Claimed by Everyone

Ice is a fascinating thing, frozen water that has little friction and is hard to walk on. Not with ice skates that Spencer's carrying on him. He walks inside the big hall where the rink is and finds himself a seat to put on his skates. The rink has a couple of people in it, skating around, some training some kind of tricks and some just sliding around.

Eh, ice is okay.  Obsidian remembers the last time he was here, which included lots of falling down.  It was fun, despite involving quite a bit of falling down.  But today...  Today will be different!  Because he's not going ice skating at all.  Jolty's the one coming here, and the Tyranitar is simply accompanying him.  Exactly why has been a question he's been asking himself for a little while now, but as long as it gives him something to do there's really no reason to complain about it.  A day off from work means... well, do whatever.  Maybe he should have thought this through more.  Oh well, not like there's not more time.  So accompanying the Shinx-boy is a kaiju not quite a yardstick's length taller than him.

My adventurous adventure in Egg Hunting has brought me here. It sure was nice of you to come with me anyway, Obsidian! And besides, Skating is fun! I mean, I've never done it before, but hey, you always have to learn new things! Especially when you're young! So it's not long before Jolty's got a pair of skates and is putting them on, looking forward to hitting the ice!

After tying his skates, Spencer looks at the entrance and sees a big Tyranitar and, in comparison, a small Shinx. Before entering the rink, Spence leans on the rim of the rink and looks at other skaters for a moment.

"It's the usual fare in life with these things.  Be careful, courageous, and not afraid to fall down.  Just try to do it with some grace and don't hurt anything."  Why is he telling this to Jolty though?  It's more of an offhanded series of comments.  The Tyranitar smirks a bit.  Who knows?  Maybe the kid will be a natural or something.  "As for me... I'm going to sit right here and watch."  The smirk changes to a grin.  The Gallade gets only a studying glance before the Dark-type gazes out upon the ice.

Half-listening to the Tyranitar as he puts the skates on, Jolty is too excited for his own good. The skates are tied on, and he heads out to the ice! ...Though he doesn't get far before the skates slip out from under him and he falls on his tail. Guess he's not quite a natural.

Enough spectating, time to step to the ice. Holding onto the rim for support, Spence steps to the ice side of the rink and immediately starts kicking speed, sliding around and seeing someone landing on their rear. Spence closes in and makes a round around him before braking. "Hey, you 'kay?" He says while glancing at him.

No matter how many times he watches that, it's still funny.  Obsidian snickers a bit as Jolty drops.  "Yeah, don't worry about it.  I still do the same thing."  Though whether or not the Shinx can actually hear it, he's unsure.  The Rock-type remembers the last time he was here, along with much falling down.  What became of that bet?  Hmm, how many times will Jolty fall down before he gets the hang of it?  Lots of questions that aren't worth thinking about.  For a moment, the Tyranitar considers getting himself skates.  Then again, crushing Jolty on accident doesn't sound appealing.

Jolty manages to stand up again, rather shakily, but holding his own when he's not moving. "I'm okay. Just a bit of a hurt pride... and my tail hurts now, too."

"Easter's a fascinating thing, bunnies, eggs and all. You heard of the event?" Says Spencer, Alternating his look on The Tyranitar and the Shinx.
The kaijimorph steps to the ringside properly and tips his head slightly at the conversation.  Who, him?  "I've heard of it.  I'm one of the volunteers helping to run it.  Let me know if you find any eggs out on the ice."  Har har.  Ooo wait, that could be a really ridiculous spot for next year.  In the ice.  ...Lots of reasons that's a bad idea, but eh!  The Tyranitar leans on the side, looking at the two skaters.

"Oh! You're in the Egg Hunt, too? That's awesome!" Jolty says with a bright grin. "I've already found a couple eggs, but I'm not done looking yet. In fact, I'd even go as far as to bet there's one around here somewhere!"

"Yeah, i had a hunch that one would be here, too. Major places are probable places just like places where no-one looks. Fifty-fifty chance, really."

"Don't look at me.  I don't know where they all are."  That wouldn't be fun or fair!  The Tyranitar watches a few of the skaters.  "Around here, though?"  Obsidian actually thinks it unlikely, himself.  But maybe one is around here just for that reason... so they might be on to something.  Maybe he should look around before they leave the rink and see if he can spot something...

Jolty musters his guts and starts moving again. All the while, keeping his sharp Shinx eyes out for that potential egg. Is it around here? And if so, where? Of course, looking is hard when half his time is spent on his gut or on his butt on the ice. But give him props, he falls down or gets knocked down, but he gets up again. And you're never gonna keep him down!

"What do you say if we split up and look for it from opposite ends of the rink?" Spence suggests.

"I say you're better off skating for a bit while I look, if you're gonna skate.  It'll be a rough search in there, though."  In other words, the prize is his!  Obsidian has all the advantage in the world here, not being restricted to a rounded rectangle's worth of movement.  Also, he gets to see behind the walls!  And so he goes, searching around the walls that keep the skaters inside.  He keeps his eyes on the bleachers as well, figuring that underneath one would be a good hiding spot indeed.

The walls aren't that high, thankfully. And soon enough, Jolty is forced against once of them as another out of control slide smacks him into it. He stands, trying to shake the dizziness out of his system. "Ugh... must be seeing things. It looks like there's something out of place on that shelf by the register..." After his head clears, however, he realizes just what that something is... the Egg! ...But it's going to be a long trip for him to get over to the way off the ice, and on these skates, there's no way he'd make it before one of the others saw it! So instead, he lets himself slide to his rear once again, and just pulls the skates off. Standing up again, he starts paw-sliding across the cold ice. This wasn't one of his better ideas. Regardless, a little bit of cold is worth it to get that egg! But Jolty's run into a slight little problem. The shelf is too high for him to reach on his own! "Aww, it's too high!" Hmm... I wonder if there's a way we can all share the Egg Prize if the others can help me get it?

No, nothing here...  Obsidian's looking in the wrong place.  To be fair, almost all of his prey before has been live creatures.  Finding small bits of plastic is not his area of expertise in any regard!  As the Shinx goes darting out of the rink, the Tyranitar wonders if he made too big a deal over potentially finding an egg as opposed to having fun.  However, he does spot just what Jolty is after given a few seconds extra.  "Heh!"  There's one here after all, and in the spot he would have looked last...  Near the register, figures.  The Rock-type changes course and walks himself right up to the spot beside Jolty.  He's tall enough to just take it himself, but that seems too jerkish for him.  "Need a lift?"

Seconds after the Shinx left the rink, Spence decided to follow, all the way to the register where a Tyranitar also was. "Where is it?" He asks.

Jolty looks up at the shelf where the egg is, teasingly out of his reach, then looks at Spencer. "It's up there. But it's a bit too high for me to reach." He then turns his attention to Obsidian. "Yes, a lift would be nice!"

"Heh, need to keep your eyes peeled."  He's one to talk though, right?  But no point being tall if you don't take the good with the bad.  The Tyranitar places weaves his hands into a step in front of himself, offering Jolty a way up.  Sure, he could just grab it and hand it to the guy... but then there's no effort for reward!  And this is for the kids.  So the big Rock-type is going to let the Shinx grab it.

"I see." Spence just looks as the duo attempts to grab the egg.

Alley-oop! Jolty uses the step as a way up, going from there up to the Tyranitar-Morph's shoulders. From this height, it's easy to grab the egg! "Thanks for the lift! I got it now!"

Obsidian goes "Awesome.  But I'm not going to move until you're down from there."  He got up, he should get down!  It's a good lesson, especially for cats!  "Are you going to take it to the Big Red immediately, or skate around a bit more?  I recommend the skating if you were liking it."  No point wasting cash renting skates to do it for three minutes.

"Nice, you grabbed it! Can i see it, too?"

Jolty elegantly hops off Obsidian's shoulders, landing easily on the ground. He is a cat, after all! "Sure! You can see it!" He holds out his hand, the egg resting easily on his palm, for the Gallade-Morph to see.

"Be careful you don't break it."  The Tyranitar jokes.  Hmm, nothing left to do until Jolty decides what's he's going to do.  The big kaijumorph lets his eyes roam the building's interior, trying to spot more eggs.  Even with one found... he still doesn't think he'll find anything.  Gut feelings are odd things sometimes.  Or perhaps it's because of one being found that there's now a feeling of nothing to be found.  "I didn't get your name, Gallade.  I'm Obsidian."
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