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Egg Hunt: Brown egg

Participants are Tallos & Atkuse-Sie. INCOMPLETE LOG, will be updated when scene is finished

Brown Egg
Its just a plain ol boring hard boiled egg that someones painted a number on the bottom of. Is it actually part of the competition? Who knows. Its sitting in the cafeteria all alone though and looks like it needs a friend.
Prize Number 69

TRHQ - Cafeteria
This room could be described as a long, rectangular chamber, if it wasn't set in a curve, semicircular around the nearby hallway. The curved shape of the room presents an interesting visual effect, but otherwise, this room, too, is unremarkable. It's all in greys, save for the brown tables dominating the majority of the floor, and the serving area to the far end, to the left upon entering.


Luuuunchtime! ... Even if it's a little late for lunch. Almost dinnertime, even! Strutting into the room with a little sashay of his hips is none other than the Rocket Elite, Atkuse ... as always, followed directly by Sie. And also as usual, Sie looks utterly furious to be alive, much less attached to the back end of /this/ moron; but the tail's mouth is restricted from comment by a fancy-looking leather muzzle, and instead he just glares balefully at everything. "Whew! I /hate/ doing paperwork," Atkuse grumps as he clip-clops up to the counter to order a meal from the cafeteria counter.
"Mmmm... I'm hungrier than just a salad, today." He muses his choices, and ultimately orders the day's special - a stir-fry with noodles, but omitting the fish and replacing it with an extra heaping of mushrooms; and a side of fruit and yogurt. "Ooh, if only it could cook faster." The Girafarig monologues as he trots over to a table, pulls out a chair and slumps in it sideways, his tail hanging off the other side.


The psychic giraffe wasn't the only one in the cafeteria today. Even though he is basically a living boulder, Tallos still needs to eat every now and then, but thankfully he doesn't need to do it as often as other species. The rock turtle enters the cafeteria just as Atkuse and Sie sit down, staring at the ceiling tiles and counting them as he walks along with his laptop in one hand, approaching the counter to pick out the day's special as well, only inverting the previous order's vegan selection, opting to replace more of the stir fry with fish and other meats. The rock turtle stands patiently, waiting for it to be finished.

As he waits, he begins looking for a table, his eyes drifting around the room, spotting a girafarig-morph at one, and another which to appears to already have some food on it, specifically a lone egg. Perhaps it was soft boiled or hard boiled and the person who was about to eat it had been called away on urgent matters? Either way, out of curiousity, and after recieving his meal, the rock turtle approaches this table with his drink and computer.

However, once he is about to sit down, it's then that he spots the face of the girafarig-morph at the table, his mind immediately matching it to several photographic memories of Team Rocket member files. The rock turtle immediately stops where he is, sets his tray on the table as quickly as he could, and slides it back with the laptop, causing some of the liquid to nearly slosh over onto it, but thankfully that doesn't happen. However, the egg is knocked over by the tray and rolls off the table and onto the cushioned seat against it. The rock turtle immediatley stands straight up and full attention, giving a rigid salute and speaking out in a slightly intimidated tone of voice. "Elite Atkuse, sir." The rock turtle will continue to stand there at full attention, awaiting any orders from the superior officer and completely forgetting about his meal.


Atkuse bobs his head along to some imagined tune, the pom-pom earring swinging wildly. He even taps a hoof lightly on the floor, just killing time as his meal is cooked. At least stir fry is fast! As Tallos is served his order, another kitchen staff darts out from behind the counter to bring the Elite's order to him, setting down the plate of cooked vegetables and rice, a bowl of yogurt topped with berries and granola, and a frosty bottle of cream soda. "Thanks, thanks," Atkuse says cheerfully and stands up slightly to turn his chair sideways, picks up a fork and happily digs in.
The rock turtle is ignored as the esper is too busy slurping up noodles and nibbling mushrooms... but at his name, his ears flick forward and he glances up. Huh whaddya want? His dark eyes take a moment to focus fully on Tallos, a few noodles dangling from his lips. He sucks them into his mouth and chews, swallows, then waves a hand at the rock turtle and speaks. "At ease." Unfortunately he's not at all familiar with this Golem, which makes him assume he must be a Grunt, or possibly Soldier. "I'm off duty, and you're allowed to act as such while I'm in the cafeteria. Have a seat," He waves to the opposite side of his table with a friendly smile. "Eat! Relax." Though this might still be taken as an order. Ah, underlings.
His tail twists around from behind him to peer at Tallos with one blue eye, curious. The tail is ignored by the rest of the body, it seems, and the giraffe happily burrows back into his stir fry.


As soon as the esper tells Tallos to be at ease, his salute relaxing, but his stance and sight still focused on his superior officer as he waits for him to finish all of what he has to say. As soon as Atkuse finishes, Tallos immediately turns around to make sure his laptop wasn't damaged in any way by the sloshing drink on his tray that nearly spilled. Luckily, it wasn't, and he quickly snatches it up right as his food is served to him, clutching it to his stomach to shield.

Even though the rock turtle would have been happier sitting at his own table, he percieved the gesture to sit at the same table as a direct order, and picked up his meal with his other hand. This time, he carefully set his laptop down on the floor in front of his seat and set his food tray on the opposite side of the table. The rock turtle sits down, and opens his laptop with his much more dextrous feet, powering it up and beginnning to type away at its keyboard while his eyes occasionally shift up to his food tray as he considers eating in front of the intimidating superior officer. Meanwhile, the egg was still sitting on the cushion of the seat at the nearby table, its number facing the two at the table, easily readable.


Atkuse makes short work of his food, and by the time Tallos has seated himself and is settled, typing with his feet and pondering his meal, the giraffe is already slurping up the last noodle. "Mmmh," He licks his lip, then wipes his mouth rather delicately with a napkin. "Great job, boys~!" He calls back to the cafeteria with a big grin, and turns back to the grunt. The Elite takes closer interest in the rock turtle, now... his dark eyes taking in the details of the stony creature's form, from head ... to toe. The esper even leans back from his chair to peek under the table briefly, and then he rests an elbow on the table as he digs a spoon into his yogurt and mixes it up.
Sie curls under the edge of the chair to watch the foot-typing upside-down, its teeth clicking softly inside its muzzle; the noise blending in with the typing clatter. "That's quite a skill you've got there. What's your name and rank?" The Girafarig smiles, his eyes lidding slightly as he looks down his snout at the stone turtle. Atkuse /could/ just flip out his Rocket PDA and look it up, but what fun is that? He'd rather get to know this nice, young, big boy with the very short pants.


Tallos is doing more work than he probably should be doing in the cafeteria, but he can't seem to stop worrying about the economic stability of the island. Sure, compromising the hospital and docks did work in their favor in helping get the economy back under the control of Team Rocket where it belonged, but he is nonetheless still worried it wasn't enough. The rock turtle analyzes some of the figures, his attention barely kept on his superior, although his vision did drift up and down the other's legs a little more than usual.

As soon as the esper asks him a question, the Golem-Morph immediately stops typing and looks up at his superior. He actually blushes slightly, but unless one were a rock, ground, or steel type, or very familiar with these types, they probably wouldn't notice such a subtle gesture under such thick skin. However, he also turns his head to the side and then back to the Elite directly as he answers in as clear a voice as possible.

"I am Tallos Boulder, sir, and my rank is Grunt, sir. And thank you, sir...yes, thank you. My feet are more versatile than my hands...and it gives me the ability to multitask...to type and hack while sniping if necessary, sir."

After finishing his sentence, the rock turtle finally began to dig into his own meal, and he looked over his superior a few times. He hadn't really seen Atkuse in person before, only in pictures, but there always seemed to be something different about this particular superior that made Tallos feel strangely more comfortable.


Atkuse crosses his feet delicately at the ankles under the table, the tips of his cloven hooves propped on the floor. The blush is un-noticed by the esper; fair too faint on the thick skin; but body language speaks enough. "Hmm. Tallos." The officer rolls the name around on his tongue like a fine chocolate truffle. "That's quite a talent." A small smile settles on his muzzle, his tail twitching slightly underneath him and the chair. He eats a few spoonfuls of his yogurt-granola mix and washes it down with a hearty swig of cream soda. Mmmm, sugar.
"You /really/ can hack a computer /while/ sniping?" The giraffe asks after a moment of silence due to eating, his ears pricked forward. That is quite an impressive skill! If it's true. Why would he only be a grunt...? The Elite rests a hand under the point of his chin as he continues to enjoy his yogurt in little spoonfuls. "Mmh, I think you dropped something." The esper suddenly says around a mouthful, and points to the brown-shelled egg sitting on the chair, having finally caught his eye. Obviously it's not his; he doesn't eat eggs! But he'd guess the rock turtle has no problem with it, considering the extra helping of animal flesh in his stir fry.


Tallos eats a few more mouthfuls of his meal while his feet begin typing again, one of his toes occasionally moving around the touchpad to manipulate the cursor, sliding about with greatly lissome movements, obviously highly pacticed. The rock turtle did listen to his name being spoken, but had never really heard his name spoken in such a manner before. A foreign feeling or sensation or situation affected him much more than it did the average person, and he is definitely in a heightened interest at fact that a far superior officer is actually showing a lowly grunt like him respect, be it fake or sincere. Then again, this superior probably isn't familiar with all his faults yet. The Golem-Morph's typing slows but doesn't stop at the sound of Girafarig-Morph's first inquiry, and he looks up halfway to answer. His eyes still occasionally move down to his monitor and the various sights under the table in general, something he normally didn't do with a high superior but is actually comfortable enough to do this time, as he answers in a half-tense, half-relaxed voice.

"Ummm...yes sir...yes... even I used it on the armored truck mission...yes, that mission. You can look it up in the report files, sir. I hacked the traffic grid while tracking the truck's movement through my scope, sir."

The turtle then takes a few more bites of his food while his typing accelerates once more, as he once again begins to focus more on what's under the table, until his attention is called on once again by his commanding officer, which causes him to start with a gasp and cease typing as he looks over in the direction of the egg, and looks at intently, now seeing the number on it for the first time. He first responds to his superior in the same half-tense tone.

"Huh?! Oh...I dropped something...I dropped that thing...that egg. Ah yes, I think I did...yeah I did. I'm going to get that egg...eggs benedict...eggs hard-boiled...I like eggs, yes."

The last sentence is mumbled as Tallos gets up from his seat and walks over to the other table, picking up the egg and looking it over in his hands while he comes back and sits back down. He looks from the number on the eggs to his half eaten stir fry, which had a couple of chunks of meat floating in it in a noticably pattern, then back to the egg, to the stir fry, to the egg, back and forth, faster and faster, his eyes starting to glaze over and his lips starting to quiver. He wimpers a little, his starting to rock back and forth in his seat, his breathing increasing while his feet suddenly start working rapidly at his computer. The rock turtle abruptly drops the egg between them onto the table and shoves his tray away from himself hard, causing the stir fry to slosh and some of it to spill in his tray. He then watches whatever was on his laptop's screen for a few moments, almost completely still except for some rocking back and forth. He sighs and looks back up at his superior, speaking to him in a clearly embarrassed tone.

"Sorry, sir, I'm sorry. I saw a bad pattern, I needed to relax, sir. I'm good now, and that egg is mine, yes it is, sir. But you can have it if you want, sir, yes, you can have it, sir."
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