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Egg Hunt Submission: Egypt Egg

Participants are Shaw and Obsidian

Egypt Egg
This sandy-tan egg has been marked with two hieroglyphics, the upper depicting a reptile while the lower resembles a loaf of bread. Someones taken this Egg for a bit of a journey as it sits delicately perched upon a fence railing at the cross roads.
Prize Number 39

Toward the Mountain
        The forest's vegetation thins out as the land gives way to dry, pebbly soil. Ahead of you looms an impressive monolith of a landmark, formerly the highest peak of Pokemorph Island's mountain range: Mount Prism. The mountain looms dark and forboding over you... And the fact that it has been devastated by a massive explosion that essentially blew out one side of the mountain, as well as the peak, somehow adds to this.
Egypt Egg(#5946Tn)
Obvious exits:
 (Down) the Road leads to Dirt Road.
 (F)orested (A)rea leads to Forested Area.
 Towards a (dojo) leads to Outside the Dojo.
 (N)orth(E)ast leads to Far North of the City.
 (N)orth leads to Foot of the Mountain.
 (S)outh leads to Edge of the Wilds.

Against his better judgement, Shaw has again wandered from the hospital, and wandered pretty far at that--he'd meandered through the bustling streets for a time, but the Absol had soon grown weary of the cheerful, but incessant, noise and commotion; everyone and their grandmother seemed to be out today. Something about hunting for eggs, if he recalls correctly. But for games, Alan Shaw has neither the energy not the interest. In truth, life itself doesn't hold much interest for him now. If he'd had his way, everything would be over already, but out of the blue someone had come and shown him the kindness he'd believed irreconcilable with the cruelty he'd suffered. It might be possible to live and move on after all, she'd shown him, she'd promised him, and he in turn had promised to at least try...but first Shaw just needs the time to think and put things into perspective.
         So he'd fled north from the oppressive clamor of the city, and stopped here, breathing heavily; he's still injured, and all this moving about has done nothing for the recovery process. The aching Absol staggers over to the side of the gravel road and sinks to the ground. He lies on the warm grass, staring through squinting eyes at the mountain. Typically, on a warm day such as this the Absol would be uncomfortably hot, but most of Shaw's fur has been shaved from his bandaged limbs, so the weary creature just lies there basking in the warmth.

Break time!  No more volunteering for a few hours.  Obsidian has taken to the wilderness for some fresh air, and spent most of the trip catching up on the games of phone tag that are going on.  The Tyranitar is unaware of the long story behind the Absol's condition, but his phone snaps shut as he detects the other being.  Heh...  That other Dark-type is hardly any threat.  "What'd you do, come out here to die?  You're not going to leave a very beautiful corpse."  Such a polite way to show sympathy.  The big monster chuckles and takes a look around to see if any others are nearby.  But no, it's just the Absol and nobody else!  Eyes fall upon the bladed creature once more.

Shaw's too tired to get up, but he turns his head to stare at the Tyranitar, first with surprise, then indignation. Hmn...nah, there's no -way- he could take that huge morph on. Especially in his weakened condition. Eh, but Shaw is apathetic--if the creature is going to attack, unlikely as that seems, Shaw probably wouldn't even put up a fight. What little fur remains on the Absol's body prickles angrily before he remembers--surely the man's not trying to mock him, he just doesn't know any better. Shaw does have that unfortunate tendency, to become so absorbed in his own misery that he feels that it's it's glaringly obvious to -everyone-, and that they can see straight through him...of course this is not the case. "No, actually," the Absol responds softly. "To live, believe it or not." And with that he turns his eyes skywards once more. Shaw doesn't show any sign of giving further explanation.

"Cute.  I imagine you don't run around with no fur on often, so let me give you a tip from a friend: Don't lay there too long without any or the sun will punish you."  Without the usual sun blocking power of hair, what does that leave bare skin as a defense?  "Don't mind me." is the next thing the Tyranitar scans.  Doubting the Absol is prepared to get up, and further doubting the ability of the creature to do much if he did, the Tyranitar slowly turns his head away to view the pleasant and familiar scenery.  Upon doing so, his eyes are drawn towards something irregular.  "Heh, really?  Out here?"  There's an egg!

Cute? Shaw blushes angrily, though it's not all that noticeable on his bruised, stitched-up face. Indeed, Shaw wouldn't have minded the Tyranitar up until this point, but now he's just irritated. The Absol forces himself to rise to his feet, though his winces in pain and clutches his side. He steadies himself and adjusts his glasses before proceeding in the Tyranitar's direction, staring indignantly up at the creature. He knows how pathetic and ridiculous he must look with his fur and mane gone, and he's not happy about it, but it's hard to look otherwise when he's lost all sense of self-respect. The Tyranitar looks all the more impressively powerful compared with the short, battered Absol. This just irritates Shaw more; he was strong once, too, but no one would ever acknowledge it now! He looks up and down the Tyranitar's imposing form. Well...maybe never -that- strong, but still. "Hm?" Shaw notices the egg now. "Oh, must be for that egg hunt for kids," Shaw says dismissively. It's clear he's not interested. "Ha, who'd come all the way out here looking for one anyway?" Shaw pauses. He feels insulted, but he's honestly too afraid to say anything yet.

Doesn't sound like the other dude is looking, sooo...  Obsidian takes the few steps needed to arrive within plucking distance of the egg, and casually does so with two fingers.  "Nobody, so it's mine now."  Lifting it to his face, the Tyranitar inspects the markings with a chuckle.  Could this be...?  Well, that would certainly be amusing.  Now it's most certainly his, because if this egg is the prize he thinks it is it'll be too funny to pass up.  Or maybe it'll look fishy...?  Eh, details.  He has a witness!  How convincing is it going to be to have a witness that looks like they've been on the business end of a washing machine, though?  Nah, that's too many maybes along the way to even bother thinking about.

"You're seriously going to take it? Just like that? Well...what gives you the right?" Shaw can't think of any good reason why the Tyranitar -shouldn't- take the egg he's spotted, but the Absol is peeved and feeling argumentative. The egg isn't what's bothering him, Shaw couldn't care less about some stupid egg, he's angered by the man's dismissive, casually insulting attitude. But confronting about the egg is just far easier. "Come on, don't you think you should leave it for some kid to find? It's a -children's- game, what are you going to gain for yourself, huh? Some cheap little plastic trinket? Though I doubt we'll see any kids coming this way soon, you'd probably scare them all off. Why'd you have to bother me anyway?" Shaw fumes, "Can't a man just...lie around on the grass...without being disturbed, hm? Is that really that too much to ask?" Shaw is fully aware of how unreasonable he sounds, but he's just venting.

"Huh?  The right?"  Obsidian sounds confused by this challenge.  Or rather, the argument.  "You said it yourself, it's a kid's game.  Nobody's going to come all the way out here.  Some volunteer egg-hider clearly got overzealous and put one too far away from everything.  And I found it."  The rest of the Absol's talking just ears him an expressionless stare... then a chuckle a few seconds.  "You done?  I wanted to make sure you weren't just lying around to die.  I said that, didn't I?  Shoo, go lay in the grass.  I'm not going to stop you."  A hand makes a brushing motion towards the other Dark-type.  Begone, silly argumentative goat!  Go do what you wanted to do!

Alright, Shaw drops the egg issue. It was stupid anyway--just him avoiding the issue. But then, the Absol's waved away. Just like that. Shrugged off like a leaf or a bug, something worthless and small. The Tyranitar is unwittingly unraveling all Shaw's progress as far as recovering his self-esteem goes. Of course it's not his fault, merely Shaw's bad luck. "What's it to you if I die," he mutters and quickly backs off out of reach. A knife-like claws glides dangerously over his throat; he's tempted to try, just to see the Tyranitar's reaction, but recalling his promise to live the Absol drops his hand to his side, feeling extremely foolish. He feels himself slipping back into his tendency for the overdramatic, but at least he'd caught himself this time. He forces a laugh, clambers atop the wooden fence and settles himself on the top rail. "Sorry," he mutters softly. "I, just..." Shaw trails off. He doesn't want to explain any more than the Tyranitar wants to hear it. He stares off awkwardly at the mountain.

"Not much.  One less person to amuse me?"  A bland reply made by the Tyranitar, made as answer to the aggressive question that he really doesn't care so much about.  Advice on how to not die shouldn't be mistaken for caring about life!  Sheesh, what a hassle the Absol guy is being...  The Tyranitar turns to walk back the way he came, egg in hand.  He has a prize waiting for him, and the other Dark-type is ever so vaguely making it clear he'd rather be alone.

Wow. Shaw is aghast. But despite being deeply offended, he isn't -angry- so much as sad. Nevertheless, he has something to say and he can say it confidently: "Hm. That's what he thought, too," he speaks at the departing Tyranitar. "The one responsible for all this," he says, gesturing at his various bandages and stitches. "I was an amusement. Just a toy," he continues, his voice trembling ever so slightly. He'd better finish up quickly, though, lest he lose the Tyranitar's attention. He strongly doubts the man would ever assault him the same way the Skarmory had, but his lack of respect for someone so obviously damaged bothers Shaw. He's worried, and not just for his own sake (surprisingly), but he tries not to sound preachy. "Just be aware, it's not far from indifference to passive cruelty," Shaw says quietly. He pauses before concluding on an oddly cheerful note: "Alright, well, take your egg, enjoy your prize. Just something to keep in mind..." and with that he turns aside, returning his attention to the towering mountain.

What an annoying...  The Tyranitar's tail gives one whip behind him as he goes, but Shaw doesn't get a pause of the kaiju's walk or so much as a glance.  Off the Rock-type goes.  "If I didn't care at all, I wouldn't have told you to stay alive.  Now pipe down."  The volume quite obviously does down as the distance increases without hesitation.  Is that what he said before?  Maybe it was a passively inferred somewhere.
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