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Egg Hunt Submission

Participants: Balthazar, Farina and Mjolnir
Clubs Egg
Its simply a white egg patterned with black playing card clubs. Not completely out of place here on one of the back tables at the Bar.
Prize Number 876
Claimed by Balthazar (has offered to give it to Farina in a romantic gesture, hasn't gotten that far in the scene)
(To be claimed by Farina)

Farina is incensed. She's got an egg, sure, but the prize it gets her isn't some really useful TM. No. It's a goddamn FIRE STONE. Sure, they're worth a pretty penny, but the zapfish HATES Fire types. What use is she going to get out of this? So the irate fishy's set up in the bar, camped out at a table with an emptied beer mug, an ugly red egg with colored streamers coming off of it, and some chicken strips. She needs another beer, but doesn't feel like getting up to poke at the barkeep for it. She flashes brightly and rolls the egg around on the table. Maybe that'll get her attention!

The zapfish wasn't the only one visiting the bar at that moment. A certain very massive Blastoise-Morph had decided to follow the lovely lady out of the ship, but not out of knowing that she'd already found one of the eggs that everyone had been talking, but for another much more valuable prize, at least to him. The water turtle ducked and straffed to enter the doorway that could just barely accomodate him, and then started scoping the room his fellow crewmate. As soon the chinchou-morph flashed her high beams and twirled her egg, Balthazar walked over the back table she was at and took a seat next to her.
He spread his mass across two of the sturdiest looking chairs at the table in the hope that together they could support a full half ton of morph. He leaned onto the table, all three structures giving mild groans as they took his weight. He didn't look over to order any drink. After all, he'd need his focus in order to get the prize he sought, as he looked down at the electric water type next to him, giving a small smirk as his eyes drifted over her body, before coming back to her face as he spoke to her in his deep charming voice.
"I'm surprised to see you here and not off claiming the prize for that egg. Were you hoping to keep it close in order to distract others from your radiant beauty?"

Farina looks up at the massive turtle coming her way. She scrambles to pull her egg and chicken towards herself as he sits down across from her and leans on the table. The furniture was /not/ made to hold someone so big. The egg drops into her lap and the basket of chicken ends up held to her chest. Farina eyes the large Blastoise, those bright amber eyes narrowing at his words. "I got the prize for it already. I just kept the egg.. because it's better than the prize." She grins and leans forward over the table. The grin is not a very friendly one, and she still seems pissed.

The water turtle hated to see such a lovely lady upset, especially one that he had the privilege of looking at every now and then in the Nocturne's galley. As soon as the chinchou-morph flashed that disdainful grin at him, his own slackened a bit, but some of it still persisted as he looked at the egg, and then back to her. He took his weight off the table in order to stabilize it, and then spoke to zapfish in the same charming tone of voice.
"I can see why. The color of that egg complements the beautiful amber color of your eyes quite well. I hate to see you upset about finding it. Would it make you feel better if I paid for your food and drinks? Their value doesn't compare to the confections I've seen you create."
A bit more of the water turtle's smile reappears as he focuses his gaze right into her eyes, his own orange ones almost seeming to glow amongst their jet black rather than white backgrounds.

Farina returns the egg to the table once it's settled right. It goes into an ashtray, and she plays with the streamers hanging off it. "Ex/cuse/ me..? This thing is horrid. I.. wait, do I know you?" She puts aside what else he said, irritated by too many things to count right now.

The water turtle's smirk widens a bit more as he eyes narrow slightly, still keeping his focus on her pretty face and even prettier plus sign eyes as he spoke once more in his charming tone of voice.
"You might or might not, but I certainly know you, Farina. I've admired you from afar for quite some time in our common work place. I've often watched you while preparing meals of my own, growing closer to you each time but still remaining far away. So do you recognize me now?"
The water turtle was careful not to mention anything specific about where they cooked, in case any prying ears might be listening in. He leaned back in his chairs and propped himself against the back wall, turning his head to the side in order to give Farina his profile to try to jog her memories of the people she had seen in the Nocturne's galley. It was while doing this that he spotted something out of the corner of his eye on one of the other tables in the bar. He kept his snout pointed at it while giving his profile, but directed his vision back at the chinchou-morph, awaiting her answer.

Farina sparks dangerously as she starts to glare at the turtle. He definately comes off as a creep, even if they do work together. Being a creep is not a good way to impress oneself upon an upset lady. Especially not when she's /quite/ capable of cooking that person. "Don't remember seeing any Wailord in Blastoise shells on my ship. Sorry."

>> Mjolnir has arrived.

The water turtle's smile fades fast as the chinchou-morph openly discharges some of her electricity and then insults him. It was definitely time to try another angle, and the Blastoise-Morph first gave a bemused chuckle at her insult, which did seem sincere. He'd heard worse. He replied with a tone that was no longer charming, but a bit amused and submissive at the same time, as he leaned back a bit more, backing off both physically and verbally.
"Hah, yeah, I guess you haven't. So I'll start with my name then, I'm Balthazar. Would you care for another drink?"
The water turtle looked down at her drink to see how much she had left, and then his gaze started to wander back to that mysterious thing he'd spotted earlier, trying to give himself time to think. He started to lean a bit in the direction of his sight, one of the chairs groaning under the load as he tried to make out what it was, before he finally realized it and turned back to Farina with wide smirk, speaking again in a smoother tone of voice.
"I could get you anything you want. Perhaps more food? Or if you don't like that, how about I get you a better one?"

Farina doesn't feel quite generous enough to grace Balthazar with her name. She gives him a slow nod and a flick of her eyes in a glance. "I could use another drink. S'why I flashed. You'd think they'd've sent someone over here with a drink by now, eh? Don't need any more food.. but drinks, yes. Mmf. Just.. more beer. I don't even care as long as it'll help me get over my anger at this.. crappy prize." She reaches into her light jacket's pocket and pulls out a stone that fit in her fist. "Stupid Fire Stone. What the hell am I going to do with this..?"

The water turtle's smirk persists as he nods at the zap fish's request for another drink. As he listens to talk, his smirk fades into a more serious expression of empathy. As she pulls out the fire stone, the water turtle looks down at it, leaning forward but not putting his weight back on the table, in order to get a closer look. After a few seconds, he smirks again, and looks back into Farina's eyes as he speaks in a charming and hopeful tone.
"I'll admit that a fire stone is pretty useless to most people, but I bet there are some flamers out there who'd be willing to pay big bucks to evolve with that thing. It's just a matter of finding them. And as for your drink, these people ought to learn not to make a lovely lady wait."
At the end of that sentence, the water turtle finally gets up, the chairs almost groaning with relief. He heads toward the bar, taking a slight detour over to another one of the tables, stooping down to pick up the egg he had managed to spot amidst the poor lighting of that table, and slipping it into his pocket, before walking over to the bar to demand a drink for Farina.

>> Balthazar takes Clubs Egg.

Farina nods slowly, glaring at the stone in her hand. It was pretty, but.. so utterly useless! Especially for a water type that will gladly kill any ground or fire type she comes across. Makes selling this stone a bit of a problem, doesn't it? Quiiite possibly. Farina sits in silence as Balthazar gets up and walks to the bar. She chomps on some chicken and continues staring at the stone.

The water turtle is quite assertive in his demands to the barkeeper for a drink and other things, his shear size alone enough to goad the smaller staff into fulfilling these demands as swiftly as possible. Farina might be able to make out the chivalrous gesture from her seat, and a few moments later the Blastoise-Morph returns with a full blown smile on his face, a beer in one hand, and much larger and stronger looking chair in the other, held by a gap in its back. The water turtle carefully sets the drink in front of the zap fish, careful not to spill a drop, and then shoves the former two seats aside and lets his girth settle into the metallic chair meant for morphs bordering on the kaiju scale. He then looks down at Farina with his grin and responds in a confident and smooth tone.
"As you can see, I can get you what you want, and I always deliver. I'm a guy you can count on, and if trying to find a buyer for that stone is so frustrating, I'd be happy to do it for you. If you don't think you'd get enough money for it, I'll twist the buyer's arm to squeeze out more. Just tell me what's upsetting you and I can take care of it, trust me."

Farina doesn't notice Balthazar talking to the barstaff, not even hearing him as he does. She looks up only as she hears the scraping of chair against the floor. "Ooh, thanks." The Chinchou reaches forward to lift her glass to take a deep drink from it, sucking down a few inches of it before setting it back down. "Mmm.. Well hey, it's not that hard to get another beer as long as they're paying attention. They must not've been when I tried to get it... Beh. Thanks all the same, though. Annnd.. I think I've got a black market contact, actually... And if any arms need twisting, I can do it myself!"

The water turtle's smile seems to brighten as he recieves the zap fish's thanks for the drink, and it fades into a pleasant smirk as he watches her gulp it down. He nods at the ease of getting beers now, and confirms it by leaning over and making a scowl at the service, before leaning back and smiling at Farina again. His smile brightens once more as he nods at her speech, now starting to gain his momentum. A few seconds after she finishes, a waiter approaches with a glass beer and sets it by Balthazar before quickly retreating back. The Blastoise-Morph takes a sip of his own beer before responding to Farina in his smooth and confident tone.
"You definitely seem like a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants and has the confidence and power to get it. I admire that trait in a woman. Still, if you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask me for it."

Farina raises her brow at Balthazar as he turns back to the barstaff, grinning as someone hustles over with a beer for him. Threatening to sit on someone is a good way to get service, it seems! "Strong and independent, yes. Someone tries keeping me from something I want.. I won't hesitate to beat the crap out of them. ..hmm. You just want me to boss you around, don't you..?"

Normally, this crabby old horseshoe crab wouldn't be bothered going to shore. Normally, he would have to be ordered away from his work on his precious artillery. Normally, Mjolnir wasn't on shore watch. Every now and again, while moored, he or one of the designated security group would slip onshore and spend some time meandering about to get a feel for the atmosphere. Mainly how noticed their presence was. After all, it's not every day a modern combat vessel anchors in or anywhere near the island's harbors, let alone one with a pokemorph crew. To date, the nocturne is the only one, so if something were going on, someone would have to be on shore to find that out.
The old crustacean decided to take a break from his patrol to step into the bar for something to drink. He was mumbling something under his breath, unintelligible to anyone farther than three or four feet away, maybe six, depending on their hearing. He felt naked without his Stovepipe Cannon slung over his shoulder, and it made him a little cranky. So he sat down at the bar, long overcoat trailing over the barstool, and ordered a gin and tonic, light on the liquor, and a juice. He didn't take notice of anybody else, at least not until he had a drink and a moment to relax. Of course, the problem with him coming ashore was the fact that there weren't a whole lot of kabutops morphs, let alone shiny ones with a moss-green-chrome carapace. Not metallic moss green, CHROME moss green. REAL shiny stuff that one could see their face in with a flat surface on Mjolnir's carapace...

The Blastoise-Morph's grin certainly widens a bit and shows many of his teeth right after the Chinchou-Morph's comment, and he chuckles before responding in his smooth and relaxed tone of voice. "Hah, yeah, in a way that is true. You could say I'm willing to just about anything for a beautiful woman like yourself. I also like women with unique eyes, and yours are so unique they turn your face into a one of a kind work of art. Mine are just weird. How many people do you know with black scleras instead of white ones?"
The water turtle chuckles again, before his gaze shifts for a moment as he notices a particularly reflective Kabutops-Morph entering the bar. Balthazar is pretty sure he knew that individual as another fellow member of the Nocturne crew, but the horseshoe crab's name escaped him at the moment. He only looked at the new arrival for a moment before shifting attention fully back to Farina, waiting to see how his compliment would take with her now that she was in a better mood and had a bit more alcohol in her system.

Farina rubs at her chin. "I think your eyes are pretty interesting. They're like.. negatives of blue eyes." She leans forward and lifts a hand to hold his face against her palm, her bright, caution lamp amber eyes focused in on his now that he's brought attention to them. When those black and orange eyes shift to look back towards the bar, Farina looks back as well. "Oh hey..! HEY MJOLNIR!" Farina waves her arm at the crabby crab, trying to get his attention. It's been a good long while since she's actually talked to him!

The heavy artillery officer screwed his eyes shut, and took a deep, long, calming breath. That voice was familiar, but it sounded strange without the echo of steel bulkheads, and threw off his guess. It made sense once he looked over his shoulder, however. "Ah," began the elderly crustacean, "The galley maid and aspiring gun-bunny... Farina, was it? Have you been reading your textbooks?" The fatherly figure rotated in his bar stool, gin and tonic in hand, and leaned back against the bar with a creak of wood under his stony carapace. His eyes were unmatched, the icy blue one was nearly white, almost devoid of pigmentation. A partial ocular albino. His shiny-ness was also a rare mutation. A rare mutation of a rare mutation. Huh. Figure that.His eyes went from Farina to the male that was with her, and tilted his head to one side.
"And who is this strapping young male?" queried the Kabutops, gesturing with his glass and the blade from the same arm that unfolded from outside his sleeve. The blade folded back as soon as it had extended, with the calm, smooth confidence of a being that was comfortable with his body...

Balthazar's smile fades down into a pleasant smirk and his eyes relax as she stares into them, and he nods in agreement at her comment about negative blue eyes. He openly lets her touch his face and even leans forward to make it easier for her as he gazes lovingly into her luminescent eyes, almost getting lost in them. He might have even been able to get her to accept a light kiss. And then, he made the instinctive self-defensive mistake of observing the new arrival. As soon as Farina turns her attention to Mjolnir and she is no longer looking at the water turtle, the amorous look on his face fades into a flat expression, almost like a poker face, and he lifts his beer and takes a very very long drink of it, nearly draining the entire glass.
As he drank, he did notice, through the transparent glass and translucent beverage, that the crustacean was acknowledging his presences with a gesture and a question. As soon as he finishes his over-extended swig, the water turtle sets his nearly empty glass on the table, hard, and gives a wave in response before deadpanning a reply across the room.
"Hello, Mjolnir, sir. I'm Balthazar, and I'm also a member of the crew. Maybe this will help you recognize me."
The Blastoise-Morph then turns to face the blank side wall, so that what he was about to do wouldn't be percieved as a threat in any way. At that moment, two panels on his pop open and two massive caliber water cannons rise out of them, clicking into place with a sound similar to a rifle being cocked. This certainly got a reaction of the bar's staff, but luckily Balthazar didn't fire off any attacks and only held his pose for a few seconds before stowing his cannons, closing up his shell, and turning back to face the horseshoe crab. He replied once more, only this time with a bit of confident and proud smirk and matching tone of voice.
"You might have seen me practicing my ranged water attacks nearby your artillery. I'm pretty good in the power department, but I've been trying to improve my accuracy."

Farina grins and nods at Mjolnir, lifting a fingertip to her forehead in an informal salute. "Every night! You like the food, doncha? I got to lead the kitchen the other day! Did you enjoy it? Seafood alfredo.. red wine. Is it odd that I like fish so much..?" Her head tilts to the side as she rubs her chin, bulbs pulsing slowly. She blinks herself out of her reverie and looks over at Balthazar, watching as he shows off his cannons. Wow. He can probably hit pretty hard with those. Ouch.

"Balthazar, eh?" The green crab-morph repeated the name, squinting as the Blastoise went through the little display. "What'cha showin' off yer guns ter -me- fer?" The elderly morph took a sip of his gin and tonic, then gestured with his glass as he spoke. "I don't care much what you do in yer spare time, but -I- don't swing that way, boy." The kabutops grabbed his juice glass and chased his gin and tonic with some orange juice, savoring the way the flavors mixed up in his mouth.
"And the food's good Farrie... gettin' better. Much as I like it, yer can't make a habit of expensive stuff like alfredo and wine, unless it's only fer the officers. Y' already know the Cap'n likes ter spoil 'er crew like that once in a while..." Another gin and tonic sip chased with orange juice. While he let the drinks swirl together, he got up from his stool and strolled over to the table where the two were sitting... and placed himself next to Farina and away from Balthazar, leaned back, and put his claw-tipped feet up on the table, gin in one hand, and juice in the other, and lounged there.
"So! You gonner tell me yer name 'n rank, son, or are ye gonner keep playin' hard ter get?"

It is clear by now that it would be a challenge to get Farina's attention back, and Balthazar was certainly up for that challenge. Still, he pays attention to the crustacean for the time being, but when he hears the response to his cannon show and what was implied by it, his face actually took on an obvious look of disgust and physical illness for a moment, before flattening back out into a blank one as he watches the old crab talk to Farina and then come over and take a lounging position next to her. The water turtle actually didn't mind Mjolnir putting his feet up on the table, but the implication behind the question still made him sick for a moment before he recovered and answered it with another blank expression and deadpan voice.
"Sir, I am merely a member of the crew, specializing in cooking and bulkhead repair. I was privileged enough to lead the meal prepared in the kitchen several weeks ago. The pasta and rice dish I prepared was economical, but it was nothing compared to the works of art and flavor that Farina had managed to prepare the other day. Every bite was simply divine, and you are right to say it could spoil the crew. Any food prepared by an angel can do that."
The Blastoise-Morph once again focuses his attention directly on Farina, smirking at her and looking into her cross-shaped pupils, trying to fall into them and get her to fall back into his.

Farina grumbles and pouts a bit at Mjolnir, upset by his thoughts on her meal. "I just.. wanted to show off what I'd learned. Hmmf. You liked it, though.." She gives him a grin and leeeans against his side, bumping gently. The zapfish blinks slowly and looks back at Balthazar, blushing slightly. "Uhh.. me? An angel..? Buh.. nowai, I'm just a girl with talents! And.. maybe a bit too much she's trying to prove. Maybe I should try to get more suggestions before I lead another meal..."

It was Mjolnir's turn to have disgust smeared across his face as he heard the way the sea turtle was talking about Farina. It actually caught him by surprise, and the old 'morph almost choked on his drink, sputtering unintelligibly for a few seconds before he regained enough of his composure to stare at Balthazar. A few more moments of watching the reptile confirmed the Kabutops' suspicions. "Boy," he warned, "If I hafta dig up yer file to get yer rank, you'll find herself in one heck of a hole, and it might be wet, but I tell you now it won't be warm. or welcomin'." He was about to continue when he felt a bump at his flank, and his attention shifted to Farina, who seemed to be acting a little coy. He softened his tone slightly, but his stern demeanor remained.
"...yes, I liked the meal, Farina," he assured the young chinchou, "All the crew that tried it did. I'm just lettin' yer know so's yer don't get in trouble. Last thing you want is Stede or the Cap'n comin' down on ya fer somethin' like pricey food." The chrome crab sipped at his drinks again, and rested his head back on the chair to relax. He honestly paid Farina's proximity no mind...
Will update as RP proceeds.
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