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Egg Hunt: Tron Egg

Participants are Shaw and Sho.

Tron Egg
An egg painted dark grey with green lines marked onto it in a mockery of a circuitboard the artist could really of done with more practice. At least it glows. This egg is currently dangling from a door handle via a small chain.
Prize Number 88

MPBS - Entryway
Lights! Camera! Action! For all of those morphs who ever wanted to be TV Celebrities, this is the place to be! Okay, so it's not really all that big a place, but it's the one and only source of television entertainment for Pokémorph Island, so take what you can get. The relatively large building stands squat on the ground, only being one floor tall. But it's big enough to make any morph's dreams of Television come true. The glass doors give a decent view of the lobby inside, as well as serving to make a warm welcome to anyone who wants to come in.

There's very few eggs left. Even with no official numbers or statements, it's still obvious there is very few left to find. And Sho has just worked out the odds. Still, it's competition, as well as just simply something to /do/. So he'll continue to stalk his way through just about every building on the Island searching for eggs until the contest is called off. And this is why the silver Luxio-Morph winds up at the TV station... pausing outside, shading his eyes to peer in. It's a bit late now, are they still open...? An experimental pull at the door, and it gives way. "Socahtoa!" The zaplion says to himself, pleased, and steps inside, his boots clomping on the polished tile floor. It's doubtful no-one has found an egg /here/, yet, unless the egg is designated off-limits for employees of the station. That flips the odds right around, and there's only way to find out what the odds are!

Shaw is the last one to leave the TV station, as he'd waited for the rushing crowd to depart before starting to head out himself; with his torso and arms shaved and bandaged, his face bruised and stitched up...he's still injured, and he shouldn't be out of the hospital even. The last thing Shaw wants is to get crushed in the swarming mob, aggravating his pain. Really, he doesn't see what the big deal is, the show wasn't all that interesting, yet so many people came to watch the filming. Ah well, he sighs--it was something to take his mind off his nightmares at least. The Absol slowly heads for the door, but oh! Who's this? Huh, he's seen this Luxio around the TR base before, but he doesn't really know the guy. And he hasn't been back since his kidnapping anyway. Shaw smiles, "You just missed it; the show ended about five minutes ago."

Wow, this guy really doesn't look good, like he just left the hospital. Maybe on an early release, even. Sho stops for a moment, blinking at Shaw. He realises quickly he's probably staring, and flicks his ears back, focusing his gaze on the Absol's eyes. He seems vaguely familiar to Sho; possibly just another Rocket, and the Luxio has encountered his face before in the files. Er- the show? That comment catches the zapcat off guard, and he blinks again, his whiskers splaying. Oh, right...
"Ha! I was looking for one last factoring egg, actually. I think I made it just in time to look here... though I zetta doubt I'll find any." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug, using the comment about the late time as an excuse to fish out his cell phone and snap it open, as if to check the hour. Never mind the clock on the wall. And never mind that his cell phone is actually the Rocket-issued communications device, and he's using it quickly to look up the Absol-Morphs in the system. He'll have to find an excuse to get this guy's name, since it'll be hard to match images with the current state of the poor darkling's face. A quick skim over the list of names for male Absol Rockets, and he snaps his phone shut and slips it back into his pants pocket.

Shaw chuckles. He's slightly puzzled by the Luxio's odd...dialect. He feels the cat's eyes staring at his beaten face. Shaw knows he's still in pretty bad shape, and he looks the part. He can't really blame the fellow, but he's still uncomfortable with the attention. Shaw hates being pathetic.
"Hm. You're out on the 'great egg hunt', are you?" Shaw shakes his head. "I thought it was just for kids, but clearly I'm mistaken; you're not the first hunter I've run across. You're right, I'm afraid, I don't think you'll find anything here. Surely someone would've nabbed it by now if there were an egg just hanging around. But just the other day I saw one way up north, almost near the mountain. It's taken now, but you never know, there might be more outside the city where's there's less traffic." Shaw smiles again. He's still trying to ease himself back into everyday social interactions, and so far so good--no paranoid fits, no traumatic flashbacks. "I wish you luck," he says before the Absol stretches out in preparation for the walk home, arching his ultra-flexible spine. He doesn't head out quite yet, though. Ugh, his burned limbs are still aching painfully. Not to mention that gunshot wound in his side...

"I've been calculating the odds. There's two digits for this factoring location. Only one way to find out how my calculations hold up..." The zaplion grins, placing his hands on his hips. Not just for kids, nope! ...Not that he's barely out of his teenage years, himself. Sho's round ears perk at the mention of having found one. "Zetta out by the mountain? Heh. I calculated that correctly, too." He nods to himself, confirming his own suspicions, apparently.
He watches Shaw stretch, inwardly surprised the Absol was able to arch his back like that without cringing. Could be on painkillers, anyway. The Luxio's eyes drift away, and around the station... his eyes still searching every visible surface, he asks, "Do you live zetta far, hect- darkling?" Best to avoid the usual pronouns until he can assess whether or not this fellow /is/ a Rocket, and thus what rank. Don't prod superiors, at least not ones that are already banged-up. The question is asked without looking at Shaw, even taking a few steps away so Sho can crane his neck to try and peek behind the front desk.

"You -calculated-?" Shaw asks, eyes slightly widened. "That's pretty impressive," he says amicably. If it's true. "I figure most people just depend on their luck. Though attention to detail can't hurt." Nor would decent eyesight, Shaw reflects, adjusting his glasses. Shaw is indeed on painkillers, and plenty of them. Otherwise he probably wouldn't be able to move without excruciating pain. Shaw watches the Luxio search around the station, and decides he'll stay a bit longer. He's in no hurry to get anywhere and he could use a nice, friendly conversation. The Luxio is a bit odd, to be sure, but he seems nice enough. And he's Rocket to boot (Shaw's 99% certain), which makes him feel just a little safer.
"I...do I live far?" Shaw is taken aback by the question. "Oh, not especially far...um, why?" the Absol asks warily. Then again, Shaw thinks, why be so paranoid? The Luxio's not even looking at him, he's probably just trying to make conversation. Then again, perhaps he's just being clever...at any rate, the jumpy Absol's on his guard now.

Sho glances back over his shoulder to flash a toothy grin at Shaw, "Math is just a bit of a factoring strength of mine." Just a /bit/, he did all the calculations in his head, no less. His tail flicks in an agitated manner as he stalks slowly around the station's lobby, searching. It seems, just maybe ... it was already found here. But he's not ready to give up /just/ yet. "Looks like you could use a little help getting home." Sho's feeling unusually nice today.
And his search brings him back around the lobby, near to Shaw again. He starts to raise a hand for an introduction, but after another glance at the Absol, decides that may not be such a great idea. "Sho Minamimoto," The Luxio simply says, with a slight nod and a smirk. And something catches his eye... could it be? His gaze slides from Shaw's face to something over the Absol's shoulder; a glimmer dangling off a door handle, the zaplion's gold eyes focused with that intense predator-stare cats are good at.

"Oh? I admit, math isn't a particular strength of mine, being more of an athlete," Shaw says honestly. Being an athlete, it pains him especially to see his body so wrecked, even if it's only temporary. "But I do admire those who have a talent for such intellectual pursuits," Shaw says, smiling. The Luxio's attention seems to be focused elsewhere, however; he's still looking for a probably non-existent egg.
Hmph. Rather presumptuous, isn't he? Shaw is slightly offended by the Luxio's offer to help. He's managed to get this far on his own, hasn't he? Not that he should be out to begin with, but still. "No. Actually I'm fine, thanks," he replies curtly. Shaw doesn't want help. He doesn't want to -need- help. But a smile quickly returns to his face and he returns Sho's introduction. "Nice to finally meet you for real, Sho. Alan Shaw. Or just Shaw, if you prefer." It's not his -real- name, Alan Shaw, but rather the Rocket spy's most common alias, the one he's primarily known by. The Absol carefully extends his knife-clawed hand to Sho, but the Luxio is looking right past him. Shaw turns to follow his gaze. He laughs, "Well, what do you know! Ha, it really is an egg. Guess your calculations were right."

An athlete...? Ouch. He must /really/ be hurting right now, poor darkling. The refusal for help is also shrugged off, not a big deal - and - egg! Sho's attention snaps back to Shaw quickly. Shaw; Alan Shaw... Yes! That name /was/ on the list. And the same rank as himself. It takes a second for the predator's gleam to leave his eyes as they refocus, and he takes Shaw's hand. Okay, a handshake after all. That's fine. The Luxio just gives it one shake, his grip a bit loose - which is actually to avoid extending his claws and pricking the Absol's hand, but it may seem like an intentional gentleness for the darkling's condition.
"Factorial to meet you as well, Shaw." A self-satisfied smirk settles on the Luxio's muzzle. Of /course/ his calculations were right! They're never wrong. Because he accounts for all variables. "Pardon me," He excuses himself to go retrieve the egg, carefully unclipping the chain from the door handle. The TRON egg is turned around in his fingers, and with a shrug he tucks it away into a pants pocket, then strides back over to Shaw. "You know, I think I live zetta close to you, I'm sure I've seen you around my apartment before." Hint, hint. Either way, now that he's found an egg, Sho will be heading off to the Boardwalk to turn in his prize - conveniently close, as well, to the public access for the Rocket base.

Shaw doesn't mind the slight flimsiness of the handshake; it's only a gesture, after all, and he himself has to be careful because unlike Sho, the Absol doesn't have the liberty to retract his enormous claws. Shaw cranes his neck to see, but only manages to catch a glimpse of the egg before Sho pockets it. "You know, I think you're right, we're headed the same way. So if you don't mind me walking a bit slowly...? So what do you get for those eggs, anyway? I heard there are prizes," Shaw asks as he starts for the clear glass doorway. He holds the door open for Sho--part gesture of courtesy, partly to assert control over the situation; he hopes to avoid being treated like a victim if only he can avoid appearing like one.

"Not a problem." Sho flicks his tail, waving off the invitation casually. Why not! And who knows, he hasn't searched the home base thoroughly yet; there just /might/ be a few more to find yet... The Luxio steps through the door without complaint or comment. He has a feeling Shaw intentionally holds open the door to assert some sort of dominance... proving he doesn't need help, or that he's a more senior officer, whichever. No fur off Sho's back. "I've found a few eggs already... the prizes for them, frankly, were zetta yoctograms." He snorts, his tailtip lashing once as he stuffs his hands in his pockets, pausing outside the station to wait for Shaw to exit - without bothering to help hold the door open in turn. "A crayon drawing from some kid, and a coupon for a store I've never heard of." He smirks. "Though the pascal that was egg-hunting with me wound up with a dress and a Leaf Stone. He's a Natu."

Shaw steps outside and turns east. He walks as briskly as he can alongside the Luxio, and though his legs are a little shaky, the Absol's gait has retained some of its former elegance. Shaw isn't entirely sure what 'zetta yoctograms' means, but he can infer it's something negative. "Hm," Shaw tilts his head and runs a finger idly along his head-scythe, screwing up his face. What's one supposed to do with a crayon drawing? Eh, maybe this is a game for kids after all. "It doesn't sound like I've been missing out on much from what you tell me." Come to think of it, if not for the prizes, why is Sho egg-hunting at all? "A Leaf Stone and a dress? Um. Hm, well, I don't know about you, but that doesn't interest me particularly..." Shaw glances sidelong at Sho. Indeed, Shaw wouldn't be too thrilled with such a reward, but he hardly knows the Luxio, and, well, you never know, Shaw supposes...a dress and Leaf Stone might very well make -someone's- day. Just not Shaw's. "So, what are -you- hoping to win?" the Absol asks.

The Luxio-Morph laughs heartily. "The dress would've looked zetta horrible on him, it was a nice shade of sea green that'd clash with his chartreuse feathrs." And, presumably, the dress wouldn't have looked so good on a /guy/, either. But who knows, there's all types on this Island. Sho walks a bit slower than his usual lanky strides; just taking slower, heavier steps, his tail swishing to and fro behind him. "To be honest? I've really no clue what I want to win. Something better than those factoring hectopascals, preferably." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug, withdrawing a hand from his pocket to dig his fingers under the flap of his bandanna at the back of his head, scratching his scalp. "Even a stone, I suppose, I'd sell it." Speaking of evolutionary stones, though... "An Everstone could be zetta useful," The silver cat muses, pursing his lips and splaying his whiskers.

"Mmn," is Shaw's ambiguous response. Being an Absol, Shaw has no personal experience with evolution. He was born the way he was and never changed. Well, never -evolved-, because he'd certainly changed since then... So they're giving out evolutionary stones as prizes, are they? These have no significance to Shaw, who'd much prefer oh, say, money...or revenge, or maybe getting his dignity back or--! But seriously, material objects mean almost nothing to Shaw at this point.
Shaw doesn't want to be rude, but he is curious. Because Sho must've evolved once already from a Shinx, right? "Do you...not want to evolve? Or just not yet?" Shaw asks as gently as he can, hoping the question doesn't touch on anything too personal. The Absol has been striding along smoothly up until this point, but he comes to a sudden halt. Shaw keeps a calm face, but it's clear he's holding back a lot more pain than he's showing. He forces a smile in spite of this. "Just a minute, I'm fine."

Aw... Sine, Cosine, and Tangent! Did he just say that? Whoops. Sho's ears fold back, and his brows furrow. The thought also occurs to him that Absol are a single, base species; no evolving for them, ever. There's something to envy, perhaps. But, hey, he did mention it, and somehow he feels more comfortable talking about it with this relatively anonymous presence. "Negative. I just evolved only months ago from Shinx..." He says it like it is a very bad thing that he did evolve. Fair to assume he's not looking forward to becoming a Luxray anytime soon. "... It was..." He trails off, curling a lip slightly as he searches for words to describe.
A step past Shaw as the Absol halts and cringes, the Luxio's ears flicking forward again as he turns. He doesn't hold out a hand to help, or even really look concerned. Just a patient nod, and a silent thanks for possibly changing the subject off evolution. "Take your time, I'm in no zetta rush."

Ah, Shaw's suspicions are correct and it turns out he's touched on a sore point. Obviously Sho doesn't want to talk about it and he immediately regrets asking. Shaw isn't usually so socially awkward, but sometimes he just doesn't know these things, being relatively new to life on the Island. His own catlike ears flick back, but whether from social discomfort or physical pain it's hard to say. "Sorry, Sho. Alright. Let's continue now." Shaw sets off once again, progressing down the sidewalk with surprising speed and grace, for one so injured. He wishes he could break the oppressive silence, but at the moment it's taking most of the Absol's energy just to continue. He keeps his eyes strictly on the path ahead, not looking to one side or the other, and his sharp tail swings fretfully behind him.
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