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Egg Hunt: PIA Egg, Rocket Egg

Participants are Subbi and Lavlana.

Someones having a joke. A blue Egg dressed in a mini PIA uniform sits on one side of the table opposite a Rocket Egg. Leaning forwards slightly the Egg has one half of a pair of handcuffs looped over it. If you didnt know better youd think the PIA Egg was trying to intimidate the other Egg.
Prize Number 82

Rocket Egg
Someones having a joke. A black Egg with a large red R painted upon it sits on one side of the table opposite an Egg dressed as a PIA officer. One half of a set of handcuffs looped around it. Theres something menacing about this Egg. Its seems unlikely to crack.
Prize Number 81

PIA HQ - Meeting Room
This is more like a classroom than your regular business meeting room. Desks hold chairs with no backs to them, for the 'morphs with a little extra behind. On each wall there is a chalk and bulletin board, all covered in dust and holes from previous presentations. A NO FOOD OR DRINK sign is clearly in view above a small trash receptical in a corner of the room, while an old slide projector and screen sit tucked away in the back. Only one door leads in or out of here.
...Or, at least, that one door used to be the only way in and out. Now there's also a large hole in one of the side walls that leads to the outside world. With the scorched edges of the remaining wall, it looks like it was blown clear out of the building. At least the debris has been cleaned up handily. There's just the hole and the annoying draft, now.

It's early in the morning, and PIA HQ is just starting into one of its more active cycles after the night shift had ended. It's a relatively peaceful morning, but a female terrapin walking down the hallway is currently anything but at peace. She seems quite frazzled, and she is jittering every now and then from all the caffeine she had been drinking lately. Her dark blonde hair is tied back into a braided ponytail, but still disheveled with many split ends, and her lab coat is wrinkled from being worn for so long. The coal fired turtle had been working too much lately, and she is just exiting the crime lab from working through the night, going to change to into her uniform for patrol.

As she passes by the meeting room, she slows down to once again curse at the hole in its wall that still hadn't been repaired after all this time.

Then, suddenly, something catches her eye, something out of place and dark colored with a red mark on it. Her eyes widen and her heart leaps into her throat as she immediately spins around on one of her feet and rushes into the crime lab, pulling out the gun on her belt from under lab coat as she did so. She enters the room and does a quick sweep around its perimeter, crouching down for a moment to look and see if anyone was hiding beneath the table. She stands back up and her sights stop on what appears to be a black egg with a red R on it, and another egg next to it dressed in a mini PIA uniform. Her heart races as she approaches them to assess what they really are.

As she gets right up next the two eggs, she lowers her gun, but still keeps it out and ready, just in case, and she leans in close to not only look, but also to listen to them very carefully. She even sniffs each in turn, before standing up straight again, and turning to start heading back to the crime lab.


The Porgygon-Z-Morph is just happy to be back in action. After a few weeks spent completely offline in the hospital, and many more wheelchair-bound while acquiring materials to rebuild her legs ... Yes, Subbi is delighted to be back at work. Well, as close to any happy emotion as she'll ever feel, anyway. She's been back only a few days, really, and everyone is treating her as a not-quite-recovered flesh being. Not at all! Her shins were crushed, but she only had to /build/ new ones, not wait for bone to heal. She doesn't need to be treated so delicately, especially not when there's so much work in her area that's backed up. She's returned from an unnecessary break the lab supervisor /insisted/ she take, with a mug in her chunky hands. Not that she'll drink it, and the mug is in fact empty, she just feels the need to carry it, as if returning with a cup will prove she did indeed take the useless break. Back to work.
Or... Not? The Pory cuts through the meeting room, as with so many other PIA officers years later, using the still-unrepaired hole as a convenient doorway. And halts immediately upon stepping into the meeting room, her softly glowing eyes large and round as she stares at Lavlana. (Well, Subbi's eyes are /always/ large and round.) Her floating head twists slightly off-center, to bob gently on an invisible neck, a mock-inquisitive expression. Little blue question marks even flash across her pupils momentarily, and then her head tilts down slightly; her gaze following to the source of the fireturtle's consternation. ... /What/ in the heck are /those/? Utter confusion again, as Subbi's CPU struggles to process this bizarre new information. And she takes a few slow steps forward, creeping closer to the table to get a good look at these curious things! Eggs... dressed in little clothes? A burst of soft static emanates from Subbi, the question marks flashing across her optics again.


Lavlana is already facing the door and about to bolt to the crime lab when she notices movement out of the corner of her eye and immediately swings back around on one of her feet to face the room's open wound and the potential pathogenic criminal invading through it. In her heightened state of panic filled with adrenaline and caffeine, it only takes her a split second to raise her gun at the intruder and then lower it back down again as she recognizes who it is. She nearly drops her gun on the floor as she replies to the digital girl in a frustrated and frantic tone.

"Subbi? Who's the idiot that told you to go out and grab an empty mug rather than doing your job? Did you see anyone heading away from this hole as you were coming back?"

The terrapin doesn't wait for an answer as she quickly walks right up the eggs again and crouches down next to the table in order to examine them from a lower angle, narrowing her eyes as she looks over every little detail.


A short burst of scratchy music emits from Subbi, the tune unidentifiable - as it is a few, in fact, played on top of each other and sped up. The awful noise only lasts a few seconds as the Pory straightens up from the eggs to settle her focus back on Lavlana. She glances down at the mug in her hands, then back to Lavlana, setting the mug on the table next to the eggs. The first query is answered, as typical of the Pory-Z, with a music clip: a short burst, a male's drawl crooning, "Big boss man, big boss man." The second query is answered with a slow shake of her head, left-right-left-right.
Crossing around to the opposite side of the table to examine the eggs as well, Subbi bends stiffly at the waist to bring her face closer to them, her eyescreens shedding a bit of light over them. Well, hey, there's a good idea, actually; and her eyes pulse brighter, lighting up the eggs in all their fine detail all the better. A young woman's voice, now; on top of a guitar and brushed drums: "Life is a curious thing, you see life, oooh life! Is a curious thing."
The music is cut off abruptly, as Subbi raises a three-fingered hand and extends it slowly to give the Rocket egg an experimental prod. The egg wobbles and falls over, attempts to roll off the table, but only makes it a few millimeters before it bumps up against the edge of the handcuff loop it's been stood in.


The fire turtle frowns at the answer to her first query, though it probably isn't visible from beneath the table's surface, but her furrowed brow certainly is. This expression only lightens up slightly at the response to the second question, and her eyes follow Subbi's movement around the table as she replies in sardonic tone.

"Well, I'll be sure to ask the 'Big Boss Man' why you all people given a break. But for right now..."

The fire turtle is cut off by another one of the porygon-z-morph's remixed responses of random rubbish, rolling her eyes as it's spoken. However, her eyes widen in fear as she watches Subbi reach her hand out and poke the rocket egg. She immediately jumps up to half-standing height and spins around, springing away from the table and landing in crouched position. Her shell grows darker and more metallic looking as she ducks all her limbs under her shell, her head poking out over its top edge to watch what the Rocket egg would do.

A few tense seconds after the Rocket Egg stops moving, Lavlana sighs in relief and gets up, turning to face the robotic girl and speak to her in an even more irritated and sardonic tone of voice.

"Subbi, I know you can't leave fingerprints, but in the future, please try to avoid such rash investigation methods. At least you managed to prove that egg isn't explosive, but I'd suggest not touching the other until we've properly investigated them. Now, if you're done fooling around, please go to the crime lab and get me an available recording tablet, residue energy detector, and fingerprint kit."

The fire turtle then walks back over to the eggs, looking over each carefully, eyeing the number on the bottom of the Rocket Egg with an incredulous look.


A roll of her digitised irises in her displayed eye sockets in response to Lavlana's comment about breaks. Did Subbi /want/ a break? Noooooo, but well, there you have it. It's not like she needs to rest, even... just shut down for an hour or so every day to run preventative back-ups and maintenance on herself, and she's good to go again. It's not even strictly necessary, but better safe than sorry. Especially with the recent bombing in the hospital! The Pory-Z lost a few hours for sure, and it wasn't just a glitch.
The android straightens up again, her hand still held out and finger extended, a blank stare at Lavlana as the turtle, well ... does what turtles do. Subbi's never actually /seen/ one do that, though, and well! That's interesting. Too bad /she/ couldn't do that to save her legs. If it was anyone else, they'd possibly be on the floor laughing at this reaction ... but at least for the sake of the rattled fireturtle's dignity, it's Subbi. Blank, emotionless, Subservient. And she simply stares at Lavlana, the question marks flickering across her pupils again.
The order is greeted with a bobble of her head, though she still feels the need to retort - a woman's voice, copied off the recent TV adverts for the Egg Hunt: "Join the Pokemorph Island Egg Hunt!" A buzzing noise as some dialogue is fast-forwarded, then: "Several decorated, numbered eggs will be placed randomly about the Island! How many? Who knows! Where? Get out there and find them!" More buzzing as more is skipped. "Bring your eggs to the Egg Hunt stand at the boardwalk to redeem your prize! Right next to the BIG RED EGG, you can't possibly miss it!"
The clip is cut off, but all the same, Subbi turns neatly on a heel and exits through the hole in the wall. The pale android returns quite quickly with all the requested supplies cradled neatly in her arms - and a digital camera, for good measure. The tablet, detector, fingerprinting case and camera are all laid out neatly alongside each other on the table next to the eggs, in front of the fireturtle.


Lavlana continues to look over the eggs as she hears Subbi parrot one of the many advertisements about the big Easter Egg hunt going on, her brow still raised in skepticism. As soon as the recording finishes playing and the porygon-z-morph leaves the room, the fire turtle sighs and rubs her temples in frustration and fatigue. Once she finishes her self-massage, she bends over and looks at eggs, her pupils shifting back and forth between the two as her thoughts racing on the possibilities of more bombing or other acts of terrorism being deceptively performed through disguised Easter eggs.

Her eyes dart faster and faster between the two, reflecting the speed of her inner speculations until the sound of her requested instruments being set on table snaps her back to reality. She smirks at the sight of an additional instrument, the digital camera, and shows this smirk to Subbi before speaking to her in less caustic, but still serious tone.

"Excellent, Subbi, going beyond my request and doing it swiftly. Now, please use your advanced senses to assist me in making sure that these are indeed official Easter eggs for the event."

After finishing her sentence, Lavlana gets right to work, picking up the digital camera first and taking a few initial pictures of both eggs. She then picks up the detector, scanning the eggs for EM radiation and other signs that they weren't as they appeared, or any hidden evidence left by certain species of morphs. She finally ends with the fingerprint kit, searching for and recovering several sets of prints from the eggs, taking pictures of them as well. She finally powers up the tablet and links it with the camera and detector, uploading and analyzing the data. She stared intently into the screen, tapping it occasionally. At first her taps were swift and hard with her frustration, but as time went on both her facial expression and the strength with which she touched the screen slackened, ending with some final lissom taps and a sigh. She looked up at Subbi, her expression relieved, her tone showing how drained she was.

"Well, as far as I can tell, these eggs aren't bombs and were placed here by legitimate individuals. Do your senses confirm this?"


There's a reason Subbi often operates alone. Communicating with her is challenging, to put it mildly. Part of it is a self-segregation; in her moments of full lucidity, Subbi is aware of how difficult she can be to have a conversation with. But even when she's not, her superiors certainly are. When inter-office communication can be kept to written reports from Subbi, well... that's greatly preferable.
The Pory-Z simple nods modestly, her pupils and irises flipping to a gentle downward curve shape, imitating closed eyelids, accepting the praise with modesty. Or the approximation of modesty. Advanced senses? Hmm... She leans over the table again after Lavlana takes photos of every angle of the paired eggs, watching closely as the eggs are given a thorough working-over by the investigator turtle. She carefully scans the eggs, even running through various attacks; to focus attention on each egg in turn and a modified, much milder Psybeam to telekinectically probe the contents. Certainly not bombs, explosives of any sort, or heck; even bullets. Just toys placed by someone with a sense of humour (which is then utterly lost on these two, ironically).
A thorough investigation by both technicians concluded, Subbi straightens up again and nods firmly to the fireturtle's question. A quiet crackle, another music clip - of course - a male's voice, with a slightly whiny edge, fades in: "...It was harmless, it couldn't hurt you..." The clip fades back into silence, and Subbi rolls her shoulders in a shrug. They are most certainly just part of the Egg Hunt. And must be theirs, right? Isn't that how it works? Again, a man's voice with a pleading tone, though a different singer: "...One for the master, one for the protege, one for you, and one for me..." The android's head tilts to one side, wobbling gently. Her pupils morph slightly from their round shape to imitate an egg, then flash the question marks.


From the few times she had worked with Subbi in the PIA crime labs, Lavlana definitely knew how frustrating it was to communicate with Subbi, but the digital lifeform's efficiency and obedience certainly made up for it. In a way, Lavlana actually envied lack of distracting emotions and the ability to operate almost continuously with no need for sleep, food, or breaks of any kind. Then again, the lack of emotions also meant a lack of pleasure and love, so she knew that it ultimately a worse form to have.

The fire turtle nods at the digital duck's comments, and gingerly picks up the Rocket Egg, looking it over in her hands before slipping it into one of her lab coat's pockets and turning to Subbi with a small smirk. Her eyes and her tone of voice definitely show how drained she is after this final scare. If anyone needs a break right now, it's her.

"Thank you for your assistance, Subbi. Since my shift in the crime lab is over with, I'm going to take the black egg with me on my patrol, and verify its authenticity at the Big Red Egg advertised for the event. You may take the other egg for yourself."

After finishing saying that, Lavlana walks out of the meeting room, eager to change into her uniform and transfer the egg into one of the more secure containers in its utility belt.


A lack of love, yes; and likely even pleasure. Yet also a lack of jealousy, sadness, anger ... Oh, the existence of a robot. There are Porygon-Morphs out there capable of emotion, even if only programmed. Maybe once, Subservient was one of them, before the virus that triggered the transformation to a Pory-Z. Her pupils flick over to the apparently happy or pleased display of the gentle, curved shut eyelids; and her head wobbles above her shoulders. Good idea - the final and proven way to ensure they are part of the Egg Hunt: Bring them the Big Red Egg, yes?
The android's eyes snap back to normal, and she leans across the table to gently pluck up the PIA-dressed egg, delicately dusting some of the fingerprinting chalk off it. She holds it up in front of her face, turning it around slowly. It's cute. Very creative, someone spent a lot of time on these two. Interesting.
With a soft crackle of static, simply a confirmation and 'ditto' of Lavlana's plan, Subbi palms the egg carefully and turns around to leave the room after the fireturtle. Well ... wait. She turns back to the table... and picks up the handcuffs, pockets them; then picks up her empty mug, and gently places her egg in the mug. There we go. With an electronic beep of satisfaction, /now/ the digi-duck moves out of the room. Back to work, actually! But on her next forced break, she'll hop a quick ride down the boardwalk.

Subbi takes PIA Egg.
Lavlana takes Rocket Egg.
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