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Egg Hunt Submission.

Participants: Jolty and Suishou (Katie and Taygeta Spoofed)

Egg Found

Marvelous Egg
It is marvelous! And also an egg! Someone apparently found glitter and decided this egg would look fantastic with lots glued on. Another Egg in a donation bowl. Was someone trying to get the Gods to play too?
Prize Number 5
Found by: Taygeta

It's the last day of the Egg Hunt. And we don't want one of our great friends to be left out! So, with her mother's permission, Jolty and Katie have taken Taygeta out to hunt for eggs! Their explorations have taken them all the way to the southern edge of the island, and then even further to the temple past the Power Plant. It's quite a walk, though, and Jolty finds himself having to sit down once they reach the Temple. "Phew! Talk about a long walk!"

Suishou had hoped for a chance to get out of the house and do something, so when she and Taygeta accepted the offer, it sounded like something fun for the kids to do. Never mind that she didn't really get what this holiday had to do with eggs, but who cares. She had figured this much walking would be involved, though, and neither had Taygeta. Still holding her mother's hand, she looks around at this big place, looking fatigued... and a little bored from all the walking.

Jolty looks at them with a sheepish grin. "Sorry about that. I didn't realize we'd have to go this far just to find an egg." Jolty thinks. "But there might be an egg hidden around here somewhere. We should start looking for it!"

The mother-and-daughter pair start exploring the place, since neither had ever been here before. But it's only a few minutes in before Taygeta tugs Suishou's hand. "Mom, my feet are tired."

"Well, if there is an egg hidden here, they sure hid it well." Jolty admits. "I don't see it anywhere." Katie, in the meantime, is reaching for the Donation Bowl. "Maybe it's in here?" She says, as she grabs it... but it tips, spilling the contents to the floor. "...Oopsies."

Suishou gasps as she hear the bowl fall to the ground, and walks up to Katie. "You alright, Katie?" Taygeta, meanwhile, looks down at the mess on the floor.

"I'm okay... I think. It was an accident. I didn't mean to knock the bowl over!" Katie says quickly. In the meantime, Taygeta's look at the mess on the floor reveals a plastic egg covered in glitter! This must be one of the eggs for the Egg Hunt!

Taygeta notices the shiny object and picks it up, showing it to the group. "Hey, what's this?" she asks. Suishou blinks at the egg. "I think that's it! I think we found one!"

Jolty looks at it, then grins brightly. "Yep! That's gotta be one of them! Way to go, Taygeta! Since you found it, you get to keep it!"

Taygeta's face beams. "Really? I get to keep it?!"

"Of course!" Jolty says. "You're the one who found it! All you have to do is take it to the Big Red Egg on the Boardwalk to trade it in for your prize!"

Suishou takes Marvelous Egg.
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