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Egg Hunt Submission

Participants: Spykes, Alekhine and Mystral

FF Egg
The characters of the original Final Fantasy have been carefully painted onto this egg in all of their 8-bit blocky glory. Someone was a fan. Now to get them out of these nasty sewers.
Prize Number 550
Claimed by Spykes

It's the second day that Spykes has been looking for eggs, but the first day he's actively looking for any. These eggs are actually pretty lucky, it seems. He's met a reeeally good looking Blaziken-Morph girl yesterday, and might've even got a date out of it! Now, however, the Lairon's climbing down into the sewer just in front of the bar. The street's quiet, and there's almost no one around, so it's not all that bad that he's pulled the manhole cover off of the hole in the middle of the street. The sewer, however, smells.. not that great. Spykes pulls his shirt over his nose and mouth to try to block out the smell. Why is he down here? Well.. if there are any eggs down here, it's not likely that anyone else would've gotten any! So.. here he is, looking for eggs in the sewer...

It's a warm, sunny day and the city is bustling with lively activity, both of the everyday sort and that of a more special nature--both children and adults alike scurry about cheerfully hunting for eggs in hopes of winning a prize. But hidden away beneath the ground, far from the noisy, mirthful chaos above, in the dank and dismal network of tunnels, stalks a thin, unsightly creature. Something about his sinister air gives one the impression this Aerodactyl isn't looking for Easter eggs. Standing straight and tall, Alekhine paces along the narrow walkway, hands clasped haughtily behind his back and his tail waving steadily behind him. He is appearance is awfully strange, like a medieval gargoyle clad in the attire of a 19th century gentleman--frock coat, trousers, cravat and all. In the daylight he might be laughable, but shrouded in darkness he looks almost menacing.
The 'dactyl strolls along as casually as if he were on a walk in the park, humming some obscure Russian tune to himself. But he falls silent, hearing the grating of the manhole cover above...ah, who's this now? Surely not someone out on a little egg hunt? Alekhine snickers silently, and retreats a ways back into the tunnel, pressing his ultra-thin figure to the wall to minimize his appearance. Whoever it is shouldn't notice him for a while, at any rate; it'll take a minute for their eyes to adjust to the dirty darkness of the sewers.

Deep beneath the streets, down in the foul cess-pool and intricate secluded catacombs where much of the scum of the island was likely to lurk and perform illegal deals with one another, a lapras-morph PIA Peacekeeper was already on patrol, ever vigilant for any signs of criminal activity that she could prevent. She had already been tracking some faint noises that could only barely make out, making her way towards the section of the sewer that the lairon-morph had just descended down into. At the sounds of the descent, she quickly turned around, quickening her pace as she made her way to the source of the new sounds.
No more then 10 seconds after the lairon-morph set foot, Mystral's towering figure comes upon him, as she reaches back, ready to draw her sword while her neck cranes down to bring her head level with the steel type's, her ice cold stare and rows of gleaming teeth barely illuminated by the light from the manhole above, shining out and piercing the darkness in a menacing glow. Her eyes actually did seem to glow as her gaze parted from the lairon-morph for a moment to look over through the darkness, with the power to foresee any other danger in the darkness. She then looks back to the metal dinosaur, speaking out in a deep voice mixed with a growl.
"What exactly do you think you're doing down here? Were you planning on meeting up with him?"
She craned her neck so that her head faced towards the darkness of the opposite side of the tunnel, right in the aerodactyl-morph's direction, and she then growled and spoke to him.
"That's right, I'm talking to you, Mister Aerodactyl. Both of you have 20 seconds to tell me your names and your reason for being down here, and it had better be a good one." She kept her head positioned so that she could keep both of them in her foresight, ready to draw her weapon if either should try anything stupid.

Spykes clomps down on the side of the wide tunnel. He looks up at the circle of light above him, then jumps when he hears someone come up behind him. The Lairon jumps a few steps away from the body, bringing his claws up between him and the other. "Who's that? Huh.. what?" His hands drop to his sides and Spykes looks over his shoulder where the large shadow seemed to be looking. The Lairon doesn't know who this is, and doesn't know what she wants. Nor does he know that there's anyone else down here. "Who? I'm looking for eggs. Have you seen any?"

The Aerodactyl watches warily as first the Lairon appears, then an enormous Lapras-morph. Hm, it's getting rather crowded down here. He gazes uncomfortably up at the towering figure; should it come to a fight the 'dactyl knows he wouldn't last 10 seconds. Even worse, his only route of escape is blocked and there isn't room enough to fly in this low-ceilinged tunnel. Nevertheless, the Aerodactyl produces a toothy grin; he knows where his true strengths lie...besides, it's not as if she's got anything on him--he was only snooping, he wasn't up to anything too crooked. Yet.
But confound it--he's been spotted; mildly irritated, Alekhine emerges from his hiding place, hands raised halfway, as if he couldn't be bothered to make the full effort. "Oh my , officer, you certainly gave me a fright," he chuckles, bringing his right hand down over his heart. "Thank goodness you're here! Oh dear, well where to begin, where to begin...well, I was on my way to the west side of the city to visit my daughter (she's getting married just next week, you know), just a peaceful man, walking along minding my own business, when I was surprised by a pair of young ruffians, and they, they stole the box I was carrying! It had a necklace in it, officer, a lovely pearl necklace for my daughter, to wear with her dress you see? Because she's getting married next week, did I mention that? And, after they'd taken the box, they descended into the sewers! And how could I do otherwise but follow? Because, oh officer, my poor daughter will be devastated (bless her young heart)--it was her late mother's necklace, you see...so I followed them down, but I seem to have gotten myself lost...and no sign of those young brutes, either!"
Lies. Complete and utter lies. Well-presented lies, however, from the mouth of a masterful deceiver. Alekhine concludes his rambling tale before he lifts a hand to wipe away a fake tear, and also to conceal a barely repressed smirk. "Oh, but forgive me; I haven't even introduced myself. Alekhiiiine..." he drawls, performing a deep old-fashioned bow, with a scarcely detectable hint of mockery. An insidious grin flashes across his face--but it lasts for but an instant before being replaced by calculated mix of bumbling confusion and concern.

Mystral's attention continually shifts between the two of them, listening as the metal dinosaur is the first to speak. She emits a low growl as his flimsy explanation finished, and the fact that he hadn't given her his name isn't helping her temperment either. The gargoyle's explanation wasn't that much better, but it was a bit more believable, albeit with some small holes in the story. Still, the aerodactyl-morph had the courtesy to at least introduce himself, but that instance of a devious smile brings another growl from Mystral, this time louder and with a few more bared teeth from her alligator-like maw. She turns her head to lash out at the metal dinosaur first, her deep voice echoing its hints of rising anger throughout sewers.
"You still haven't told me your name, your full name, Lairon. And while you're at it, you can tell me what led you to believe that there were any of those ridiculous eggs hidden down here."
The lapras-morph then craned her very long neck to put more of her attention on the rock type while still keeping her eye on the metal type if either should try anything funny. She spoke to Alekhine in a much less threatening tone, but there were definitely hints of skepticism in it.
"I'm surprised you didn't attempt to contact the PIA on that sooner, Alekhine. First of all, I'll need to know your last name for the record, and proper identification to confirm it for the record. And I'll need to know all the details I can on two who stole the necklace, the time at which they stole it, and when they entered the sewer. There is still a chance I can catch them, but only if you help me."

Spykes looks back at the Aerodactyl as he explains why he's here. That.. made sense, really. He hadn't seen anyone, though he'd just gotten into the sewers himself. The Lairon jumps again as the slowly resolving shadow snaps at him again. Had he given her his name? Why would he have? Who gives their name to random people that ask for it? Wait.. she doesn't believe there are any eggs down here..? Hmm.. Spykes looks around at his feet, along the wall of the sewer. "Oh, there!" The Lairon takes a few steps away from whoever it is that keeps trying to get his name, and stoops to pick up something, moving back to the light to examine what he's found. "An egg! I'll accept your apology now."

"Ah, do forgive my skepticism, 'officer', but I do believe -we- have a right to see some identification from -you- first. And I am sorry to say I have no ID on me; I was merely walking to my daughter's, you understand, and am not accustomed to carrying it on my person during casual excursions," he says, rather pointedly. "But at any rate officer, I wouldn't trouble you now. I've been wandering this sewers for a good 20 minutes now and caught no sign of the culprits. They may still be here, feel free to search, but they just as well may be long gone." Alekhine sighs sadly. "I'll file a report with the police as soon as a have a moment. But first, alas, I must break the terrible news to my daughter." The Aerodactyl starts backing towards the ladder. He's not going to bolt yet, but it'd be nice to maneuver himself a little closer to an escape route.

The lapras-morph's head suddenly snaps back to face the lairon-morph as he suddenly begins taking a few steps away from her. She reaches all the way back and clutches at the crescent moon shaped sword on her shell, emitting a very loud growl that reverberates dones the tunnels. She was about ready to order the metal dino to stop when she does in fact spot what he was picking up and walks over towards him into the light as well, bending her head down to come just above his own as she examines the egg with narrowed eyes, her grip on her sword loosening and finally letting go as her hand falls back to her side. Her head raises back to its full height and exits the column of light from the manhole as she takes a few steps away from the Lairon-Morph and towards the Aerodactyl-Morph, scoffing with a snort before responding to him in a tone of disdainful apology.
"Very well. It would seem that there are eggs down in this sewer after all."
The lapras-morph then turns to face the Aerodactyl-Morph, and listens to his explanation. At first, she was taken aback by the request for identification, until she realizes that they probably couldn't see her outer ID on her armor in the poor light. She takes a few steps back into the column of light in front of the ladder, not only to fully illuminate herself, but also to block the nearest escape route as she notices the Aerodactyl edging closer to it.
She once again cranes her neck down to stare right into the gargoyle's eyes, but she also reaches to pull out her proper PIA Badge and ID and flash it to both of them in the light of the manhole, before replying to the Alekhine in a very serious voice.
"I am Mystral Makrylaimo, PIA Peacekeeper, and I will do my best to catch these criminals, but I can't let you leave until you answer a few quick questions. What is your daughter's name and where is her wedding occurring? And regarding the criminals who robbed you, could you make out their species, their gender, or any other key details about them?" She moves her head forward, her muzzle almost touching his as she breathes down his neck and lays into him for answers, eager to either dissolve his lies or have something to use to help catch those thieves.

Spykes slips the egg into his thigh pocket after a little more inspection. This one deserves to be looked at in better light, he knew that at least. He watches the others moving around, then looks at the ladder. Why is the tall thing standing in his way? That's rude. She's rude. Spykes looks back along the sewer tunnel, wondering if there weren't any more eggs. While he was down there, y'know..? He turns around, though, when Mystral starts to badger Alekhine further. "Wait wait wait. He said that he would go to the station to file a report. I don't see you with any notepad or computer or anything to take this report, so why don't you let him go to where he /can/ file this report?" Really now.

Alekhine sees Mystral's badge and knows it's legit. And she means serious business, too. Which, for him, is not a good thing. The last thing he's needs is to have the police on his tail, just now that some delightfully illegal opportunities have presented themselves to him. Alekhine shoots a glare at Spykes. He's the last person to have any sort of respect for the police, but he's trying to put on an act here. And a good, law-abiding citizen has a healthy respect for the authorities. But even more so, a healthy respect for his own privacy--unquestioning compliance would be as suspicious as violent resistance. "Indeed, Officer Makrylaimo, with all due respect, I don't see how the location of my daughter's wedding is relevant to your case," he replies with a toothy grin. "As for the date, it is, as I said, next week. A week from this Friday, to be specific. So, if you and your officers could retrieve the necklace before then, I would be most grateful. Ah, and as for the culprits, let's see...both rather young, male..." Species...Alekhine thinks swiftly, but carefully. Best pick something common. "A Ninetales and an Umbreon, they were. I'm fairly certain. The Ninetales was about my height, the Umbreon a little shorter." A few details would make the story realistic, but he's careful not to include too many. "I hope that's somewhat helpful, officer."

The plesiosaur glares right back at the metal dinosaur as the objections are flung at her, indeed quite displeased with his disrespect of authority, but no stranger to it from others by now. She responds simply by furrowing her brow and growling yet again as she reaches to her PIA utility belt and pulls out the notepad meant for taking reports, showing it to Spykes before opening it and turning back to Alekhine as he spoke.
Her expression did loosen up a bit back a more serious one, but it went right back to a combination of irritated and incredulous at the sight of that toothy grin. From her expression, it was easy to tell that that particularly look sickened her. Nonetheless, she withdraws the writing implement from the notebook's spine and proceeds to write the details as Alekhine says them. As soon as he finishes, she nods back in response, her expression having eased up a bit in the process. She then responds to Alekhine in a serious and confident tone of voice.
"Every detail helps, Mister Alekhine, and I will do everything in my power to capture these criminals and make them pay for hurting your daughter by stealing her necklace. I won't hold you up any longer. By all means, go to her, comfort her, help her get through this. I just wish I could know her name so that I could help you help her."
If Alekhine is skilled enough at reading people, he might be able to tell that this case is becoming personal for her. She then turns to Spykes, and her expression once again reverts into one of annoyance and irritation as she speaks to him in a matching tone.
"And as for you, Mister Lairon, despite the fact there was one of those Easter Eggs down here and the possibility that there might be more, I'd prefer it if you don't go skulking around in the sewers on that possibility. If those two ne'er-do-wells are still down here, they might not hesitate to hurt you as well, and I won't have any innocent citizens harmed on my watch. I insist you follow Mister Alekhine up to the surface and hunt for Easter Eggs in safer locations."
The lapras-morph then steps aside in order to let both of the morphs exit from the sewers, but still stands by the ladder with her arms crossed, staring down Spykes in particular, motioning them a few times to exit the sewers so that she could do her job, the quicker the better.

Spykes crosses his arms as Mystral turns to him, frowning right back at her. "Who's skulking? You're the one that came creeping up on me, miss. I found my egg, and that's good enough for me. And if anyone came up to me looking to fight me.. they'll be limping away if the leave at all. I can handle myself just fine. No worries, officer." Spykes grins wide, sharing a confident smile full of straight, white teeth. Respect is for those that deserve it, not those that demand it.

Alekhine looks and listens as Mystral explains the situation. He notes what seems to be genuine concern. Hah, what a sucker. Alekhine has to keep himself from snickering. Anyone with a bit a heart would feel bad about such a cruel deception, but not this 'dactyl. All the while the expression on his face remains one of utmost gratitude and concern. "Thank you, thank you, I can't thank you enough officer," he insists. "And you sir, come along. We both ought to be going, as the good officer says," he addresses Spykes somewhat forcefully. He's in a rush to get out of here; as fun as it is, he knows the further one sinks into a lie the harder it is to escape unscathed. At any rate, nothing could can come of an angry giant Lapras.

The Lairon-Morph's continued objections and his general disrespect for her is really starting to get on Mystral's nerves, and the more he speaks, the more angry she becomes with him. As she listens to the metal dinosaur practically boast about his ability to defend himself, she looks his body up and down again, noting how in he is, and she is still not impressed by him.
Her brow furrows in anger and she is about to order Spykes to get out of the sewer, when Alekhine speaks up again. Her expression relaxes back to serious one as she nodds in agreement to what he says, and then finally speaks up again to the Spykes. "You heard him and you heard me. Please exit the sewers and allow me to do my job, before I am forced to escort you out of the sewers. You just said that finding that one egg was good enough for you, which means you're satisfied and you don't have any reason to stay down here, so go." The lapras-morph punctuates her sentence with some pretty strong gestures towards the ladder and manhole.

Spykes just grins at Mystral, his arms crossing lightly over his chest. "Yes, /ma'am. I'll just get out of your hair so you can go back to skulking around in the sewers!" The Lairon grabs the ladder and starts to haul himself up towards the street. "Catch you laterrr."

Alekhine rolls his eyes at the Lairon and nods one last time to Mystral before scuttling up the ladder. "Goodbye, and thank you again officer!" Whew. That was a close one. Alekhine chuckles almost inaudibly; he hopes all his run ins with the law turn out so fortunately. Though, with any luck, he won't be running into that intimidating Lapras any time soon...
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