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Egg hunt, Hydra Egg

I AM NOT the player of Shaw or Anubis, just posting for Anubis!

Continuation of Hydra Egg log:
Players: Shaw and Anubis
Egg: A blue and purple egg with a three headed hydra Roaring at you. The goofy looking eyes on the Hydra make it not nearly as imtimidating as the original artist likely intended. Sitting on a pile of rubble it watches over all who walk by.
Prize Number 11

Shaw listens to Anubis' story and nods sympathetically. "Mmn. I'm sorry to hear that. It must've been difficult for you, I'm sure." He knows the words don't mean much, but sentiment is at least genuine. Shaw tilts his head thoughtfully. He's walking pretty fast to keep up with the tall Lucario's steps. "I didn't know -my- trainer too well, believe it or not. I'd spent of my life without one. He was a singer," And a closet Rocket supporter, but no need to mention that. "And, well, he'd dead now, but I hardly knew him to begin with...but I...I...," he mutters indecisively. This is something he never, -ever- used to talk about. He never used to mention Adrian at all, but now it seems so distant and insignificant. He coughs to cover up his hesitation, but after a moment he does continue. "Well, I did inherit his voice...exactly; it's very strange. I'm sure you can imagine, it's rather irritating being stuck with someone -else's- voice," he laughs, with just a hint of embarrassment. Indeed, it used to be pretty distressing to him, but things have fallen into perspective since then. "Anyway, what brings you out tonight? I don't believe I've ever seen you around before. It's as fine an evening as any, but nothing special as far as I know." As they continue north along the path, the ruins of the mall loom in the distance.

Anubis meanders somewhat slowly to help Shaw keep pace with his longer legs. The Lucario-morph gives a nod to Shaw as the two walk down the pathway. "I did manage to find out later that my trainer was still alive... but that was only much later, after I'd already been morphed, and I was unable to return to him." He sighs, and shakes his head. "I wish I'd been able to figure out earlier, or that my pokeball hadn't been damaged when it hit the rocks; we might have been able to just port me back over to the mainland without any trouble... but now..." He looks around and shakes his head. "Becoming morphed hasn't really improved my prospects in life." He shoves his hands partly into his pockets, up to the metallic spikes, as he looks up at the moon for a moment. "Well... like I said, I'm sort of new to the island; for a large part of the time I've been here, I wasn't able to explore it for various reasons. So now I like to look around it. It takes a different character during the evening hours."

Shaw continues to listen attentively , nodding occasionally; their histories have some differences, but certainly he can still relate. "It's only been about a year, since I was morphed," he says quietly, glancing up at Anubis with a little smile. "I understand what you mean. I think so, anyway. I thought it would be an advantage at first, actually, but honestlyI have to admit, things haven't been better for me, either. Life is so much more complicated than I'd ever imagined. It some ways it makes us stronger, but in othersmore vulnerable, I think," His voice kind of fades out near the end. He's almost afraid he's said too much, or said the wrong thing. Shaw still feels like everyone can see right through him, like his tragedy and shame are glaringly obvious to the world at largeof course this isn't true, but his mind is under an awful lot of pressure.
Under Rocket, the Absol-morph had been forced to grow up pretty fast, thrown headlong into a harsh new life. He's grown up alright, quickly and harshly, but it had still taken months. What little had remained of the Absol's almost childlike naivet had died violent death at his tormentor's cruel hands. Now Shaw knows more of cruelty than he'd ever wanted to understand...he can feel his heart tighten and eyes begin to sting with tears just at the awful memory. He needs to think about something else, that's why he'd come out tonight. He takes a deep, ragged breath but can't think of anything to say. Off in the distance, a sudden clamor can be heard. Two small figures are clambering about in the building wreckage. They're far off, but one appears to be avian, the other is probably a little Teddiursa-morph.

Anubis moves his hand to the underside of his chin, looking thoughtful. "I'm not sure exactly how long it's been since I was morphed, but it was back before Mewtwo showed up on the island." He glances off in the distance. "I didn't exactly get a lot of training in any practical skills... just some more training in fighting, from what I can really remember." He sighs, and shakes his head. "I might be able to turn my life around some if I were only able to learn some sort of useful skill other then fighting... or maybe if they reopened the Pokemorph Fighting League that I've heard they used to have." He tilts his head, noticing the movement up ahead, and closes his eyes, the aura sensors along the side of his head perking up like a blindfold. "Looks like... a pair of children running around on the rubble? At this hour?"

"Practical skills, huh? Well, I'm sure youyou must know something useful, I bet..." Shaw trails off. Hm, come to think of it, does -he- have any practical skills? What's he trained in? Espionage and close-quarters combat. Well, for a Rocket spy it's practical. It's doubtful he'll be able to return to work for a while, though, given his extensive physical and psychological trauma. But what else can he do? Dancing and cycling are his only real hobbies; it occurs to Shaw that perhaps it's about time he learn some 'practical skills' as well.
"Hm?" Shaw perks up, roused from his thoughts by Anubis' voice. "Children?" he asks with mild bewilderment. "It's rather late to be out at their age, don't you think?" And indeed, there are definitely two small morphs clambering around on the other side of the fenced off ruins. Yes, a Swellow and a Teddiursa. They're whispering (very loudly) to one another as they run about. One giggles loudly, and his companion hastily hushes him, and the two fall silent. Perhaps Shaw and Anubis have been noticed?

Anubis decides to make himself noticible towards the children, as he obviously veers himself over in that direction, heading over towards the fence. "Kids really shouldn't be out this late... especially in a dangerous area like a rubble-field. They could get hurt!"

Shaw sighs, but nods in agreement. His mild irritation at the interruption is quickly replaced by genuine concern. He follows Anubis' lead, heading directly for the rubble pile. "I'm sure their parents are worried, as well." Strange, how so many children seemed to be appearing in his life all of the sudden. Then again, perhaps he'd simply never noticed them before. Kids hadn't really been at the forefront of Shaw's mind, not until they'd become an impossibility... no use fretting, though--he's got work to do here and now. The Absol rolls his shoulders back and strides ahead purposefully.
The two boys most definitely notice Anubis; there's a sudden rush of whispered chatter. But rather than revealing themselves, the two flee deeper into the ruins.

Anubis looks over at the rubble pile as he reaches the gate, and looks around, before he promptly begins to scale the chain-link fence; surprisingly gracefully considering his size. He eventually lands on a stable piece of rubble. "Ok you two. I know that you're hiding inside of here. You should come out and head back home. It's too dangerous to be playing in a place like this, especially this late."

Shaw nimbly scales the fence and drops on the other side. He briefly considers adding something to the Lucario's statement, but decides against it; although Anubis' voice is gentler than one would expect from such a giant, it's still more forceful than anything Shaw summon up. The lithe Absol quietly scurries over the fallen bricks and twisted beams. Because of his injuries, he's moving a little slower than usual. Nothing moves. The park is silent; even the wind has died down for the time being. "Where are they?" he mutters to himself. The darkling's night vision reveals all the hidden nooks, clear as day, but still he sees nothing. Not so much as the flutter of a feather of the gleam of an eye...

Anubis sighs a bit at the lack of response from the children, and decides to rely on something that any Lucario can use; his aura-sight. Anubis closes his eyes, as the aura sensors pick up, and his world becomes black, with brilliant blue lines illuminating the edges of objects, as he begins to slowly scan through the rubble for signs of life besides Shaw; a brilliant seagreen-blue glow that is easily detectable. He slowly moves through the rubble as he looks, eventually even detecting something else out of place. He opens his eyes for a moment, and spots... "An egg?" Anubis reaches down and picks up a small egg that seems to have a Hydra painted on it. "Huh..." He places it in his pocket, and closes his eyes again looking for the children.

"What's that? An egg?" the Absol cocks his head with mild bewilderment. But suddenly, Shaw's sensitive ears pick up a faint noise, like the sound of gravel underfoot. Immediately he rushes to the place and looking into a sort of cave formed by a few large, overlapping slabs, he spots 2 pairs of eyes. "Hey, there you care come on ou--" but seeing the frightened kids turn to flee further into the darkness, Shaw impulsively grabs the nearest one--the Teddiursa--and yanks him out by the arm. Shaw's ungentle approach is probably not the best, but that's how he's trained. "Calm down!" Shaw yells at the squirming cub, but the child is frightened; the Absol's got both his arms tightly in his grip and he can't move. He sniffles, and starts to cry. The Swellow-boy flutters out after his friend, yelling something at Shaw in his high-pitched voice, and begins hitting him with his small fists.

Anubis watches as the two children come out from the rubble, and shakes his head, moving over towards the small group. "Hey, hey! Calm down, nobody's going to hurt you two." The Lucario approaches with his hands open. "You two should be at home, resting at this hour of the night."

The children stop struggling and Shaw gratefully releases the Teddiursa. Yeah, maybe kids aren't so great after all, he thinks to himself. The two young morphs stare up at the giant Lucario in wide-eyed awe. They both nod vehemently. "Ok, ok, we'll go home now. Promise!" says the Swellow, and without a second to lose the two friends bolt westwards, giggling and chattering over one another excitedly: "Woah, did you see how tall--" "And then I ran out to save you, and--" "Aiden's never gonna believe--" "Like a giant! Wooaah!" their voices soon fade into the distance. Shaw chuckles, shaking his head. He hops back over the fence. "So what's that you found? Something about an egg, did you say?"

Anubis smiles to the two children as they head home, watching for a moment to make sure they're moving away from the rubble pile, before looking back over to Shaw, as he climbs over the fence. "Yeah, I found an egg painted with a goofy-looking purple Hydriegon on it." He grunts and lands back on the other side of the fence. "I guess it's part of that promotional event the community bulletin boards are going on about."

"Ah" is Shaw's curt reply; he's got bigger concerns on his mind than egg-hunting. He turns his eyes skyward and admires the constellations. Even the stars are different on this island. But at least they're consistent, year after year, wheeling around with the seasons "Yet somehow they never grow old," he observes aloud, smiling. The Absol seems pretty happy, his mind occupied with happier thoughts than those he began with this night. "It's been a pleasure talking with you, Anubis. I wish you the best of luck in the future. Hopefully we'll meet again." The Absol bows slightly, and begins to meander off into the dark trees.

Anubis smiles and waves to Shaw. "I hope you have a nice evening Shaw!" And with that, the massive Lucario heads off on his own way.
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