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Egg Hunt Submission

Participants - Spykes and Honorine

Bouquet Egg
Some one's drawn pretty flowers all over this egg. Name a flower and youll likely find it hidden amongst the rest. Placed in a pot in someone's front yard, will you even notice that this is an egg and not just part of the scenery?
Prize Number 74
Found by Spykes

Spykes lives just a little ways north of this particular block. The Lairon is on his way to the market, or maybe to the beach. It's his day off, and he doesn't really have anything to do. And what a day it is! There are Bird type pokemon flitting about, and the occasional Butterfree doing the same. A calm, steady breeze blows in from the south, over the beach, bringing the scent of the sea as well as of hotdogs and such from boardwalk vendors. The sun is high in the sky, with a few smallish clouds skudding by, offering passing shade, not that it's necessarily needed.

A tall Blaziken in a business suit strides down the sidewalk, and though her gait is long she doesn't seem to be in a hurry. She walks slowly enough to admire all the lovely houses and the well-kept gardens, filled with a myriad colorful flowers soaking up the warm sunlight. Honorine has just returned from meeting with a client and--she checks her watch--she has a few hours to spare before her next appointment, so she's taking the scenic route back to the office. Her day is going well, and the Blaziken is feeling relaxed and friendly. "Good day," she says brightly to the passing Lairon, with a quick nod of acknowledgement. She's stopped for a moment to admire a particularly lovely garden. Still clutching her briefcase in one hand, she bends over to sniff a planter full of some exotic-looking yellow flowers. She quickly pulls back though--hm, they don't smell nearly as good as they look.

Spykes nods to the passing Blaziken, slowing his stride after she passes to watch her walking. That's.. really nice. Blaziken gal in a suit.. The Lairon stops for a moment longer when she bends over, eyes widening slightly. "Oh hey.. is that..?" Spykes' attention drifts from living drumsticks to the pot she was inspecting. "Is that an egg..?" He reaches out a little, pointing in the object's general direction without invading her personal space.

"Hm?" Honorine cocks her head. Her gaze follows Spykes' pointing finger to the flower pot. "An egg...oh, well will you look at that--it sure is," she chuckles rather loudly. "Wonder how it got there. This isn't your house, is it?" It's a nice house, that is. A large, redbrick residence with stately ivy adorning the sides. And a gorgeous garden, to boot. Overall, a decently impressive sight. Eh, but whoever lives here must have kids; how else could an egg end up in the flowerpot? "Oh, it's a pretty one, too," she says, returning her attention to the egg. "With little flowers. How cute."

Spykes steps forward and kneels to lift up the egg, turning it over to look over it more fully. "Nah, my house is further up the street.. and I'm pretty sure it's not yours.." He looks up at the well dressed woman, setting the egg back down in its flowery resting place. "My name's Spykes, by the by." A black hided, manicure-clawed hand comes up as an offering for a handshake. "And.. I think this egg's part of that.. Easter egg hunt thingy I've heard mutters about."

The Blaziken also extends a clawed hand by way of introduction, and shakes the Lairon's hand--her grip is very strong. "Honorine. Pleased to meet you, Spykes," she says with a big grin. Honorine thinks for a second... "Oh, right," she says curtly. "We lawyers don't have much time for fun and games, but I'm sure it's nice for the kids," she laughs. The bird glances down at the decorated egg, then up again at all the houses. No toys or playground equipment visible in front of these houses, and gardens are all impeccably kept; probably not any children in this area, she thinks. The Blaziken scoops the egg back up and cradles it in her free hand, admiring the floral patterns. "Well, I'd feel bad leaving it here--I doubt some kid's going to find it tucked away in the plants. Besides, I'm willing to bet whoever owns this house won't be too happy if it ends up crushing these little flowers."

Spykes matches Honorine's grip as he shakes her hand. "Pleasure's mine. ..heh. 'We lawyers'. So is that why you're all dressed up? Hmm.. looks like you've got somewhere to go, though. You won't be late, will you..?" He grins bemusedly and slowly shakes his head. "Well.. this hunt's not just for kids, you know. There are a few adults doing it, from what I've noticed. Lots of people rummaging around town, I guess. I'm actually curious.. what prizes are they giving out for these eggs..?"

"Late? Oh, no, my next appointment's not until after lunch; I've got a few hours at least. I'll probably return to the office, do some reading," Honorine says, half to herself. "Oh, prizes, huh? I don't know, cash, gift certificates or something maybe," The Blaziken doesn't sound especially interested. Though she's certainly working hard for it, the lawyer is pulling in a handsome income from her law firm. And a prosecutor's compensation isn't too shabby, either. The opportunity to win a few trinkets doesn't mean much to her. "Well, tell you what Spykes, you're the one who spotted this egg, so why don't you keep it? That way you could turn it in, and get your prize." she holds out the egg for him. A second later though, she worries she might've sounded unintentionally condescending. "It not that I'm not interested," she adds hastily, "I just haven't got the time to go looking for eggs. And I'm certainly not dressed to be running around, poking about in the bushes and what have you!" she laughs, looking down at her black skirt suit and high heels.

"A few hours, eh..? Hm. Well, sounds like you've got your day pretty well planned out, hmm?" Spykes gives a pleasant smile, shrugging off whatever insults might or might not have been in that line. He doesn't feel she's trying to be mean or rude.. maybe she's talking faster than she's thinking? "Hmmm..? Really? You know I only saw it because of you.." Spykes reaches out to take the egg, turning it over in his hand again. "Thanks, Honorine. And umm.. I guess it's too bad you're so well dressed. Might've been fun looking for more eggs with ya."

"Yep. It's a shame isn't it." Though, honestly, she -has- been working pretty hard lately...perhaps she could use a break? It wouldn't take long, and this Lairon, Spykes, he seems like a decent enough guy. She whips out a planner "Appointments from 9:30 to 11...lunch with Metternich...appointment at 2, though Corsi can take care of that herself..." she looks up, a wide smile on her face. "Well, Spykes, I'm actually free tomorrow afternoon, if you're around. I suppose a little egg-hunting couldn't hurt. And I don't know what they're giving away, but a trinket might liven up the office, eh? The firm can be a terribly dull place sometimes!" she laughs loudly.

Spykes blinks a few times and leans forward to look at the planner. He then grins widely, showing off straight, bright teeth after she goes through her list. "That sounds fun. Maybe.. we could get a drink or dinner afterwards, too? I'd understand if you decline. After all, you're a very important person! You're a lawyer~." Spykes chuckles softly, looking down at the egg again. "Wonder how many are left.. hope they aren't all gone. That'd be a shame..."

"We'll see," Honorine replies. "Anyways, I'll be heading back to the office--seeya tomorrow, Spykes. Oh, but first, where should I meet you?" she asks, turning back to him. "I don't know where they've placed any of the eggs. Are they in the city, outside, or what?"

"I.. really have no idea where they hid the eggs at. Mmm.. where's your office at? Maybe I'll swing by there?" Spykes raises his brows and smiles softly.

Honorine smirks and has to resist the urge to roll her eyes a little. "My office is pretty far from here. How about the park?" she suggests brightly. "It's a nice central location, and we can head out in any direction from there. What do you say?"

Spykes nods. "Sounds good to me. Maybe there's eggs hidden there, too..! Hmmm.. what time would you be at the park? Don't want to be waiting there all day..."

"2pm" Honorine states definitely. "Seeya then, Spykes!" the tall Blaziken waves and begins to stride quickly down the street, heels clicking and briefcase swinging at her side.
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